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  1. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    To answer your question, refer to the mod license. I've also included a focused copy of it below.
  2. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    Mod has been updated at its google drive link as well.
  3. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    Hey everyone, just pushed an update: Jacket is now re-texturable. Added USAF No-rank Enlisted Uniform Added USAF Officer rank Uniforms Updated: Flag on US Army uniforms updated to full color used on real ACU.
  4. Farquharson

    Interiors for CUP buildings

    Hey, quick question for you: While it replaces the buildings with ones 'from the contact DLC', I can't for the life of me remember if the revamped arma 2 buildings were apart of the free platform update or not. Have you tested anyone that doesn't own contact being able to play with the mod enabled? Or a more pointed way - does it require the DLC to work, ye or nay?
  5. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    New update today: Added: W-5, O-4, O-5, & O-6 paygrades to uniform. Added: Berets for - 173rd Airborne, 2nd Battalion 75th Rangers, Ranger Instructors, 5th Special Forces Group, and Special Operations Air Command (SOAC) [fictional]
  6. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    Thanks for the detailed bug report! Re: Clan emblem - It pulls automatically from the squad.xml and isn't modifiable through selections. Other selections like, Name, and department were left off the hidden selections list for ease of use, but may be a considered addition to the existing mod in the future.
  7. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    There are some online tutorials using photoshop or gimp that explain it fairly well, but most of its trial and error when not working backwards from a template.
  8. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

  9. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    No, no texture templates unfortunately.
  10. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    To address them in order: 1. The ranks are scaled as they are because of how they're displayed on the uniform in-game. We may look at finely tuning them to match a realistic standard, but that'll come at a much later date. 2. It's not fully intentional. During final adjustments we were playing with the pockets to get them to properly and nicely display patches, however it changed some of how the texture is displayed on the model. We've been aware of it but it's low on the list of things to fix/touch-up in future updates. Appreciate the kind words. Glad to be able to share a version with the wider community as a niche-filling standalone pack.
  11. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    We have no plans to publish to Armaholic at this time.
  12. Farquharson

    The ACU Project

    We from TFT8 are proud to announce the public release of a joint work commission between ourselves and DustyPeek. The Army Combat Uniform Project. The Public Release Contains the following: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): Development Team: DustyPeek - Model Rigging, Initial Textures, Initial Configuration Farquharson - Final Configuration, Final Textures, Consulting SheamusV - Consulting, Tester Special Thanks: Current and Prior American service members in TFT8 for realism consulting. DustyPeek for taking on this ‘immense’ and important commission for our unit. If you’re interested in his other work, or commissioning him for yourself check out Raven Industries on discord. Shaleshock for the awesome promotional in-game photography. Check him out over on Twitter. Download on the Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1872341060 Download via Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17s0Ltv5jLysbnJzuV_lGnz9V-GPyVtIb/view?usp=sharing ©2019 by S4@Task Force Tempor 8 Milsim This work is licensed under the ArmA Public License (APL): https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license Internal re-textures for private individual and unit use not made for public distribution on platforms such as but not limited to Armaholic, Steam Workshop, etc are permitted. Derivative textures, naming, etc - must give proper, present and clear credit to TFT8. This work is not to be publicly re-uploaded by any entity other than the official Task Force Tempor 8 development team.
  13. Outdoing yourselves again there River, Yax. Can't wait to see this one in action!
  14. Hey jonstyle, we've added the feature to the E-Model and F-Model Superhornets. If you're trying to self-lase from the pilot seat of the F, you have to remember to select 'Manual Fire' or you won't have access to the Laser Desginator and the Ordinance.It should work fully on the E just as the TGP on the Vanilla Wipeout. If you're experiencing issues with this, let us know! Are you talking about the vanilla Tailhook key(as it seems there is none), or the F-18's tailhook? If you can clarify we may be able to answer your question a bit better.
  15. Hey guys, I'm Farquharson one of the testers here for the F/A-18 Test team and I hope I'll be able to answer your question to the fullest of my ability as not just part of the team but someone who flies the mod frequently in-game. Rockapes: Firstly - Thank you for enjoying the mod, positive feedback means a lot when dozens if not hundreds of hours can go into a single update! With the changes made with the latest jets update current functionality in order to use the Mavericks (AGM-65s) the aircraft's laser must be on and then the 'Lock next Target' Key must be pressed to acquire a vehicle lock. However if you are wishing to drop any of the 500lb bombs available through the mod, the laser must first be turned on, and then the ordinance pulled as the 'primary weapon', locking onto it in the same fashion as the new Vanilla TGP. The Arma 3 field manual should have more information listed under 'Bombs' and 'FCS'. littleturn: Thank you as well for enjoying this mod, great to see positive feedback.....and references......lol The WSO's TGP is positioned in the same place as the Real F-model's targeting pod and retains all the same functionality of the Vanilla TGP. (Distance to target, grid of target, the ability to self-lase guided ordinance, and the ability to lock onto a target grid). Please refer to the vanilla controls for those and if you find any of them missing please let us know! Only so many of us can test this and we need the help of everyone out there using it post release to help us hunt down those pesky little issues we can't find in our own testing environment!