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  1. Squad name:- Task Force Black Timezone/location: PST/US Gamemode preference: COOP/Realism Website address: taskforceblack.us Short description: Task Force Black replicates special mission unit tactics and operations as accurately as possible while providing a balance of realistic military simulation and entertainment. Our taskings consist of specialized missions such as direct action, counter terrorism, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue, and clandestine operations. We create a realistic environment of a Tier 1 unit through realistic training and missions. We welcome all players new and old who are willing to learn and work as a team. Language: English
  2. Hi, I want to take a current uniform or gear item, retexture it, and upload it as a standalone mod. I know how to overwrite current content, but I want to make it a custom standalone mod. How do I do this? I cannot find any videos on mod making start to finish with this concept. Please help, thank you.
  3. J. Hummel

    Arma 3 Tutorial Request Thread

    I want to take models of uniforms and alter their textures to how I need. I know how to edit the textures and overwrite current files, but I want to know how to make a gear mod from scratch. How do I do this?
  4. I want to have a box where players can come up, and select a class from scroll wheel options, and it'll give them the gear immediately. I've seen it done, I just want to do it myself. Please reply if you know how. LTJG Hummel SEAL Team 10
  5. What is NSWG 1? Naval Special Warfare Group 1 is under the Naval Special Warfare Command and operates in special warfare operations. It consists of a few SEAL teams and a few other units as well. What do we offer? Semi-realism (No "yes sir") Rank Structure Smaller modpack A variety of jobs and opportunities We are starting up so we have opportunities for admin and leader roles! How do you join? No age requirement, but be mature when in operations Speak fluent English Use our modpack If you comply to those, it's simple, join our teamspeak and talk to recruiter! Poke them, or leave a message if they're AFK. We welcome everyone. Hooyah! Arma 3 Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/nsw1 Application: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14igWGRFpTjmL3ubHaDSJC4fbMR-1pOCYO5chqVL42Gg Steam name: Joosterr Teamspeak:
  6. Squad name: Naval Special Warfare Group 1 Timezone/location : PST/US Gamemode preference: COOP Contact email: oclearify1@gmail.com Website address: https://units.arma3.com/unit/nsw1Short description: We are a Navy team offering SEAL, pilot, and other roles as well. We have a rank structure but no "yes sir" behavior. We are semi-realistic.Language: English
  7. J. Hummel

    Feedback Thread

    I really enjoy the game. It has a more competitive feel to it and I like it. There are a few things I'd like to see change. Future Changes I'd Like: 80 or 90% of current health - The shooting, recoil, and movement mechanics do not compliment having this amount of health. Shorter lobby time Gamemodes not changing after every game So far I think it's great and I'd like to see it go far.
  8. I get better performance 90% of the time on Argo than on Arma 3, and my settings are higher on Argo. I do have friends that get similar or worse performance though. I would say it is better optimized. However, much less is happening in Argo than A3.
  9. J. Hummel


    Wow, that looks amazing. Great detail down to every bolt and latch, I like it. Any idea on release date?
  10. J. Hummel

    Port forwarding

    I don't know a whole lot, but I know that your public ip changes over time. You might have to find out if you have a new one, and then re-open the port.
  11. J. Hummel

    all settings reset automatically

    I know some profiles can get glitched and some actions are, i guess "broken." I had a profile where the toggle manual fire keybind wouldn't work at all. I would recomend making a new profile on Arma 3. If you have any missions you made you can copy them to the new one.
  12. J. Hummel

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I think the Arma 3 Units page is amazing. I like how easy it is to create or join a team. The page looks and feels nice. You can find teams fast and easy. I made a team called 28th Special Forces Unit. We are recruiting for anyone who's interested. http://units.arma3.com/unit/28thsfu