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  1. @Larrow Thank you a lot, that will be useful ! No problem, my question wasn't really clear either 🙂
  2. @GEORGE FLOROS GR : So I didn’t find what I was looking for in your script - mod, but I did find some other nice things that might be useful 🙂 @Joe98 : This smoke is pretty like the Conventional smokes that we can throw, that's great but i was looking for a bigger smoke. Thank you anyway! @Larrow, that command which spawn a "smokescreen" from armored vehicles looks particularly like what I was looking for, since the smoke is large enough to hide units or vehicles. Even if it's not fired from mortars or artillery, that would be fine. I just have now a question, do you know how i can end this script once it started? Thank you very much for your time and for your answers guys, i really appreciate !
  3. Yes you are right, it was the name of the class. I found the name of the ammunition, but it doesn’t work either bomb="Smoke_82mm_AMOS_White" createVehicle (getPos this);
  4. It works, but unfortunately this one is the kind of smoke which come from a fire or from a destroyed vehicle. I may have misspoken, but I’m looking for smoke that is used to conceal units during an assault. This image may perhaps shed a little more light on what I am looking for. Smokescreen from tanks or armored vehicles can be similar. I know there are munitions that work with createVehicle like : "M_PG_AT", "R_80mm_HE" or even "Bo_GBU12_LGB" etc. So i tried this command with the appropriate ammunition, but it doesn't work: bomb="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white" createVehicle (getPos this);
  5. Hello ! I was wondering if someone know how a simulate the explosion of a smoke shell from a trigger or even a mortar. Conventional smokes are too small or even ineffective... I'm making several missions with Vanilla assets where this would be very useful, like a tank which just suddenly appears from the smoke, or even several huge smoke fired from mortars to allow some soldiers to advance covered etc. I have been looking for this command/script for some time but I haven't found any solution yet. Here is a command i tried but which doesn't work: bomb="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white" createVehicle (getPos this); So if any of you have any ideas, don’t hesitate. 🙂
  6. WWThomahawkWW

    Large Explosion

    I think these explosions are the biggest in the Vanilla game... Personally, i would put a trigger with a radius of 20 per exemple, and put "SpecificUnitName setDammage 1" if there's not a lot of units, or select "Activation by Blufor" etc if there's a lot of units.
  7. Hey guys! Do you know if there is a way to simulate the explosion of a "Smoke shell" instead of a regular HE round from a trigger or a mortar?
  8. WWThomahawkWW

    edit fire properties

    Hi ! Did you find the solution to your problem?