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  1. Friend has a 3090, I have a 3080. Before the latest update Reforger for us ran like a dream. Above 100 FPS, and when under load (lots of AI) we never dipped below 70 FPS. Now, we're both unable to get above 60 FPS. Mostly sitting between 30 - 40 FPS. For those saying tweak the options, play on lower settings - we tried that too and the difference was negligible. So, something clearly regressed optimization wise. Typically, that FPS was playable in Arma 3 because we could aim but there's stuttering which ruins the experience for us. Hoping this gets fixed/patched soon. I know some refactoring took place to accommodate the vehicle stuff.
  2. Badger 2-3

    Prefab/Config weirdness

    I ended up figuring it out. But note my observations are from a few versions ago. Didn't quite test it on latest update since things are working for me now. I discovered there is some weirdness with attribute system. Lets say you have an exposed attribute like the following example. Notice how there is a default value (empty array). In the editor things will look hunky-dory. You can add stuff to it.... it works (so it seems). BUT.... my observation is this default value is what ultimately gets assigned at runtime. Once I removed the default assignment.... it works. [Attribute(UIWidgets.Auto, category: "Encounters")]; private ref array<ref TW_AmbientEncounterEntry> encounterConfigs = {};
  3. So I observed some rather frustrating behavior when it comes to configs and prefabs. I found myself assigning waypoint prefabs a lot, so I naturally created a config class for waypoints so I can reuse the same things across different systems. I also created a config which contains group prefabs for a specific faction. That way I can once again reuse certain things. Finally, I have created an encounter config where I can give a type, min/max groups to spawn, timers and such. So think of it as the following structure EncounterConfig { GroupsConfig WaypointsConfig }; This all works within the editor. I can both assign an existing config file, or manually assign values. The issue is, if I spawn a prefab with this EncounterConfig the sub-configs do NOT load at runtime. They're null. Doesn't matter if it's a file or manual assignment. As a workaround I tried having ResourceNames for the configs instead, so I could load them similarly to prefabs but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to load a config via ResourceName. Anyone got some pointers?
  4. So for giggles I was trying different things. 1. I verified my firewall wasn't the culprit, it's not dropping any packets 2. After waiting 2 minutes I noticed workshop loads. But this timing is actually very inconsistent. Sometimes I actually get it to immediately load! Crazy, I know. However, most of the time I have to wait on average 2-3 minutes before workshop loads ONE page. In my case, my mod showed up on the first page so it wasn't a big deal since I could click on it, update/download and poof it works as intended. This is purely speculation but it feels like the API service is possibly the fault? Because it certainly works.... eventually, sometimes instantly. Again, speculation but if it's using sockets my guess is a resource isn't getting disposed of properly? Therefore you have to wait until the socket times itself out until a new one can be made? Just a theory....I'm just whipping this out of thing air. Workshop publishing works without issue. Not sure if it's the same web application, but the publish endpoint is doing good. However, it is also an entirely separate app right? It's the workbench, not the game itself.
  5. So... I'm rather frustrated and I'm at a loss of how to fix this. I cannot for the life of me get workshop to load. The service state is green across the board. I see items in there but their icons are infinitely spinning as if the page is loading. I created a mod, and can PUBLISH to the WORKSHOP. In fact, upload to workshop was rather painless and super fast. So, it's clear I can connect to workshop -- just not in the game? So I publish a mod, yet I can't even enable it in the game? I can't download it obviously either due to workshop not loading. So I've been having a friend download it, zip it, and send it to me. Just so I can play with everyone using my mod. Has anyone ran into my issue? Are there any fixes? 1. I've reinstalled the game 2. I've verified game integrity 3. I've deleted the mods folder 4. I've moved my workbench projects to desktop just for quick testing purposes 5. I've verified my internet speed is well above requirements. 1 GB down, 5 MB up Additionally, I feel like I shouldn't have to download my mod. I tried taking my bundle and unzipping it into a folder with matching GUID but that doesn't work. Server Browser Issue I have observed if I open game -- navigate to workshop, the server browser no longer works However, if I open game and go to server browser -- that works. Neither order of operations fixes the workshop issue I'm having though unfortunately.
  6. Badger 2-3

    Workshop loading

    I've been having this problem for awhile now. I'm not sure this was entirely fixed -- Come to find out it was an issue on my end. My firewall was blocking DataCamp management. Now I can use things as expected.
  7. Shame... I feel shame. That did the trick. Thank you!
  8. Whether it's in BadgerCore (Project Name), or in Scripts folder -- it doesn't have an impact. From the experience I had back in June (where this approach used to work) - that attribute made it discoverable in the editor under the create tab. It showed up as an entity I could place. Not sure if logs help Compilation 1 started... Succeeded: Engine( scripts/Core ) in 0ms Succeeded: GameLib( scripts/GameLib ) in 30ms Succeeded: Game( scripts/Game ) in 2030ms Succeeded: Entities( ) in 38ms Succeeded: WorkbenchGame( scripts/WorkbenchGameCommon ) in 54ms Succeeded: Workbench( scripts/WorkbenchCommon ) in 13ms Compilation finished... SCRIPT : Reloading game scripts SCRIPT : Script validation SCRIPT : Compiling GameLib scripts SCRIPT : Compiling Game scripts I promise I'm not crazy, I had a whole project working in the past. I got quite comfortable with scripting in this engine. But between Mid June and now It just... doesn't work.
  9. I believe that was an artifact of copying the code block on this website to swap between the syntax highlighting.... was hard to read. Removing that unicode had no impact. IDK if this helps at all but I can write legitimately incorrect code -- where syntax is invalid yet the validation/compilation process succeeds without errors or warnings. It almost feels like it's not compiling/validation my project, but using a different location? When creating a project to test this, I use the default settings I have uninstalled both game / tools more than a few times Deleted the profile/addons off my machine I'm stumped.
  10. I do not have any errors, or warnings in my console.
  11. [EntityEditorProps(category: "GameScripted/Badger", description: "Defines a spawn area for a given side", color: "0 0 255 255")] class SCR_Badger_SpawnAreaClass : SCR_SpawnAreaClass { }; class SCR_Badger_SpawnArea : SCR_SpawnArea { [Attribute("", UIWidgets.CheckBox, "Can this faction spawn if enemies are present in this area?", category: "Badger: Area")] protected bool m_bSpawnIfEnemyPresent; private bool m_bCanSpawn = true; FactionKey GetFaction() { return GetAffiliatedFactionKey(); } bool CanSpawn() { return m_aEnemies.Count() <= 0; } int GetSpawnRadius() { return GetSphereRadius(); } protected override void OnInit(IEntity owner) { super.OnInit(owner); // Supress messages out of playmode, order of things is not quite guaranteed here if (!GetGame().InPlayMode()) return; } }; That's fair I should have uploaded a code sample. I have tried it with AND without that EntityEditorProps attribute and cannot for the life of me get it into the game. This code used to work fine. Have also tried using the category of "GameScripted/GameMode" just to see if it has to be an existing "path" or something.... no dice.
  12. Oh I absolutely agree that the syntax problems would certainly cause problems with the code completion stuff. However, if this was syntax problem I should NOT be able to compile or pass the validation stage! Which is currently what I've been experiencing and it's been driving me nuts. When this first came out I highly praised this validation/compilation step because I got to see errors before running the game! I resorted to making a new project with only 1 script for the sole purpose of figuring out if they broke workbench or not. Everything that I did which worked between May to early June no longer works. I've tried a few different combinations trying to figure things out.... no joy.
  13. Few months ago I was working on a project for Reforger. Things worked! Came back today and I feel like things just.... don't work anymore? Anyone else having problems where the script editor no longer validates? For instance, I had a syntax error, clearly indicated at the beginning of the line with a circle w/ red X. However, when validating/compiling scripts everything was fine. Additionally I noticed the intellisense only works on Arma's stuff, when it used to work on my custom classes/variables and such. For giggles, thinking my project was just... old and needed an update - I created a new project and created a simple entity and component script. Neither of which were made available in the editor. What in tarnation am I doing wrong? Event tried this attribute which worked in the past. [EntityEditorProps(category: "GameScripted/GameMode/Badger", description: "Defines a spawn area for a given side")] Have uninstalled, deleted everything (backed it up because that was a lot of work), then reinstalled both reforger and workbench. Nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?
  14. That's interesting. I use the same spawning technique for instantiating slot compositions (LivingArea, Bunker, Checkpoints etc). From what I can see, lets take LivingArea_S_US_01_1 They have a hierarchy component on every single object in the prefab. From parent to children. Your screenshot looks like you only had the hierarchy component only on the parent? Which to be fair makes more sense to me than having it on every child entity in the prefab.
  15. Didn't occur to me to open ResourceName and see that 😅oops. Never mind what I was rambling on about lol.