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  1. ZeroAinz

    Question about GUI

    i will take a look, thanks
  2. ZeroAinz

    SQFLint for Visual Studio Code

    for some reason the dropdown doesn't recognize the variables...with sqf language extension installed v2.0.3
  3. ZeroAinz

    Question about GUI

    i mean somethin like this screens... how to do a thing like this...or, this is just a surface with animated texture ?
  4. Try to delete all waypoints and afther that, add your, commands : waypoints and deleteWaypoint🙄
  5. Question, can i set up a GUI on an game object like a pc mointor or somthing like that.... Second, if you see in dlc tanks we have a 3d space with 1-2-3 monitors...how does this three monitors setted up?😀
  6. ZeroAinz

    Localize Error

    I realized what is the error....to use $STR localization in the configfile you need to have in stringable this : this STR_ -> is like a key to use with $ witchout this style in stringable it doesn't work and the _ is for clarity <Key ID="STR_LocalizedString"> <Original>New Game</Original> <Italian>Nuova Missione</Italian> <Russian>Новая игра</Russian> </Key> and in the gui.hpp configfile class RscButton_1600: RscButton { idc = 1600; x = 0.2525 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.159 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.159844 * safezoneW; h = 0.319 * safezoneH; text = $STR_LocalizedString; //--- THIS $STR TELL GAME THIS IS TO LOCALZE }; ...... just write with red for next people who will read this page, after a time.... this is the solution...can close 😀
  7. ZeroAinz

    Localize Error

    for gui hpp i mean the file where you store the all classes of controls outputed from gui editor... i've tryied how did you say but nothing, the string wich is show is : LocalizedString However, if you are also going to use stringtable.xml with configs, you must use special prefix $STR (dollar sign $ followed by uppercase STR) to reference Key ID in config. The Key IDs in stringtable.xml will have to start with "str" or "STR" accordingly, case doesn't matter here. ⓘ By convention, an underscore _ is added to the prefix STR_ ($STR_). It provides clarity and makes stringtable.xml universally compatible with both scripts and configs. this is from stringtable.xml wiki, and i try to use it whatever this is a configfile(the hpp)
  8. hi to all, i have a problem with localization, does it load stringable before gui hpp? or not... some where in gui code : class RscButton_1600: RscButton { idc = 1600; x = 0.2525 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.159 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.159844 * safezoneW; h = 0.319 * safezoneH; text = $STR_LocalizedString; //--- ToDo: Localize; }; and the stringtable.xml Some key : <Key ID="LocalizedString"> <Original>New Game</Original> <Italian>Nuova Missione</Italian> <Russian>Новая игра</Russian> </Key> ....in game when i open the gui it doesn't show nothing... like it tryied to localize but he don't found nothing and output nothing 😕 if i try to localize it afther all loading througt a script, like ... finddisplay 00000 ctrldisplay 0000 ctrlsettext...it work 😐
  9. ZeroAinz


    Description : Small ingame loadout cheanger for planes and helicopters, save and load custom presets In game '?' is only in english, if some one know english and russian perfectly any help will be accepted How to import it in your map/scenario? Just add following text in files, and obviously files downloaded -description.ext class CfgFunctions { #include "ZLoad\functions.hpp" }; #include "Zload\defines.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogLoadout.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogHelp.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogSave.hpp" -initPlayerLocal.sqf [player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS] -onPlayerRespawn.sqf [player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS] -stringtable.xml just add all from file in mission to your stringable.xml(if exists, else just put in your mission folder) -in editor add marker to use in scripts, it will be the marker near the menu will apear (ps:sorry for my bad english) Exemple : _Radius_From_center = 20; [_OBJ_TO_ADD_ACTION,"Zone_Center",_Radius_From_center] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone; #v1.0 First Release Download <-> Steam Workshop