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  1. BlacKnightBK

    Simple Task not working

    I have the same function working at other points of the mission file, but not here for some reason, I tried taking it out and placing it at other points same result
  2. BlacKnightBK

    Simple Task not working

    Did not work man, Thanks though
  3. BlacKnightBK

    Simple Task not working

    I have tried taking it out of the function file and run as a script instead same result
  4. I have created this simple task as a sub Task of another one. However, it is not appearing even though the Test hint is executed and appearing on screen. Is there something I am doing wrong? params []; private _pos = getArray (missionConfigFile >> "locations" >> "kavalaSquare" >> "pos"); private _oper = localize "STR_C_SideMission"; private _parent = localize "STR_SMMK_Operation"; private _briefing = localize "STR_FM_KavSideBrief"; private _task = [west, [_oper,_parent], [_briefing, _oper, "Kavala"], _pos, "Created", 5, true, "meet", true] call BIS_fnc_taskcreate; hint "Test --> Trig Activated"; _task;
  5. BlacKnightBK

    how to create a new keybind

    Thank you @Lucullus, even if it doesn't work you have given me the beginning of the rope :) Cheers man
  6. Hello guys, I would like to know how to create new keybinds without using mods. E.g when player presses shift+h his weapon gets holstered. Sorry if the answer is already available somewhere I am busy with so many other stuff I was not bothered googling it with it not being a high priority issue for me. Cheers
  7. BlacKnightBK

    How to spawn a full squad at once?

    You are a dream come true mate, I have been looking for this for 2 hours straight lol Thanks man
  8. Hello guys, I would like to create in my sqf file a whole fireteam without having to create each soldier separately and grouping them. Now I know it can be done in Eden editor, but I want to be able to do the same in my sqf files. Is there a command/BIS function already there or do I have to create my own?? Thanks in advance
  9. BlacKnightBK

    Enums, are they possible

    @Larrow As usual, you are amazing, Thanks mate Much appreciated
  10. BlacKnightBK

    Enums, are they possible

    @Muzzleflash Thanks. I guess this is more complicated than Java but it looks like this is the closest I can get to Enums as I can. Cheers mate
  11. BlacKnightBK

    Enums, are they possible

    I do not see anything but just integer variables, how do I treat those as Enums. back in java an Enum called DLC looked something like this: Except in sqf it is important to me because for each of my enums I want a String, an Integer and an Array of 2 integers
  12. Hello guys, I wanted to create some global variables I need some special data. I thought of doing those as an array but remembered from java that Enums would be cleaner. Is that possible with SQF or not and I should just create my variables as Arrays instead?? CHeers
  13. BlacKnightBK

    Remove Default city names of map

    What is the config??
  14. Hello, I would like to remove some of the default location names of the Altis map and re-write them in a different font. Is it possible??
  15. BlacKnightBK

    What is wrong with my function here??

    @gc8 Now that totally makes sense lol :D Took me 1 mins restarting my game, my PC, everything I could think of lol Thanks alot, you a life saver friend