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  1. @JD Wang It can be ran server-only, but it'll loose some functionality. For example, you will not be able to easily set CBA settings and AI won't be able to hear player fired weapons.
  2. @JD Wang The 3.2 release I would say is ready to go on a test run, I've ran it on one of my sessions without any noticing any bugs. It does include the Zeus code as well. I'll look into packing up into a mod sometime during this week, though when it will be able to reach the workshop depends on if @genesis92x has time.
  3. @BvB1 The script version does use the userconfig file as long as the server has filepatching enabled. Unit skills are as you say, hierarchical. First side specific skill is applied and then overwritten with class skill.
  4. @fiftyinfive CBA settings overwrites the userconfig, but there are some settings that can only be configured inside the userconfig.
  5. @Dallas Medina@froggyluv From the sound of things, the script is running on player groups, something that it is not supposed to. @Markkos26 It cannot currently be disabled.
  6. @JD Wang Depending on the method ALiVE uses, that may already be the case with the next update of Vcom.
  7. @Nichols The issue with AI bee-lining for players have been resolved, namely AI had a function that would cause them to move towards closest known enemy, which didn't have a maximum range. AI not flanking is probably due to that a maximum flanking distance was added, set at 300m. This is likely set too low, and will be upped in the next update as well as having a config option added. Mines being placed while dying has hopefully been resolved on release branch, if the issue is occurring on release branch please do create an issue on the Github.
  8. @Nichols The changelog.txt on the branch should be up to date.
  9. @redarmy There was an issue with it that made so that the function is never actually called. This has been fixed in the next update of Vcom. Furthermore, you will be able to configure the frequency of it happening.
  10. @headstone Unfortunately it has not been implemented currently.
  11. If people are interested you can test out upcoming features on the github. Development branch AI Driving feature branch If feedback is provided it may lead to a more stable and quicker release, just be sure to mention that you are using the development branch.
  12. DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Got a bug with the Skivies ("usm_skivies_green"). Other than that, nice mod! Unfortunate that they aren't compatible with your vests though.
  13. @target_practice UAV functionality was something that was deprecated in the transition to 3.0. It may get revamped and added at a later stage. Looking into the "sides affected" issue, is this to only case or do they also generate waypoints, place mines, etc? Also, did you change the parameter after mission start?
  14. The UAV backpack is currently treated as a static weapon with no additional functionality. Improved functionality may come in later versions. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.
  15. Vcom is functional, though you can currently not configure it using CBA settings. Expect a hotfix soon™
  16. @enxyo This is not possible in vanilla, however with Achilles you can if you select a unit and paste it into the init field. Make sure to remove the comment as it may cause issues in this circumstance.
  17. @redarmy This is a bug, I'll make an issue and see if it can be resolved.
  18. I don't think this feature was ever present, and from the looks of things it is not being developed Probably. It is best you check for yourself, and if it is still present, make a issue on Github.
  19. @redarmy This has been resolved on the Github repo, though it is still waiting to be pushed to Steam. Check it out here.
  20. Hey, would it be possible to upload this mod to Github, alternatively Gitlab? I'd like to contribute a bit to the mod, and Git is an excellent way to do it and later review changes as you probably know.
  21. @jandrews It is located in the FSM, in the "Combat Brain".
  22. @avibird 1 I'm working on that, you can look at it on GitHub.
  23. @Matroshka Don't use VCOM or any other major AI mod when playing the campaign or any non-dynamic mission that isn't made with the mod in mind. If you do, as you have noticed, it is going to break stuff.
  24. Dropbox link doesn't work anymore. Besides, any chance this could be added to the workshop?