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  1. {ubb1}TheBeast

    how to...

    bit late.... but still Thank you :-D (I was making harder then it was.. lol.. )
  2. {ubb1}TheBeast

    how to...

    Just need a little start up. If you edit a vehicle in the Virutal Arsenal (Garage), like doors open, beacon on. I thought you press Export and than you can place that in the Init field when you place the object in the Editor. Example, I want to place some cars that block the road. The Offroad Comms (new with the DLC Contact). I open the back doors and put the becon on. But placing the export in the init field doesn't work. Also pressed import and save it.. but that I cannot find back Hard to find something about this... virtual arsenal give all the times results in virtual ammo-boxes. Export is like this: _veh = createVehicle ["I_E_Offroad_01_comms_F",position player,[],0,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["EAF",1], ["hidePolice",1,"HideServices",1,"HideCover",0,"StartBeaconLight",1,"HideRoofRack",0,"HideLoudSpeakers",0,"HideAntennas",0,"HideBeacon",0,"HideSpotlight",0,"HideDoor3",0,"OpenDoor3",1,"HideDoor1",0,"HideDoor2",0,"HideBackpacks",1,"HideBumper1",1,"HideBumper2",0,"HideConstruction",0,"BeaconsStart",0] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; So, a little start up on this would be great. how do I use this? Thanks in advance!
  3. 15th of January. The 19th RT will be held. Sign up at: http://www.rollingthunder.it/forum/battle-registration-archive/registrations-for-rt-19/ All assets and tanks etc. Are been placed with the mission file, like the tanks don't have thermal view etc.
  4. ow.. was a old post.. damm
  5. think you want like this.. It is pulling the car up the ramp. (is not the same as the other YT movie!)
  6. {ubb1}TheBeast

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    looking stunted! What more can I say. When do you think we can use it? With other words..... when is it ready? :P
  7. {ubb1}TheBeast

    Female heads Mod (yes, another one)

    Just wondering if there is a update on this?
  8. {ubb1}TheBeast

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    will be middle of the night for me...... sucks.. :aa: