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  1. Hey, I changed the title of the post so that sb can help me out with that. I tried with different kind of variables with no success, mb together we figure out how to change light brightness of a vehicle created in another script? Check out first post. Thx for ur help in advance ^^.
  2. Asked him and he didnt know so no way its possible lol.
  3. Completely fine, will be chacking and telling u, about say3D... just forget about it, I don't think there is a single way to fix that so guess I will have to conform with that ^^
  4. Been hours trying to fix this problem with say3d with no success... im using remote exec with say3d. On console, I select server to execute. and tried with playsound3d also works but when alt + esc it pauses the audio and then resumes. server is in nopause, client is in nopause... what the hell more wants arma. @Dedmen save me with your superpowers, please. (Sorry for mentioning u, if I bother tell me and wont do it anymore)
  5. Added the command -nopause in launcher and still pausing. Don't get this, help ED
  6. About this I found there is a parameter that is called nopause, but since I run the command in server execute if I add that command to the server will work? mb I break it but will try EDIT: The command was already running in the server so I guess if there is no way the server itself executes the command so that it doesn't pause, I can't do anything but tell user by user to enable the parameter... I use the "server execute" option in console command but no success, it sounds but pauses when alt+tab
  7. https://pastebin.com/LKP0QL87
  8. tried with both [escenario, ["eventoinicio", 600]] remoteExec ["say3D"]; playSound3D ["@evento\efectos\eventoinicio.ogg", escenario, false, getPos escenario, 1, 1, 300] so taht u make an idea both work but have the same problem with the desync when alt+esc
  9. Thank u for ur help bro, testing ^^
  10. Apart from this, when I put a say3D and then exit arma it pauses the sound and then continues. That will cause a desync between players of the sound, what can I do so that the song keeps going even tho Im not in the screen?
  11. No, I just want to execute a function that deletes the vehicle of another function, like calling a variable from another script. _ variables do not work with this...
  12. tried with publicVariables but no success, dunno how that works...
  13. I have got another problem, Is there a way to make a variable for the whole server? I tried to remove the underscore but no success. ["ALF_EventoDebate_Inicio", { _light = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6189.77,6916.42,5.74881]; _light1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6190.53,6915.18,5.784]; _light2 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6191.03,6913.88,5.86216]; _light3 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6191.87,6912.65,5.95794]; _light4 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6192.79,6911.45,6.01091]; _light5 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6193.55,6910.06,5.9946]; _light6 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [6193.91,6908.83,6.03803]; [_light,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light]; [_light,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light]; [_light,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light]; [_light,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light]; [_light1,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light1]; [_light1,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light1]; [_light1,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light1]; [_light1,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light1]; [_light2,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light2]; [_light2,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light2]; [_light2,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light2]; [_light2,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light2]; [_light3,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light3]; [_light3,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light3]; [_light3,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light3]; [_light3,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light3]; [_light4,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light4]; [_light4,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light4]; [_light4,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light4]; [_light4,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light4]; [_light5,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light5]; [_light5,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light5]; [_light5,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light5]; [_light5,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light5]; [_light6,0.3] remoteExec ["setLightBrightness",0,_light6]; [_light6,[247,241,241]] remoteExec ["setLightColor",0,_light6]; [_light6,[247,247,247]] remoteExec ["setLightAmbient",0,_light6]; [_light6,[0, 0, 0]] remoteExec ["lightAttachObject",0,_light6]; [escenario, ["eventoinicio", 600]] remoteExec ["say3D"]; //playSound3D ["eventoinicio", escenario] sleep 5; }] call Server_Setup_Compile; Each of this functions are like different scripts and if I add it like ["ALF_EventoDebate_Fin", { deleteVehicle _light1; deleteVehicle _light2; deleteVehicle _light3; deleteVehicle _light4; deleteVehicle _light5; deleteVehicle _light6; }] call Server_Setup_Compile; to turn off lights apart, the _light doest call the first _light so I cant add a function apart to turn off the _lights of the other function, any help? Thx. PS: Is the same script but I can add like more than 1 function in the script, the problem is that inside that function is like a script apart even tho it's in the same .sqf, so it won't call the private variables between different functions. I also tried to put the private variables outside each function so that it is global and the set brightness inside the functions and didn't work still. Its for multiplayer tho.
  14. EDIT: Did another post for this, check it out plz