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  1. Someone from another forum found a solution to this issue, so I am going to post his answer here so that others will have any easier time finding it. ____ Since you're on Chernarus Winter, I tested it alongside CUP Units/Vehicles for custom loadouts. I had the same trouble you had so I opened a Bohemia official Zeus scenario in the editor to see what they were doing and it was actually really simple. In the F5 category in the editor, there is 2 modules that are both called Game Master and you need both. The first is F5 > Gameplay Modes > Game Master. The second is F5 > Zeus > Game Master. Synchronize the Zeus module (edit the attributes to allow unofficial addons to access mod loadouts) to the Gameplay Modes module. From there, spawn your regular Zeus curator system module and make sure its variable name is the same as the "owner" listed in the Zeus Game Master module. When you launch the scenario as Zeus, you will have to place the respawn point for the respective player teams before you can continue, but when you open the Respawns > Loadouts module you should see a tab for each team as well as all your custom loadouts in dropdown menus. Credit to u/manthedanville on Reddit.
  2. Screenshots of what is happening: https://imgur.com/gallery/Cu1YUHX I cannot figure out how to get regular units to appear in the Respawn > Loadouts tab of the Zeus menu, on community maps. They appear just fine on Bohemia's default Zeus missions, but on any Zeus mission made by myself or the community the loadout screen stays blank. This is very annoying when wanting to play scenarios in Total Conversion mods, where I'd like my players to be able to respawn as various units from the mod's available roster. (Space Marines in There Is Only War, Stormtroopers in SW: Opposition, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated.