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  1. Seems like it doesn't provide module icon at editor any more. should i place it by editing mission.sqm files?
  2. kgino1045

    Move object on editor horizon

    Sorry for misleading. however i think that snap to terrain toggle could work and help my problem.
  3. kgino1045

    Move object on editor horizon

    How do i work same at unstable terrain? such as rubble area or bumpy area. each segment make object jumping around and when ever i try to Shift + mouse drag it's not line up with horizon. what i want to say i don't want any rotation on X and Y.
  4. kgino1045

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Placeable 'cave system' object on editor and zeus so we can make secret place at editor and zeus. doesn't have to go under the terrain. make some of cave system at mountain and cover with some big rocks. I can still make it with CUP with huge rocks but the shadow is not working at all. What should work - when you enter the cave the sound echoed - should cover the roof so the light don't messed up - some 'huge' cover variants for cave so it matched to terrain
  5. I can see that i can move object horizon by press 'X' in Zeus but kinda make this difficult in editor. I want to place object on slopes but whenever i place it, it follow the terrain shape so i can't make the object placement in horizon. Is there any similar function that i describe it which Zeus do? or other editing and scripting tips?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to do what you advice and if i stuck at some point i'll ask to you again
  7. then how do i know which place i can make them restrict or free?
  8. I'm totally noob.should i just put this at any random object or should i write another init or sqf like files?
  9. Sorry for misleading. I fix the sentence I can make object placement in perpendicular easily by press 'X' I can make object placement in perpendicular easily by press 'X' "in Zeus" I fix the sentence. sorry for the misleading. I can make object placement in perpendicular easily by press 'X' I can make object placement in perpendicular easily by press 'X' "in Zeus
  10. I can make object placement in perpendicular easily by press 'X' in Zeus. but it seems i can't do that on editor. is there any hot key or tip for make this easy? i'm doing clicking and fix the number at rotation at every object for now.
  11. As title said i'd like to make player see their looks only around at base so they can see what they are wearing but after went out i want them only using 1st person perspective. is there any script that make this happen?
  12. I'd liked to restrict my arsenal in multiplay so people only can look and wear the certain uniform at uniform tab. how can i restrict them? and if those clothes are too many (like 100) how can i easly manage and restric them. I.e. i want them look and wear only RHS and VSM mod uniform in arsenal.
  13. as you can see I got this inventory marker on the object. I didn't do anything on the object just place it from Eden editor. which command should I use so I can make it stop showing inventory marker? which command should I put on init?
  14. kgino1045

    looking for this HESCO wall

    nvm found this from this https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/160987-sangin-wip/
  15. kgino1045

    looking for this HESCO wall

    kinda off from arma 3 for long times. can't remember which map include this object. i want that hesco object. where can i find them?