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  1. zagr


    yeah, even when they spotted a target 🙂 but when i stand right in front of them they can damage me but still doesn't move, i just trough to test it on dedi to see if everything is working fine) and yeah you are welcome, keep up a good work!
  2. zagr


    oh i just tested your Demo 2 in my dedi server only with MyST and got a problem, phantoms dosen't move for some reason, only on SP everything working fine for me, checked my RPT and found only this problem: or it's just not supported on dedi right now?
  3. zagr


    so, if i'm not wrong then it's going to destroy a lot of mods and scripts that are unsupported anymore because almost every single script have waitUntil function... nice... or i'm wrong? sorry for stupid question just curius because i don't want my custom mission become usless after update 😄
  4. wow wow wow please make a script for that to use on mission :DDDD
  5. yeah it is for player i'll send you the link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378775292&searchtext=guitar+mod+
  6. making a mission right now with VA mod, there is guitar mod that you can use it's working good for me 😄
  7. zagr

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    hello Rydygier is it possible to make version for coop?
  8. zagr


    i have problem for some reason here is the screen in the spoiler, the menu work wonky, i'm not using rhs on my server, only using some compatible mods, does someone knows how to fix it?
  9. okay, here is the problem, i have my own RP mission that was made for ravage with some mods in it: also running everything on dedicated server, here is my server: so the problem: after 1 hour and 6 minutes the zeus become almost broken, i can still place units and objects on map but modules dosen't work (like smoke and other) when i place them nothing happens, the icon stays on the map and that's it, only restart is helping... no RPT errors, only this one when i trying to place module 22:50:09 Cannot create object 10:313 with type[AIUnit], param[unit], NMT code[113] (not even sure if it zeus problem or note) server fps is staying on 46-50, client fps is 60+ i also tried to test the problem on vanilla map, still the same... can someone help or tell me how can i fix it? because i can't play without modules, maybe i can restart the zeus somehow? via script maybe? because i also have infistart on my server so i can run scripts via console. Maybe it's because ravage zombie module spawning a lot of zombies, i have some people who are playing on my server 6 right now and the zombie module is set to 20 zombies per player and the max amount of them is 10000 but they are despawning anyway when the player is away from the cites and other places so... not really sure. or maybe VANDEANSON APOCALYPSE is causing the problem because it's spawns a lot of assets... but i can't play without that mod because its bound with my mission, so the question is it possible to reset zeus without restarting the mission?
  10. zagr


    we marked that as a bug for now, he told me that he is going to fix it next week
  11. zagr


    nope, it's dosen't work, it's dosen't even say anything in the RPT file 😕 i'll look into that
  12. zagr


    here is what Adler told me about persistency: Yes, do it via custom variables. I just checked the Ravage code, the variable names are: "thirst" "hunger" "radiation" "radTriggers" "status" "rad_status" (Yes, really, no prefix). They are all saved on the player. Saving radTriggers probably makes no sense, all others should be fine. Here is an example:
  13. welcome back VD it's me Piston 😄 you can contact me here if you want
  14. zagr


    hello halek, i messaged you a while ago, still doesn't get a reply because your inbox probably flooded with messages, would you like to use this spearate zombie model in your mod? i think people would like it... you can even use it on your private project or something, maybe make another type of zombie, here is the pic (that's model from resedent evil) contact me if you need it, it's fully working!
  15. zagr

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    okay, i tested on my dedi, still dosen't work but now there is no errors, only this 2019/04/01, 23:46:12 "//________________ GF_AL_Distance_Check initializing ________________" 2019/04/01, 23:46:12 "//______________________ GF_AL_Distance_Check initialized ___________________" 2019/04/01, 23:46:12 "//________________ GF Auto Loot Script initializing ________________" 2019/04/01, 23:46:12 "Custom items only" 2019/04/01, 23:46:12 "//________________ Cleaner and Spawn Enabled ________________" 2019/04/01, 23:46:12 "//________________ GF Auto Loot Script initialized ________________" when i checked my listen server RPT after CF auto loot script initialized phrase there was this one 20:38:10 "//________________ GF Auto Loot Script initialized ________________" 20:38:10 "Items : 1" 20:38:10 "Items : 2" 20:38:10 "Items : 3" 20:38:10 "Items : 4" 20:38:10 "Items : 5" 20:38:10 "Items : 6" 20:38:10 "Items : 7" 20:38:10 "Items : 8" 20:38:10 "Items : 9" 20:38:10 "Items : 10" 20:38:10 "Items : 11" 20:38:10 "Items : 12" 20:38:10 "Items : 13" 20:38:10 "Items : 14" 20:38:10 "Items : 15" 20:38:10 "Items : 16" 20:38:10 "Items : 17" 20:38:10 "Items : 18" but on dedi still not a single item was spawned 😞