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  1. Yes, I know, I'm using both ctrlStaticBackgroundDisable and ctrlStaticBackgroundDisableTiles but they don't capture the clicks at all, and yes im using the same config from the 3DEN Displays
  2. Hey everyone, Was wondering something for a while now and I am pretty stumped. Whenever I create my child displays with: finddisplay 46 createdisplay "displayMenuChild" I can still interact with the parent display (i.e. Can press buttons and interact with listboxes etc.) I also use the same controls as used in the 3DEN Editor displays. I create my parent display as a dialog with: createdialog "displayMenuParent"; Maybe I need to create it another way? Thanks in advance, Skirmish_
  3. Hey everyone, I've been wondering this for a while now, maybe someone here can help me out. I've been making UI's the same way for a long time, via the GUI Editor and exporting them using SafeZone. However this positioning technique overlaps controls when you're on different resolutions and display sizes. I looked around the 3DEN displays and controls in their configs and saw that the positions and completely different to safeZone: class Picture: ctrlStaticPictureKeepAspect { text="\a3\3DEN\Data\Displays\Display3DENMsgBox\picture_ca.paa"; x="( (0.5 - 0.5 * 75 * (pixelW * pixelGrid * 0.50))) + (2) * (pixelW * pixelGrid * 0.50)"; y="( (0.5 - 0.5 * 25 * (pixelH * pixelGrid * 0.50))) + ( 5 + 2) * (pixelH * pixelGrid * 0.50)"; w="10 * (pixelW * pixelGrid * 0.50)"; h="5 * (pixelH * pixelGrid * 0.50)"; }; Is there a way I can start creating displays using this positioning technique? Thanks in advance, Skirmish_
  4. Hey everyone, I've been wondering this for the longest time now and I've had no real answer to this question. How are the Displays - 313 (Display3DEN) and 46 even getting spawned? As you can obviously move while they are on screen. I am asking in regards to the displays being overlapped: finddisplay 313 createdisplay "Display3DENNew"; and the parent display still being visible on screen while the child display is open. I cannot get this to work by myself and I've copied basically everything bohemia have done when it comes to configs etc. I've tested pretty much everything and have came to the conclusion that it definetly has something to do with the parent display and how it is opened. Example - Overlapping displays Thanks in advance, need all the help I can get at this point. Skirmish_
  5. Hmm, thats wierd, because looking at the config.cpp theres no mention of a controls group in the 3den displays or scripts... Nonetheless, I'll implement this and have a go at it, thanks for the help, and if you ever get anymore info about it make sure and post it here so others can learn from it
  6. Hi, I've been wondering for a while on how Bohemia have done this, maybe someone can help here. The 3DEN Displays all have actions that display a new box on the screen (e.g. Clicking new scenario button will display a another box and wont let you interact with anything behind it): https://gyazo.com/956ab95d3148cd87e4c9de5902d591ca I was thinking they made it so when the user clicks on the button, the controls get made in the script, but I don't know. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm really confused on why when I use createDisplay, it doesnt go over the parent display like the 3den displays: https://gyazo.com/956ab95d3148cd87e4c9de5902d591ca Instead it just looks like I created another parent display/dialog: https://gyazo.com/be01e67e6a0a7a6ebfcd6d9e1562407b Thanks in advance, skirmish_
  8. display 98111 is the parent display (i.e. the dialog i created)
  9. I've copied basically everything bohemia have done as far as configs go, however it just looks like I made another parent display/dialog and its not going over the display. Maybe someone here can help?
  10. Hi, I've been very confused for the past week on how bohemia made their 3DEN displays overlap each other. I've copied basically everything they have done as far as configs go, and I have also been using createDisplay to have the child display go over the dialog, however it just looks like I made another parent display/dialog and its not going over the display. Maybe someone here can help. Thanks in advance, skirmish_
  11. UPDATE: I got it to not crash. The problem was another menu that apparently crashes your game when attempting this. However this opens a new problem, the child display doesnt even go over the parent display and it looks like you just created another dialog
  12. Well it's not a test mission, its one I've been working on for a bit, I don't feel comfortable with uploading it unfortunately. On the other hand the script attached to the parent display has around 500 lines, not sure if that is the culprit as the child display executes a script when it is spawned also... also, when I open a display using createDisplay, how would I close that specific display without needing to go in and press escape (for scripting reasons)
  13. Yeah well I'm obviously not using the same idd I only included that so I should show what idd the parent display is using. I can execute: findDisplay 46 createDisplay "anyDisplayInGame"; Everything works fine there, but whenever I use the parent display (findDisplay 98111) as the parent display it crashes my game, and yes the parent display is open... Yeah I understand everything there I'm only having the game crash problem from a display thats open, I have no idea why it's crashing my game and I can't finish my work until it's obviously fixed, hence why I'm here.
  14. Basically when i execute it, my game freezes for like a minute then it crashes with the exitcode: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I use the following on the parent display: enableDisplay = 1; enableSimulation = 1; idd = 98111; On the child display i use the same. Does the parent display need to be opened with createDisplay or can I open it as a dialog, because i have been opening the parent display as a dialog. Thanks
  15. I have a display open and i did change the idd it still crashed my game somehow...
  16. yeah thanks for the reply but every time i try this it crashes my game 😕
  17. Hi, I had a post on here not too long ago and was wondering why valign didnt work on my RscButtonMenu. I want to vertically align an img as well as text text = "<img image='images\Menu\text.paa' valign='middle' align='center' size='2.8' /><t align='center' valign='middle'>Test</t>"; Thanks in advance, Skirmish_
  18. Just wanted to know if there was any way to make the VON louder through scripting as car engines etc are by default louder. Thanks in advance
  19. Okay so i've been messing around with the HandleDamage EVH on vehicles using: this addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { ( _this#7 in [ "hitlfwheel", "hitlbwheel", "hitlmwheel", "hitlf2wheel", "hitrfwheel", "hitrbwheel", "hitrmwheel", "hitrf2wheel", "hitengine", "hitengine2", "HitEngine3", "hitfuel", "hitfuel2", "HitRGlass", "HitLGlass", "HitGlass1", "HitGlass2", "HitGlass3", "HitGlass4", "HitGlass5", "HitGlass6", "HitStarter1", "HitStarter2", "HitStarter3" ] ) } ]; this way it can only damage everything exept the HULL of the vehicle, and this works fine on every other vehicle exept the hatchback. I have no Idea if the hatchback uses different hit points but when ever the hatchback takes any damage from the code above, it just takes all four tires out. Please tell me if i'm missing any hit points and thanks in advance.
  20. Okay, so i'm wondering how I could allow vehicles to take damage, but not allowing them to blow up from the damage. If anyone can help me out that be amazing and I could learn a lot from this if someone has any solution, thanks in advance.
  21. Thanks a lot man, you helped me so much and I learned a lot from this
  22. Okay, so i'm trying to get drawIcon3D to work the same way as the code below, however this only shows the units drawicon3d if the player's eyes are in view of the unit. I would like for it to be in the view of the players camera (internal or external) rather than the eye position of the player, thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me as it has been annoying me for a long time. if (!(lineIntersects [eyePos vehicle cameraOn, eyePos _unit, vehicle cameraOn, _unit]) && isNull objectParent _unit) then { drawIcon3D['', _colour, _pos, 0, 1.0, 0, _name, 1, 0.0345, "RobotoCondensed", "center", false]; };
  23. Thanks a lot for the help, however the line intersects doesn't actually work and i can see the tag through walls: https://gyazo.com/0bfc8af7cf27e89217bd4510895914a2
  24. Yeah I used the if statement and it threw this error: https://gyazo.com/7c8aceeb3f1ee8f30797c2e1ecfae0e2 Was using this for the test: ShowNameTags = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D",{ _units = []; { if (side _x == civilian || side _x == west || side _x == independent) then { _units pushBack _x; }; } forEach allUnits; { _unit = _x; _distance = cameraOn distance _unit; _alpha = 1.5 - (_distance / 12); _colour = [0,1,0,_alpha]; _crew = crew (vehicle _unit); _veh = vehicle _unit; _name = ''; { _name = format ["%1", name _unit]; }forEach _crew; _bounding = boundingBoxReal _veh; _b1 = _bounding select 0; _b2 = _bounding select 1; _maxHeight = (abs ((_b2 select 2) - (_b1 select 2))); _pos = visiblePosition _veh; _height = (_b2 select 2) + ((getPosATL _veh) select 2); _maxHeight = _maxHeight - 0.37; _pos set[2,_height]; _pos = _unit modelToWorldVisual [((_unit selectionPosition "head") select 0)-0.05, ((_unit selectionPosition "head") select 1), ((_unit selectionPosition "head") select 2) + 0.7 + (_distance / 12) / 1.5]; if ( isNull objectParent _unit && { !(lineIntersects [positionCameraToWorld, eyePos _unit, cameraOn, _unit]) } ) then { drawIcon3D['', _colour, _pos, 0, 1.0, 0, _name, 1, 0.0345, "RobotoCondensed", "center", false]; }; }forEach _units; }];
  25. Would you be able to re-structure the if statement for me so I understand how to use it in the way that I want it to work?