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  1. Hi everyone! I have a good one for you all today. With the release of the art of war DLC, my mind was blown by the miniatures on display in the museum. I researched and found the wiki on setObjectScale . In the section entitled "Problem(s)" 😎 it reads and again my mind is blown. setting the scale of simulated objects! OMG, Shrink-ray gun mod! and arma versions of old movies: Fantastic Voyage && Attack of the 50 Foot Woman && GODZILLA . But first HOW?!? How do we set the scale of a simulated object and what are the issues we are going to encounter? If my journey through arma has taught me anything, it's that in the absence of a direct solution, there is ALWAYS a work around. Let's have this discussion. Please, how do we do this and what are the issues we are going to encounter? Gunny, I shrank the Kids!
  2. Twiznak

    fired hit ratio for players

    You're right. I read that in the event handler description. You could use the same approach with a "Dammaged" event handler. If the damage received is enough to kill the unit out right , then remoteExec the addHit.sqf. That might work.
  3. Twiznak

    fired hit ratio for players

    Hello again. I quickly realized that without a working example to show you, it would be nigh impossible for me to explain myself. Don't worry, nothing crazy😎 initPlayerLocal.sqf addShot.sqf addHit.sqf Code added to the initiation fields of all opfor units placed in the editor: Explanation: You're smart enough to understand what's going on, quicker by reading it, than by me trying to word it up and act smart😁. Let me know if you have any question. Happy to help!
  4. Twiznak

    fired hit ratio for players

    Hello! Yes this can be done. It's fairly complicated and will take me an hour or so to write up a working example for you. If no one has done this by the time I have finished I will post it. Be back with you in a bit!
  5. Hello! I have an issue that is causing Arma 3 tools Publisher to crash 1 second after it starts. PLEASE HELP ME. If you can't, please point me to the place where I need to ask. The error message the repeats in the arma3Publisher.rpt
  6. I have submitted a support request to Bohemia Interactive via email. I will include the help I get into this thread, as a guide stone for all future community members who are unfortunate enough to have this same problem.
  7. I love everything about the new DLC. HOWEVER, after taking screen shots and comparing the tunnels I found that they all have the same layout with only minor variations in the types and placement of furniture. WHY? What's the point of having 6 different , magnificent, tunnel systems if they are all the same!? Each tunnel system should have a unique layout. So that mission makers (like myself) can randomize tunnel combat locations, utilize every square inch of Cam Lao Nam to it's fullest potential and give players the highest level of replay value possible. If the DEVS are reading this, PLEASE make each tunnel system unique in arrangement!!!
  8. Twiznak

    Object Variable

    Hello! I can help you 😎 The difference between the two codes you have presented, is in the understanding of a variable, a script handle && the commands setVariable, publicVariable and missionNamespace . Lets use the examples provided to us by the Bohemia interactive wiki to fully explain the answer to the question you are trying to ask. We will create a truck with createVehicle , with a script handle of _myTruck, then define that script handle with a global scope variable . The purpose being, that your truck's global variable can be further acted upon with other scripts throughout the mission. I will then explain the syntax error in your examples. Example 3 from the createVehicle BIwiki: _myTruck = createVehicle ["B_Truck_01_mover_F", position player, [], 0, "FORM"]; myTRUCK = _myTruck; publicVariable "myTRUCK"; For the purposes of manipulating a created object in the short term, you should use publicVariable to redefine your local variable name (_myTruck) as the global variable name (myTruck). setVariable is more powerful of a command than publicVariable, as it is most often used in conjunction with missionNamespace. As such, you should use missionNamespace setVarible for persistent numerical based values. That can be referenced later, as true or false conditions for activating triggers, addActions and much more. Now for your examples. They return nil for your purposes because "myTruck" is the missionNamespace variable that is being defined as 123. However the local variable of _myTruck has no predefined variable of myTruck associated with it. If we used the following in the debug console to check the variable myTruck it would return "123". This is not what you need, to do what you want. missionNamespace getVariable "myTruck"; Please ask all the questions. We are happy to help here on the forums. We will give you more working examples of how to use missionNamespace setVariable to achieve more complex results, if your interested. Just let us know, Ciao!
  9. Hello, Welcome to the forums! I can help you😎 What you are trying to achieve can't be done 100% with only editor tools. You MUST use script to get your desired affect. I, of course, will give you instructions and an example script that you can copy/pasta into you mission file. Make sure to click the LINKS , they have all the information you need. You must create an array(3) of possible spawn locations, to choose a location at random for each of your objects spawn positions. Here is how: You have 3 different compositions and you will be placing multiples of each around the map. In each of your 3 compositions, add an invisible helipad in the exact position you wish your randomized object to spawn. Name each of these invisible helipads with a specific variable name that correlates to its respective composition. Examples: -the first compositions invisible helipad is named "CompositionA_1", -the second compositions invisible helipad is named "CompositionB_1", -the third compositions invisible helipad is named "CompositionC_1". When you place multiples of variables that end in and underscore+number (EXAMPLE: CompositionA_1), for each copy of that object, the copy's variable name will be updated in a numerically sequential order (CompositionA_1,CompositionA_2,CompositionA_3....and so on). After you have placed all of your compositions on the map. Add all the variable names of the invisible helipads to 3 arrays (Example below), and use the command selectRandom. Then use the selectRandom array _handle in the position parameter of the createVehicle command to create your objects. Get all that!? 🤓 Don't worry. Here's the example you can copy/pasta into your missions init.sqf (or initServer.sqf) init.sqf (SinglePlayer) OR initServer.sqf (Multiplayer) _randomSpawnPos_1 = selectRandom [CompositionA_1, CompositionA_2, CompositionA_3]; _object_1 = createVehicle ["<yourObjectClassname>", _randomSpawnPos_1, [], 0, "FORM"]; _randomSpawnPos_2 = selectRandom [CompositionB_1, CompositionB_2, CompositionB_3]; _object_2 = createVehicle ["<yourObjectClassname>", _randomSpawnPos_2, [], 0, "FORM"]; _randomSpawnPos_3 = selectRandom [CompositionC_1, CompositionC_2, CompositionC_3]; _object_3 = createVehicle ["<yourObjectClassname>", _randomSpawnPos_3, [], 0, "FORM"]; Please ask all the questions. We are happy to help!
  10. Hello everyone! I read a post by another user and felt the need to finally give back to the community. I give to you functional HEMTT Movers and SAM trailers. these 3 addActions allow players to tow and un-tow SAM trailers. Works on dedicated servers too! Semper Prorsum! Steam Workshop Demo Mission initPlayerLocal.sqf Thank you Larrow, pierremgi, and Davidoss . For me to be able to read someone's request for help and know what needs to be done before I even open notePad. Is all thanks to your tutelage. Both directly and indirectly through your extensive posts helping others. I am in your debt, thank you.
  11. Twiznak

    position [0,0,0] issue

    Hello! I have some insight on the issue and I would to share it with you. [0,0,0] is known as "Debug Corner". The default position param for all arma spawn functions is [0,0,0]. This includes waypoints as well. Explaining why units take off to the bottom left corner after unexpected behavior. I hope this bit of information helps.
  12. Hello Mr. EO! Thank you for sharing your color corrections with us. I have added it directly to my mission scripts and everyone who has played is very grateful. Thank you.
  13. Twiznak

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Hello everyone! I feel that I must join this conversation as I need to raise and issue that should not be overlooked. I LOVE this DLC. However, all six tunnel systems are the same arrangement with only minor variations in the furniture. WHY? Every tunnel should have it's own unique arrangement to maximize the tunnels replay value. Anyone else agree?
  14. You are my hero! Works like a charm, for anyone who is interested in knowing the resolution of this Question. Thank you PierreMGI.
  15. Hi everyone! I am swinging for the fences with my new mission. I am adding translations for all 9 supported languages in Arma. Everything is going well. However, as I developing my own systems and time tables for doing the translation work, I realize that my stringable.xml file is going to be Thousands on lines long with 20+ </Projects> and hundreds of </keys>. Can I and Should I try to sub-divide the file and call definitions with an #include "babel\translation_def_x.hpp" ? If this can be done, would someone please link me research material (BIwiki pages) and maybe even give me an example. something which I could modify for my own means. Please😁. I am way outside my comfort zone. Thank you!
  16. Hello everyone! I am here asking for help with an error I am getting from an eventhandler contained within a custom soldier class config.cpp file. This custom class is the project to make giant and miniature soldiers using setObjectScale. The error comes from a misidentification of a variable. Here is my config.cpp file. I used Drungo's config generator. config.cpp [(_this select 0)] returns an error: type array, expected object... .Please correct me here. I figured that the first variable in the TWZ_Pym_Warriors would be "units[]={"TWZ_Twz_Pym_Little_F","TWZ_Twz_Pym_Big_F"};" and when I flex the little knowledge I have of passing variable from scope to scope I add another "select 0" to identify the first variable, of the first variable in units. However, this returns the error: type object, expected array..... *facePalm*. I am obviously way off here. Would you please explain/show me how to Identify the variable of the body of the unit which I am attempting to execute the code upon.
  17. Hi. Yes, that is correct and that's the problem. either way it returns an error. _this select 0 returns error: type array expected object & _this select 0 select 0 returns error: type object expected array! I'm not doing this right.
  18. BRILLIANT!! Great work and thank you for sharing.
  19. Hi! The mod is ZEPHIK Female units. I want to try your approach when it's ready. Right now the loop works for set setObjectScale .4 and 10. Not a noticeable impact on performance. Main issue I have encountered is running as a gaint ( setObjectScale 10 ) , stubbing my tow on a wall or house and dying 🙂 pretty funny to watch.
  20. Hi, Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, I have been super busy. When I get this up and functional I will add you to the credits of whatever I make with it. THANK YOU!
  21. Sorry, I have dropped this and went in another direction. Please delete this thread. Sorry moderators!
  22. Hello! I know that you can set a unit unconscious with a AIS function, [this] call AIS_System_fnc_setUnconscious; , but how do I revive an unconscious unit with AIS functions? Can it be done?
  23. Hi everyone! I am making a dynamic AI vs AI king of the hill mission and I can't get the AI to capture the sector after it has been moved with setPos. I have programmed parameters to choose the size and location of the target area "sectorModule_F (TA_1)" . Everything is working as intended , script side. However, the spawned groups from the spawn AI modules don't move towards TA_1's new pos. They instead move towards TA_1's original editor placed position. I use setPos and setVariable "pos" to change TA_1's location. this is what I add to the sector modules init filed. This changes the zone size and location to one of 3 test positions. These test positions are logic markers placed in the editor. The zone changes size and location as intended. Players can cap the zone as normal. I need help with understanding the init order of the modules. It seems to me that the sectors location data is stored as a variable in one or more of the 4 sector control modules, as the mission initializes. However, I can't identify the specific variable outside the sectorModule_F that stores the area position so that I can change it with setVariable and make the spawned AI move towards the new sector Pos. Please help me. I used "allVariables" command on the 4 module types that are present in the editor: ModuleMPTypeSectorControl_F, SectorModule_F, ModuleSpawnAI_F, & ModuleSpawnAISectorTactic_F. Please, If anyone who is familiar with these modules and their variables could give me some advice and maybe even a solution I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  24. Larrow, you are my hero! You have solved my problem. The answer was to move LocationArea_F along with the sector and then use the LocationArea_F's position in the updated sector variable of "Position". Larrow, your tutelage has given wheels to my imagination and It has taken me to places I never thought I could go. For this I am forever grateful. Thank you sir!