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    Need help adding my mod to my mission

    Hey mate, I probably didn't explain that properly. My model is essentially a sign, similar to the big coloured arrow signs or circle signs that are in Arma. (Sign_Arrow_F or Sign_Circle_F) Essentially I just want to be able to spawn in my custom model at specific marker positions. I already have code to do this with the Sign_Circle_F asset using createVehicle. Was hoping I could spawn my model in with createVehicle directly from my mission folder, rather than have it as a PBO in the Arma addons folder.
  2. Hi guys, I've made a custom model of a static building type structure that I need for a mission I'm making. I've packed it up in to a PBO and have it working as a mod. However I'd like to incorporate it directly in to my mission rather than it being a standalone mod. Basically so when people download the mission from the workshop they don't need to install any additional mods. I'm figuring it should be simple enough, but I'm a bit rusty atm. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. frankovich213

    Waypoint Height

    Thanks so much hallyg! Champion! ;)
  4. Thanks mate, you're a bloody legend! ;) Will the same work when I use createVehicle? I'm trying to create signs at the same place as the waypoints using the following: _sign = "Sign_Circle_F" createVehicle [(getPos _CPmrk select 0),(getPos _CPmrk select 1),20]; but it's not working properly, giving me an error. Any ideas? Cheers mate.
  5. frankovich213

    Waypoint Height

    Hey mate, just wondering if you know how to get the same thing working for createVehicle? This is the code I'm currently using which works but places the circle sign on the ground since I haven't specified the Z axis: _sign = "Sign_Circle_F" createVehicle (getMarkerPos _mkr1); I tried this: _sign = "Sign_Circle_F" createVehicle [(getPos _mkr1 select 0),(getPos _mkr1 select 1),50]; but it gives me an error message and doesn't work. Have any ideas? Cheers mate. :)
  6. frankovich213

    Waypoint Height

    Oh my bad, I did have a typo there. It works! Thank you so much for your help! :D
  7. frankovich213

    Waypoint Height

    Hey mate! Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it but for some reason it makes the waypoint spawn in the very corner of the map. The same exact thing happened when I did the helipad thing I mentioned above. I'm not too sure why.
  8. Hi, was wondering if anyone could help with this? I am using 'addWaypoint' to create waypoints during my mission. I need to make the waypoints spawn at specific heights so that the player must be at the required height to trigger it and also so they have a visual aid to see where they are supposed to be going. I notice that if I manually place waypoints in the editor, that I can specify it's height on the Z axis so was wondering if there's any way to specify a Z axis position in the script that creates the waypoint. I tried to change the height of the markers that I use to mark the waypoint positions, but quickly realised that you can't change the height of markers. So, I tried placing some invisible helipads in the air and tried using setPos/getPos to change the position of the waypoints to the helipads but I couldn't get that to work either. Maybe I did something wrong? Any help with this would be much appreciated. Cheers :)
  9. I managed to get it working! :D I must have had some sort of error in the formatting or something but now all 3 checkpoints points appear in order. Cheers mate! Oh, just thought I'd ask, when I use addWaypoint, is there any way to make the waypoint appear at a designated height? I noticed it's possible if placing it in the editor but so far have been unsuccessful with code. I tried placing an invisible object in the air and then using setPos/getPos to change the waypoint's position to that of the object in the air but not having much luck.
  10. Hi Larrow! :D Long time no speak. I hope you are doing well. I don't mean to bother you but I saw that you still seem to be active on here so thought I'd ask. I'm finally able to work on this mission again as a mod it was reliant upon has recently been updated and fixed so I've just been trying out the checkpoint code you suggested in your last post. I've added the following code in the correct place: //An array of markers to visit _checkpointMarkers = [ "CP1", "CP2", "CP3" ]; { //Current marker _CPmrk = _x; //add waypoint at the current markers position _wp = addWaypoint [ getMarkerPos _CPmrk, 0 ]; //Waituntil the player gets close to the marker waitUntil { player distance getMarkerPos _CPmrk < 2 }; }forEach _checkpointMarkers; //checkpoints done add waypont to completion marker group player addWaypoint [ getMarkerPos _mrk, 0 ]; I also placed 3 markers on the map and named them CP1, CP2, CP3. However, when I try to run the mission I get an error message saying the code is missing a ";" on line 72 which is the following line: _wp = addWaypoint [ getMarkerPos _CPmrk, 0 ]; The error message shows a [#] after addWaypoint. I've been messing with it for a few hours but can't seem to make any progress. Any idea what might be causing it? :unsure: Your help is greatly appreciated mate! **EDIT I just tried changing the following line: _wp = addWaypoint [ getMarkerPos _CPmrk, 0 ]; to this: _wp = group player addWaypoint [ getMarkerPos _CPmrk, 0 ]; and the error message no longer appears. The mission begins as normal and the first checkpoint appears. When you walk to it it disappears as it should however the second checkpoint does not appear. Walking to the finish line doesn't end the task either. Not sure if this is progress but it does seem to confirm that something is wrong with that particular line.
  11. Sorry Larrow, I hadn't realised you had replied. I've been a bit busy for the last week or so and only just now remembered the thread. I'll try all this out as soon as I can get on Arma this weekend. Thanks once again mate for your help and patience with me :) I was a little daunted by doing things all in code like this at first but I love how reliably everything works and I'm quickly beginning to appreciate it, especially since it keeps the editor so tidy. I'll let you know how it goes. Btw, I don't mean to be lazy just asking you for the answers every time. I could achieve some of these things, like the checkpoints, in the editor already but you've started to convert me to scripting and having awesome examples like the ones you've provided makes learning this language a whole lot easier. It is greatly appreciated mate!
  12. Hi! Just an update. Everything is working really well. I've got each task running separately now with triggers thanks to your last post. The scores are still tallying up each time it's run. I've figured out how to make the destination a specific location rather than random and I've managed to get custom graphics come up in the middle of the screen for 'Ready, 'Set', 'Go' and also when you get to the destination which looks awesome. There's only really one thing I need help with now and a couple of lesser important things which aren't critical to the mission. I was wondering how to add a checkpoint that you must travel to before traveling to the final destination, in to your code. One of the missions, is basically a sight-seeing trip, so I want to make checkpoints that the player must go through rather than them being able to go straight to the finish and cheat the time trial system. Less important A way to have to the time trial clock constantly showing while you are doing the run. (This would be cool) A way to make the score and tasks show up on the scoreboard when you end the mission. The tasks currently show up in the map but when you end the mission, the objectives and score are blank. I've already edited your code so the tasks are each numbered because it was obviously recreating task 1 over and over again each time I started a delivery. (I'm not too worried about this one though because I can simply make the score hint from the last delivery stay on the screen until the mission ends which is all the player really needs to see anyway.) I really appreciate your help with this. I'm learning an immense amount.:)
  13. Thank you for this mate. I'm sorry to hear you're not well atm. Hope you're feeling better soon. It'll take me a while to chew through this anyway so no rush mate. Get well. :)
  14. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention I already tried simply: execVM "task1.sqf" but it gives me an error and says im missing something. If I add a semicolon it says "missing ;".
  15. I've tried it in the init file and it works great but now I've saved it as task1.sqm and I'm trying to run it via a trigger placed in the editor but I can't seem to get it running. I set a trigger for blufor, once, present For On Act I tried: null = this execVM "task1.sqf" task1 = this execVM "task1.sqf" but neither worked. Also I'm wondering how to get the time trial to run once rather than an infinite loop so that I can run it for each mission separately. And I'm assuming I can enter coordinates after _pos = for a custom marker position is that right? Sorry for the noob questions, I've never done a mission entirely by scripting like you did, so some things are confusing me a little. :confused: PS - If I am able to run the mission once for each task separately rather than an infinite loop, will the score still continue to tally the second and third time I run the script or will it be reset?