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  1. Hi, I had a post on here not too long ago and was wondering why valign didnt work on my RscButtonMenu. I want to vertically align an img as well as text text = "<img image='images\Menu\text.paa' valign='middle' align='center' size='2.8' /><t align='center' valign='middle'>Test</t>"; Thanks in advance, Skirmish_
  2. Just wanted to know if there was any way to make the VON louder through scripting as car engines etc are by default louder. Thanks in advance
  3. Okay so i've been messing around with the HandleDamage EVH on vehicles using: this addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { ( _this#7 in [ "hitlfwheel", "hitlbwheel", "hitlmwheel", "hitlf2wheel", "hitrfwheel", "hitrbwheel", "hitrmwheel", "hitrf2wheel", "hitengine", "hitengine2", "HitEngine3", "hitfuel", "hitfuel2", "HitRGlass", "HitLGlass", "HitGlass1", "HitGlass2", "HitGlass3", "HitGlass4", "HitGlass5", "HitGlass6", "HitStarter1", "HitStarter2", "HitStarter3" ] ) } ]; this way it can only damage everything exept the HULL of the vehicle, and this works fine on every other vehicle exept the hatchback. I have no Idea if the hatchback uses different hit points but when ever the hatchback takes any damage from the code above, it just takes all four tires out. Please tell me if i'm missing any hit points and thanks in advance.
  4. Okay, so i'm wondering how I could allow vehicles to take damage, but not allowing them to blow up from the damage. If anyone can help me out that be amazing and I could learn a lot from this if someone has any solution, thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks a lot man, you helped me so much and I learned a lot from this
  6. Thanks a lot for the help, however the line intersects doesn't actually work and i can see the tag through walls: https://gyazo.com/0bfc8af7cf27e89217bd4510895914a2
  7. Yeah I used the if statement and it threw this error: https://gyazo.com/7c8aceeb3f1ee8f30797c2e1ecfae0e2 Was using this for the test: ShowNameTags = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D",{ _units = []; { if (side _x == civilian || side _x == west || side _x == independent) then { _units pushBack _x; }; } forEach allUnits; { _unit = _x; _distance = cameraOn distance _unit; _alpha = 1.5 - (_distance / 12); _colour = [0,1,0,_alpha]; _crew = crew (vehicle _unit); _veh = vehicle _unit; _name = ''; { _name = format ["%1", name _unit]; }forEach _crew; _bounding = boundingBoxReal _veh; _b1 = _bounding select 0; _b2 = _bounding select 1; _maxHeight = (abs ((_b2 select 2) - (_b1 select 2))); _pos = visiblePosition _veh; _height = (_b2 select 2) + ((getPosATL _veh) select 2); _maxHeight = _maxHeight - 0.37; _pos set[2,_height]; _pos = _unit modelToWorldVisual [((_unit selectionPosition "head") select 0)-0.05, ((_unit selectionPosition "head") select 1), ((_unit selectionPosition "head") select 2) + 0.7 + (_distance / 12) / 1.5]; if ( isNull objectParent _unit && { !(lineIntersects [positionCameraToWorld, eyePos _unit, cameraOn, _unit]) } ) then { drawIcon3D['', _colour, _pos, 0, 1.0, 0, _name, 1, 0.0345, "RobotoCondensed", "center", false]; }; }forEach _units; }];
  8. Would you be able to re-structure the if statement for me so I understand how to use it in the way that I want it to work?
  9. Okay, so i'm trying to get drawIcon3D to work the same way as the code below, however this only shows the units drawicon3d if the player's eyes are in view of the unit. I would like for it to be in the view of the players camera (internal or external) rather than the eye position of the player, thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me as it has been annoying me for a long time. if (!(lineIntersects [eyePos vehicle cameraOn, eyePos _unit, vehicle cameraOn, _unit]) && isNull objectParent _unit) then { drawIcon3D['', _colour, _pos, 0, 1.0, 0, _name, 1, 0.0345, "RobotoCondensed", "center", false]; };