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  1. Hi. I have encountered an unsolvable problem and I need help. My publisher won't launch. Not from the tools menu or direct from the file. I opened my .rpt file and I don't understand the errors it's reregistering. the report file is WAY to long to upload it so I will paste a snippet of the .rpt file. PLEASE have a look and give me any advice you have to offer. Thank you. OK, so I wouldn't say that I fixed the problem, but I think I kicked the publisher enough times to knock something loose enough for me to get my mod uploaded. My process: delete all pictures pertaining to publisher in my temp folder, cleared my steam download cache, un-install / re-install tools, verify integrity of local files, change my steam_appid.txt number like the BISWizard suggested in THIS post. then repeat the process 5 times over the next 7 hours, give up on life, hate arma, walk away from the computer like you are going to hurt the computers feeling by doing so, repeat process 2 more times and on the last try, load the file and hit the publish button before the publisher can finish loading your steam workshop information and Boom! it works. I am an idiot. Please see my avatar for further details.
  2. Hello sir. Thank you for all that you do. Would you please update this mod to include a server key.
  3. @Schatten , Thank you! findIf is the correct operator here. Thank you for helping/educating me 🙂 I will read the BIwiki page until I understand the "Why" behind the "How". Again, thank you for your help!
  4. Hello everyone! I need help with a condition checking if a players position is inArea of markers, from an array of markers. Here is my code: myMarkers = ["marker_0","marker_1"]; if !(player inArea myMarkers) then { hint "Get back line soldier!"; }; I COULD just copy/pasta this control structure _x amount of times for each marker in my array, but that is needlessly redundant. Please help me optimize this code!
  5. Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask about an improvement to the AI artillery use. AI soldiers requesting an artillery strike from a Sochor against infantry targets, will request a barrage of AP and AT cluster mine shells. I haven't seen this before the update. Was this intentional? If so, thank you! I haven't felt terror like I felt when the enemy fired a 6 round barrage of AP cluster mine shells on my position and everywhere I looked I saw nothing but red triangles. VCOM AI is as essential to Arma 3 game play as a keyboard and mouse! Screenshots for your viewing pleasure. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2208589815 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2208589826
  6. Genesis92x, Hi. First: I have to Thank you for this mod. In my opinion, VCOM AI is as essential to playing arma as a keyboard and mouse. 100% from the heart, THANK YOU! Second: A truly random combat situation arose from the use of vcom ai, in my missions. I want to share this story with you and everyone else in the hopes that there is some way to PURPOSELY recreate this situation with VCOM. The story: Our team was engaging the enemy from a bunker. We had brought out a custom ammo crate with us and stored it in the bunker. The enemy encircled us, breached our perimeter and overran the bunker. VCOM AI working as intended! 😎 But that is when the magic happened. An enemy AI, low on ammo, made his way into the bunker. He grabbed a few mags, then he took out our claymores, BOBBY TRAPPED the ammo crate and just sat there, waiting for us. We never saw it coming. During a lull in combat the WHOLE team rushed to the ammo crate to resupply. The second he saw us enter the building he detonated the claymores. There were no survivors. Now, I have been bombed out of a building by AI demolition experts, had every unattended vehicle stolen and been killed by my own weapon systems. But I have never had an AI mine my resources and then just wait for me. Brutal! and I want to have it every game now 🤯 The question: Is it possible to add a protocol that will make AI lay mines/charges around ammo crates and vehicles on the battlefield?
  7. Pierre, Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with me. I got to work with this new information so quickly that I forgot to say thank you. So many mission possibilities have opened up , thank very much sir!
  8. Hello Sir! This is the solution. It comes as no surprise that the man who authored the original eventHandler, would be the man who authors the new. Thank you Killzone_Kid and Harzach! You, again, gave me reliable and accurate information that pointed me in the right direction. I will forever be in the shadow of you, the giants of Arma script. I stand upon your shoulders with every step I take in mission making. I am truly grateful for everything you and the rest of the giants do for all of us who come here to the forums seeking help. To reach a deeper level of understanding with the command spawn, I would like to ask some questions about its implementation here. First off, I just want to state that I would have NEVER figured this out on my own. Using a remoteExec "spawn", inside of another spawn, blows my mind. SO, I have two questions: 1. Using multiples of spawn, inside a spawn. Allow me to rephrase, can I compile multiple sets of instructions, into one compiled set of instructions? Hypothetical multiple spawn scenario: _hints spawn { _h1 = [] spawn {player globalChat "One for the money!"}; sleep 2; _h2 = [] spawn {player globalChat "Two for the show!"}; sleep 2; _h3 = [] spawn {player globalChat "Three to get ready. Now go, cat, go!"}; }; Is this valid syntax? How would one go about doing this correctly? 2. the variable "_this" is passed unto the code or script that is executed within the compiled set of instructions. If I were to call a script.sqf from the instructions, would I be able to operate with "_this", as it retained it's definition from the instructions that called it. OR would I need to create a private variable and then define that variable with the variable, "_this", that was passed to the script from the instructions? Hypothetical variable passing from _handle spawn {0 = execVM "someScript.sqf";}; someScript.sqf _myVar = (_this select 0); //... Is this valid syntax? How would one go about doing this correctly? I feel like a crazy person. I barley make sense to myself. But yet still, I have to ask because I want to become better at mission scripting. Thank you for your time gentlemen!
  9. Hi Killzone_kid! Ahh yes, the face palm, my signature 😁. If I understand what you are getting at I should use remoteExec ? this is what I have been able to work out. a partial success. It hides the objects, but it does so as soon as I place the charge. player addEventHandler ["fired", { if ("SatchelCharge_remote_ammo"== _this select 4) then { "Tree Cutter Charge Placed, Effective range 15m!" remoteExec ["hint"]; _charge = _this select 6; [_charge, { waitUntil {!isNull _this}; { _x hideObjectGlobal true } foreach (nearestTerrainObjects [_this,[],50]); }] remoteExec ["spawn", 0, true]; } } ]; Then when I change, !isNull to !alive, It hides the objects after detonation but does not work on the dedicated server. Please help me solve this. I keep hitting the same dead end with different approaches. I really appreciate your help.
  10. Hi everyone! This is a bit of a read, but I hope what I have to share is worth the read. I have come to the forums in search of help, but first I would like to share my success with everyone. I have put together an addEventHandler that turns all satchel charges into "tree cutters". I got this from PierreMGI in a 5 year old post on Armaholic forums https://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=31114. It forms one of the core logistics features in my Valhalla missions. It sets damage to maximum (1) on all trees and bushes within a 15m radius of the charge, when the charge is detonated. Works on dedicated servers. Tree Cutter eventHandler. Add to initPlayerLocal.sqf && onPlayerRespawn.sqf: player addEventHandler ["fired", { if ("SatchelCharge_remote_ammo"== _this select 4) then { "Tree Cutter Charge Placed, Effective range 15m!" remoteExec ["hint"]; _charge = _this select 6; 0 = [_charge] spawn { _pad = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F", player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _charge = [_this, 0, objNull] call BIS_fnc_param; waituntil {sleep 0.1; isNull _charge}; { _x setDamage 1 } foreach (nearestTerrainObjects [_pad,["tree","bush"],15]); deleteVehicle _pad; } } } ]; Never be at the mercy of vegetation again! Now my Problem. The above code works everywhere except Tanoa. Tanoa's trees: 1, Don't have a "ruin" model, or destroyed state that they can be put in. Even when damage set to maximum, they still stand. 2, they don't have a configure class. The dubug console command hint str(typeOf cursortarget); copyToClipboard str(typeOf cursortarget); that I got from Haleks in the post always returns "". Which according to the description in typeOf means they don't have a config class. Making them nigh impossible for me to target by classname directly. So I went with a hideObjectGlobal approach that works on locally hosted games, but not on dedicated servers. Tanoa Tree Hider eventHandler. player addEventHandler ["fired", { if ("SatchelCharge_remote_ammo"== _this select 4) then { "Tree Cutter Charge Placed, Effective range 15m!" remoteExec ["hint"]; _charge = _this select 6; 0 = [_charge] spawn { _pad = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F", player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _charge = [_this, 0, objNull] call BIS_fnc_param; waituntil {sleep 0.1; isNull _charge}; { _x hideObjectGlobal true } foreach (nearestTerrainObjects [_pad,[],25,false]); deleteVehicle _pad; } } } ]; I am too wrapped up in my own conundrum to see the solution. Would someone please show me the corrections that need to be made in order for the Tanoa tree hider event handler to work on dedicated servers. Thank you for reading and I hope the these tree cutters help you dominate the battlefield!
  11. Twiznak

    VCom AI: Script Version

    I am not trying to dig up trouble. Davidoss gave accurate information. [] execVM "Vcom\VcomInit.sqf"; IS REQUIRED. I today, 7/6/2020, used his posted information to successfully merge the VCOM mod scripts into my mission. Thank you again Davidoss!
  12. WOW. Excellent work! I will use this as the interior for an ultimate CQB base. Thank you so much.
  13. My avatar explains everything about this 🙂 I had removed the if () then{}; control structure while I was trying to get the backpacks to transfer and forgot to add it back in. Oops! Thank you again Dedmen. I have up'd the ante and modified PierreMGI's vehicle drop script to add the copied ammo crate contents to air dropped vehicles. SUPER useful script. Thank you man.