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Found 12 results

  1. I want to have a box where players can come up, and select a class from scroll wheel options, and it'll give them the gear immediately. I've seen it done, I just want to do it myself. Please reply if you know how. LTJG Hummel SEAL Team 10
  2. Hi there! I was initially looking to load the Virtual Arsenal while a player is in the spawn menu so that he can choose his gear with a nice visual interface. I found out that the Zeus mode has the feature to create and populate the Inventory menu with loadouts created by the Zeus player, but only for Zeus, not for all players. What I want to do now is the following: User connects to the server and gets the respawn and inventory menus. I successfully implemented: respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition", "Tickets", "Wave", "MenuInventory"}; Inventory menu is populated with standard loadouts defined in my mission (if possible, a button to load the Virtual Arsenal would be nice, if not a simple ammo crate after respawn will do the trick) If the user saved one or more loadouts in Virtual Arsenal, import them into the Menu Inventory for the next respawn of this player (ideally only the ones created on the actual server to limit incomplete loadouts due to server/mission restrictions) I have looked for the last 5 hours through multiple sources and forums to find something similar, without luck. Note that I am just (re)starting to script and make missions for ArmA. I stopped after Cold War Crisis started to get old in... what... 2004? (ARMA NEVER GETS OLD!!! I know... shame on me) I have found a thread (BI Virtual Arsenal and BI respawn. Playing nicely together?) dealing about automatically restoring the previously selected loadout at respawn and somehow revive with the last known loadout (if you threw a grenade you shouldn't be magically revived with a new nade!)... I think I'll be forced to look at that at some point. What do you think? Would that be possible? I am willing to invest some time to get this working for my mission project. I want to implement this "per player virtual arsenal loadout" in a sort of "mission template" I am currently trying to build This mission preset would be similar to "Rush" in Battlefield Less arcade than the mode in BF but still letting players respawn on squad leaders and respawn points to bring fast paced action to ArmA multiplayer The mission has multiple steps like "Rush" but every objective has an impact on ressources of the defending or attacking team The ultimate goal is to create a mission template that can be more or less easily modified by :moving the mission on the map modifying it's size (distance between the objectives) copying it over to another island changing objectives (destroying a weapons cache in a building, stealing or destroying a fuel truck, holding a zone, stealing documents) changing the impact an action has on objectives (stealing the fuel truck gives your team access to a tank previously out of fuel, or destroying it to easily cut off their tank which is already low on fuel, restricting access to special weapons because a weapon cache has been taken out...) In short I want to make ArmA accessible to more casual people and show them what they miss out not being able to create their own content, making it easyer for them to discover and adapt to the deep gameplay mechanics possible with this game.
  3. TL;DR - I installed the Antistasi Mod and need help editing in some weapons. I have recently subbed to this mod on steam and I want to play online with a few friends. At the beginning of the game you get access to the Virtual Arsenal to gear up your team. I want to add some weapons and gear to the arsenal but I am unsure how to do it without breaking the mod. Basically, I am starting from scratch I have watched Gunter's tutorial on editing mods through the eden editor. But I was unable to get the MP version of my mod to work I pasted the unpacked folder into the missions folder that eden editor accesses, I could find the SP version of the mod ( I added that separately alongside the multiplayer mod folder) but I am unable to find the MP one so I have given up on that option. I have used PBO manager to unpack the mod folder and I have access to the scripts and files for the scenario. Could I edit the arsenal directly from here or do I have to use the editor honestly any advice could be helpful at this point lol.
  4. Hello, Every week my 10 friends and I play the Antistasi Scenario on a custom server of mine. We unfortuantly playing the wrong version but are too far along to start over. what im wanting to do is edit the Arsenal (Virtual Armory) and remove some specific weapons from it, Ive got the variable name of the crate but every time I run the code, nothing is happening, Ive searched High and Low and can't find a solution, even tried the examples off the wiki. [ caja, ["arifle_MXM_F"], true ] call BIS_fnc_removeVirtualItemCargo; I have 4 of those rifles in the Aresnal, I want them all gone. But Im running that above script and its not working. I know it's the correct variable name because I can move it around with that variable name. some help would be very appreciated ­čÖé
  5. I'm back at it again, looking for help in blacklisting a few items from a virtual arsenal crate. Some background: I'm using ACE3 (and some other mods like RHS) This will be for a multiplayer, dedicated server I want to have almost everything in the VA crate, but I want to remove a handful of things I see that ACE now adds to the editor the ability to Whitelist and Blacklist individual elements. But I can't get it to work. I looked on the ACE3 site, but nothing there was helpful. Has anyone got this working? Can it be done through the editor? Thanks in advance!
  6. OFPS is looking to integrate ARSENAL into BECTI. We have had great success using custom mods like CUP. However, the amount of GEAR we have now is INSANE. Our 3.5 year old gear menu that was developed by BENNY just isn't up to the task. We would like to use arsenal as a replacement. Here's what I'd like to know from you experienced scripters: 1. Is it possible to load arsenal and not go into the virtual arena? I'd like to load the menu but keep the player in the battle space he's in. 2. Is it possible to allow a player to access gear based on a team's upgrade level, assign a cost to every piece of equipment, and check that a player has that cash before granting him access to the gear? 3. Anyone here have talent with sqf scripting and would like to help us (OFPS/BECTI) implement this? :) Thanks! -SS
  7. In our unit, we have a bunch of new recruits that we want to solely run prescribed load outs, which I have figured out and done. Now, we want people that have successfully accomplished a certain training to have full access to an arsenal box. I understand the white-listing process for objects within an arsenal, but I was wondering if perhaps there was a way to write in a way that only certain players, or slots even, could run a virtual arsenal when looking at a box in the similar fashion as the usual scroll and click for a universal access arsenal that you can put onto a box. My question is, whether by variable name of a unit/slot or by a list of whitelisted PIDs, can the VA system be limited to certain members on a server while others are forced to use the load-outs I have already scripted into the mission?
  8. I'm playing on a modded server and now wanted to figure out which backpack is the best to use. Is there a configuration file where all this stuf is safed or how am I able to output numeric values from the Virtual Arsenal? I think the status Bars are not exact enough. Thank you so much for your help!
  9. I guess someone has solved this problem in the past, but i've been looking for in google and in this forum, and I've not been able to fix this problem. I'm aware that the normal ARSENAL doesn't allow faces, voices and insignias, so I decided to add a virtual arsenal to an NPC in my base in my dedicated server. The problem is that the insignias tab is completely empty, as well as the faces and voices one. I read in another topic that I need a config file of some kind, but didn't quite get it right. I find this strange as well from BI. If you want to desing the arsenal and the virtual arsenal, why just removing the trhee tabs that makes different the VA? Thanks a lot guys! I'm pretty sure there is a very easy way to fix this, but I couldn't find something useful in the Internet..-
  10. I've been trying everything I can think of to make this work, and nothing seems to do anything. I've read this over and tried various approaches, but nothing is working to limit the objects from the crate. I've tried putting the code in the init box of the crate (with the crate names VA1), like this: handle = ["AmmoboxInit", [this,true,{true}]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; [ VA1, ["launch_B_Titan_short_F", "launch_B_Titan_short_tna_F", "launch_O_Titan_short_F", "launch_I_Titan_short_F","launch_I_Titan_short_ghex_F"] ] call BIS_fnc_removeVirtualItemCargo; And I've tried calling the code in other ways. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions??
  11. FOB Honor by DonbassCZ Description: This base is a remake of Battlefield 3 point E / Army base in Operation Firestorm with several objects which I added. I hope you will like it! Features: Virtual Arsenal Ambient life Vehicles Lights Details Credits & Thanks: CUP Team - CUP Terrains Complete Opteryx and S@ndBob - [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Titi & McKeewa - CJTF101 Editor Requirements: Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc CJTF101 Editor Download HERE! Pictures: Barracks: Second entry: Headquarters: Artillery nests: Greets DonbassCZ
  12. So I'm working on my own uniform/weapon/vehicle pack at the moment and at the same time I am creating a website to showcase all the items that I am working on as well. One thing that has always bugged me about ArmA is that there is no way to view objects in a 3D space by themselves to either take good screenshots of them or check them for editing fixes you might need to make before releasing them to the public. With the addition of the Virtual Arsenal this became a little easier to do but it still didn't allow a full 3D viewer. My idea would be to create something like the VA but that would just allow you to view individual items (vests, helmets, uniforms) in a full 3D 3 axis environment. Another feature would be to have customizable backgrounds and lighting scenes that way you can see them in different environments. I have no idea how to even go about getting this started and if anyone is willing to help or has input it is most welcome.