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  1. 7 years ago, in the EOS thread, Bangabob suggested a solution to this problem: I updated his solution for the current version of EOS. I added three lines of code to EOS_Core.sqf @ line 285 sleep 2; deletevehicle _clear_1;deletevehicle _clear_3;deletevehicle _taken; deleteVehicle _eosActivated; null = [_mkr,[_aGrps,_aSize],[_bGrps,_bSize],[_cGrps,_cSize],[_dGrps,_eGrps,_fGrps,_fSize],_settings,true] execVM "eos\core\eos_core.sqf"; And boom, it works. Thank you Bangabob!
  2. Hello! I have made a mission with an Area of Operation "AOmarker_0" that spawns in a random location and re-spawns in a random location after it has been captured by players. My SNAFU is that the AO re-spawns over and over again (Spawning All units every time) because I am deleting the marker and spawning another marker with that same name. I have hit the limits of my current scripting knowledge and understanding so I don't know how to refresh the marker with EOS with each respawn. My approach is probably ALL WRONG, as usual, so I will take all advice, help and guidance I get. My Approach and test mission: I placed a trigger to spawn the AO Activation condition = Any player present on Activation = nul = execVM "Random.sqf"; Random.sqf AO_1-3 are the possible locations for the AO to spawn/Re-spawn. I placed a repeatable trigger to delete the marker and call the script again. trigger variable name GRN_1 activation condition = (getMarkerColor "AOmarker_0" == "ColorGreen"); on Activation = deleteMarker "AOmarker_0"; nul = execVM "RandomAO.sqf"; and that works! but not the way I want it to. How and What do I need to change in my approach to achieve my goal? I have tried mucking about with the relevant EOS files. eos_core.sqf eos_launch.sqf eos_markers.sqf Please look over my work and offer any input you have. I need help. Thank you.
  3. Thank you sir! SOLVED by Asmodeuz! so I followed the example given on the Warlords WIKI and I put ['MyWLAssetList'] in the Indep class field in the warlords INIT module. This was wrong. I had to insert the RHS faction class into the INIT module AND define all groups in the description.ext. Without the RHS classname in the module it was only spawning mechanized/motorized squads from the MyWLAssetList. Which is Odd, because when I was troubleshooting, I had the AAF class in the module and it was spawning AAF soldiers and RHS mechanized squads. Whatever! It's fixed. Thank you for your help Asmodeuz! Thank you again PierreMGI!
  4. ok, so I found all the information about group containment chains HERE at RHS documentation. I triple checked and I am following the example provided. PierrieMGI, do I use this function in the debug console with a local execute? I am trying now. I will get back to you with results. Also maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me and I just can't see my mistake. Did you see any basic, syntax/grammar errors in my description.ext ?
  5. That's the problem right there! My group strings where pulled directly from the splendid config viewer in eden editor.I must have extraneous group strings mixed in with valid ones. I know that I have all the valid ones because the mission spawns the expected amount of garrisoned units in every sector. I figure that, when the populate script is choosing groups at random, if it picks the extraneous groups, it kicks out an error- and continues until complete. but it does that a lot because I have a lot of non valid group stings. To fix this I must add group strings one buy one, testing each one, to weed out the extraneous. Thank you for your help gentlemen!
  6. Hello. I have made a warlords mission with RHS factions. I followed the instructions on the Warlords Custom Factions wiki. Garrisoned units spawn from my custom Indep groups BUT I get MILLIONS of this error 17:01:28 Error in expression <ts _newGrp < 3} do { _newUnit = _newGrp createUnit [_unitArr # floor random _uni> 17:01:28 Error position: <createUnit [_unitArr # floor random _uni> 17:01:28 Error Type Any, expected String 17:01:28 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLSectorPopulate.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLSectorPopulate]..., line 118 Yes. MILLIONS of times. I swear to god only I could do something like this! I will post my 4.8 million lined arma3_x64.rpt to prove it. But WHY?!? and How do I correct this. I ,of course, will show you my work: description.ext fn_WLSectorPopulate.sqf How can I fix this. I played two sectors and I have a 4.8 million line Arma3_x64.rpt . Please help me.
  7. NVM, i answered my own question, trying to be funny in my response. Please see my avatar for details 🙂 thank you for responding!
  8. ANSWER: When creating multiple units with script, their local variables can all be the same because only global variables are used in multiplayer. addSwitchableUnit selectPlayer createUnit Variables
  9. Twiznak

    Spawn 700 units

    Hello, I make missions! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&amp;id=1922552989 this is a mission type I made that CAN spawn 800,000+ units. if you want a custom mission on a specific map, let me know.
  10. HI.I love the combat patrol game mode and I have tinkered with Basstards Custom Combat Patrol with some success, but I need help modifying the combat patrol init.sqf so that a new objective is spawned when the current objective has been completed.: fn_cpinit.sqf I think for my idea to work I would need to remove the ? "CPEnd"? mission fail conditions and then replace the remaining ? (BIS_CP_ending)? cases with ?"CCP_init"? to restart the script. I am not sure at all that I have identified the functions properly, Nor am I sure how to go about it. Please help. Thank you.
  11. No dice. Change of title had no effect. I have to delete. trouble shoot, and reupload, one by one. A true labor of love. My_Avatar==My_Life;
  12. Thank you for staying positive and helping me☺️ the TITLE is in Russian. In the editor. I will try deleting and re-uploading the mission with an English title........
  13. Hi, thank you for replying. I changed the tile to english , but I get the same error. I'm frustrated with ARMA to the point where I want to throw my keyboard at the wall and quit the game. It took me a LONG time to translate the whole mission, scripts and all, into russian. and it's all my fault. If I have to go back and redo the missions in english, is there any point? My avatar = my life............over and over again.
  14. Hi, I recently uploaded a Russian language mission series Titled "Dynamic Combat Simulator" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1909922778 However, when everyone tries to play the mission for the first time we all get this error What have I done wrong? I have never seen this before. Please help. Thank you.
  15. IFA3 Combat Patrol https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1890287022 Let me know what you think.Thank you again for your help.