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  1. Good to know guys, thanks alot!
  2. I suspect that, and be aware this only a suspicion at this point for me, that armor value is based on entries in the CfgVehicles file. Given that the link first posted by Ex3B leads straight to said file referece and values. The model have points that acts as fysical refernces for damage calculations, with the armor values governed by config file or the CfgVehicle file. Sadly I don't know of any tutorial's as of yet. Quite frankly the best you can do is look in the sample files on how its setup, or heck just copy them and modify the model, faction, weapon, and armor entries to your needs. Then pack them in to a pbo fil using the addonbuilder tool. However I assume you want the Kuma to have a better chance of surviving against the other tanks. And to do that you need skilled crew, meaning you might have to make new units to serve as crew with high skill level. There is tutorials on how to make units using vanila assets, but I don't have link's for that, sadly. But I do know units have skill entries that you can find references for on the community wiki. Just click on Ex3B's first link. The reason you need skilled crew is that armor can be negated by shooting at the right spot, something a skilled crew can do if they are faster than the enemy. I have seen several of the heaviest tanks from both loosing to a more skilled, that hit f.eks the turret ring before the other thank could even turn the gun. A precice and fast shot key to survival for most tanks. Just saying so you don't risk a migrane trying to figure out why your tank loose against the T-100, since CSAT have on average more skilled units. Sorry that I can't help more, but I have allready had a week banging my head aginst the wall because my uniform model would'nt work with weapons and gear. I did find the answer, and turned out to be an easy fix. But I had to find that out myself, since no tutorial dealt with custom uniform models. Tutorials are depresingly lacking quite often, when it comes to detailed editing and mod making, and modders like us often have to find on our own. Depressing, I know.
  3. Solved! Turns out it was the vertex groups, and a lack of proxy meshes that was the cause. Learned that they also govern's stuff like insignia, camo (hidden selections). For thoose that wonder the proxy meshes are the weird triangels that show up when you import the Character_eksample p3d file. They are important. Not knowing what it was I ended up deleting them. During my attempt to find out this, I created this thicc boy: Worth It.
  4. Well, there were a conflict between the class names as you mentioned, and while it solved a double entry conflict I had, it ufortunatly did solve it. Maybe it's a problem with the skeleton or vertex groups, who knows. Thank's either way.
  5. To further illustrate the problem:
  6. Hello people I have dire need of help with identifying the source to a problem. Pic related: http:// Ignore the missing head and texture, they have simply not been added yet. The problem is the invisible gear, like vest and weapon's. I suspect that it has something to do with the model it self, and that some thing has to be done in Object Builder. The guide's and tutorial's that I have found are ofte incomplete, utdated, or just not touching on the subject of uniforms. Many are sadly also very difficult to understand. I am sadly quite new to modeling in 3d (blender) and I fear that have missed something important during the prosess. Posting config's just in case they are the source of the problem. Model config Config