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    I'm Thomas, a French student who love making atmospheric missions without Addons/Dlc on ArmA 3.
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  1. Hello, I know this is an old thread, but I need some help about those fire effects. I'm working on a night mission where there are a lot of those fire particles, but not at the same places. So what I'm looking for is to stop the script from working and reactivate it later on the mission to optimize the number of light possible in the player area in order to not have light issues. Unfortunately, I don't find any solutions to make it stop. Indeed, deleting the arrows, using the command "terminate" and even "enableSimulation" don't work at all. I would like to know if one of you know how to make it stop. So here is the script I use instead to spawn particles fire, which work properly: [] spawn { sleep 0.01; private["_fn_createEffect"]; _fn_createEffect = { private["_effect","_pos","_fire","_smoke"]; private["_light","_brightness","_color","_ambient","_intensity","_attenuation"]; //["[PARTICLE EFFECT CREATED]: %1",_this] call BIS_fnc_logFormat; _pos = _this select 0; _effect = _this select 1; _fire = ""; _smoke = ""; _light = objNull; /* _color = [1,0.85,0.6]; _ambient = [1,0.45,3]; */ _color = [1,0.85,0.6]; _ambient = [1,0.3,0]; switch (_effect) do { case "FIRE_SMALL": { _fire = "SmallDestructionFire"; _smoke = "SmallDestructionSmoke"; }; case "FIRE_MEDIUM": { _fire = "MediumDestructionFire"; _smoke = "MediumDestructionSmoke"; _brightness = 1.0; //_color = [1,0.85,0.6]; //_ambient = [1,0.3,0]; _intensity = 400; _attenuation = [0,0,0,2]; }; case "FIRE_BIG": { _fire = "BigDestructionFire"; _smoke = "BigDestructionSmoke"; _brightness = 1.0; //_color = [1,0.85,0.6]; //_ambient = [1,0.45,3]; _intensity = 1600; _attenuation = [0,0,0,1.6]; }; case "SMOKE_SMALL": { _smoke = "SmallDestructionSmoke"; }; case "SMOKE_MEDIUM": { _smoke = "MediumSmoke"; }; case "SMOKE_BIG": { _smoke = "BigDestructionSmoke"; }; }; if (_fire != "") then { _eFire = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _pos; _eFire setParticleClass _fire; _eFire setPosATL _pos; }; if (_smoke != "") then { _eSmoke = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _pos; _eSmoke setParticleClass _smoke; _eSmoke setPosATL _pos; }; //create lightsource if (_effect in ["FIRE_BIG","FIRE_MEDIUM"]) then { _pos = [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,(_pos select 2)+1]; _light = createVehicle ["#lightpoint", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _light setPosATL _pos; _light setLightBrightness _brightness; _light setLightColor _color; _light setLightAmbient _ambient; _light setLightIntensity _intensity; _light setLightAttenuation _attenuation; _light setLightDayLight false; }; }; #define FIRE_SMALL "Sign_Pointer_Yellow_F" #define FIRE_MEDIUM "Sign_Arrow_Large_Cyan_F" #define FIRE_BIG "Sign_Arrow_Large_Pink_F" #define SMOKE_SMALL "Sign_Pointer_Green_F" #define SMOKE_MEDIUM "Sign_Pointer_Blue_F" #define SMOKE_BIG "Sign_Arrow_Large_Blue_F" private["_helperClass","_effectType"]; { _helperClass = _x select 0; _effectType = _x select 1; { [getPosATL _x,_effectType] call _fn_createEffect; } forEach (allMissionObjects _helperClass); } forEach [ [FIRE_SMALL,"FIRE_SMALL"], [FIRE_MEDIUM,"FIRE_MEDIUM"], [FIRE_BIG,"FIRE_BIG"], [sMOKE_SMALL,"SMOKE_SMALL"], [sMOKE_MEDIUM,"SMOKE_MEDIUM"], [sMOKE_BIG,"SMOKE_BIG"] ]; };
  2. I found the solution, i just spawned a trigger with the original command and increased the number of seconds of his activation to 15, it worked... I feel foolish... Thank you anyway pierremgi for your time and your help, i appreciate.
  3. I put this code in the init.sqf, this spawn {waitUntil {player == player}; sleep 1; kerry setObjectTexture [0,"urban.paa"] }; As kerry is the name of the player unit Published it on the workshop in privacy mode to try it as a new subscriber again, but unfortunately it still doesn’t work
  4. Hello ! I recently released a new singleplayer scenario called "The Bunker", where i added custom textures to uniforms on the player and some AI. It worked well when i made some tests from the editor, but since i released it on the workshop and tried it as a new subscriber from the main menu and not as the "developer" from the editor, the texture doesn't apply at all on the player, which is then the vanilla camo, but it works well on the AI... The original texture is in a PAA format, but i also tried the JPG version and it still doesn't work Here is the command i put on the player init: kerry setObjectTexture [0, "urban.paa"]; kerry is the name of the player unit. I saw many posts about similar problems for the multiplayer category, but didn't found anything for the singleplayer one... and i don't know at all what could cause this. If someone have a solution, i would really appreciate, as i'm a little embarrassed since i published it on the workshop recently. Thank you in advance for your answers
  5. @Larrow Thank you a lot, that will be useful ! No problem, my question wasn't really clear either 🙂
  6. @GEORGE FLOROS GR : So I didn’t find what I was looking for in your script - mod, but I did find some other nice things that might be useful 🙂 @Joe98 : This smoke is pretty like the Conventional smokes that we can throw, that's great but i was looking for a bigger smoke. Thank you anyway! @Larrow, that command which spawn a "smokescreen" from armored vehicles looks particularly like what I was looking for, since the smoke is large enough to hide units or vehicles. Even if it's not fired from mortars or artillery, that would be fine. I just have now a question, do you know how i can end this script once it started? Thank you very much for your time and for your answers guys, i really appreciate !
  7. Yes you are right, it was the name of the class. I found the name of the ammunition, but it doesn’t work either bomb="Smoke_82mm_AMOS_White" createVehicle (getPos this);
  8. It works, but unfortunately this one is the kind of smoke which come from a fire or from a destroyed vehicle. I may have misspoken, but I’m looking for smoke that is used to conceal units during an assault. This image may perhaps shed a little more light on what I am looking for. Smokescreen from tanks or armored vehicles can be similar. I know there are munitions that work with createVehicle like : "M_PG_AT", "R_80mm_HE" or even "Bo_GBU12_LGB" etc. So i tried this command with the appropriate ammunition, but it doesn't work: bomb="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white" createVehicle (getPos this);
  9. Hello ! I was wondering if someone know how a simulate the explosion of a smoke shell from a trigger or even a mortar. Conventional smokes are too small or even ineffective... I'm making several missions with Vanilla assets where this would be very useful, like a tank which just suddenly appears from the smoke, or even several huge smoke fired from mortars to allow some soldiers to advance covered etc. I have been looking for this command/script for some time but I haven't found any solution yet. Here is a command i tried but which doesn't work: bomb="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white" createVehicle (getPos this); So if any of you have any ideas, don’t hesitate. 🙂
  10. WWThomahawkWW

    Large Explosion

    I think these explosions are the biggest in the Vanilla game... Personally, i would put a trigger with a radius of 20 per exemple, and put "SpecificUnitName setDammage 1" if there's not a lot of units, or select "Activation by Blufor" etc if there's a lot of units.
  11. Hey guys! Do you know if there is a way to simulate the explosion of a "Smoke shell" instead of a regular HE round from a trigger or a mortar?
  12. WWThomahawkWW

    edit fire properties

    Hi ! Did you find the solution to your problem?