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  1. ah i get it, thanks you so much >_<
  2. so, i have a class CfgSounds that look like this: the problem is, how can i add #include "scripts\tts_emission\cfgSounds.hpp": i'm just making a stalker mission and i want emission script but i'm not sure how to add cfgSounds.hpp into my line because i already have other sounds in my description.ext, what should i do? how to add #include into the line. 😞
  3. yeah it's working, thanks a lot!
  4. So, if im correct other people will see my result right?
  5. hello, can someone help me with a roll system like in RPG. i want to make sure that all people will have the same result, the question is how can i make it so all people will see the result of a player, because each time i run my script globally i only see my results and my friend see only his results of a roll.
  6. First of all, my English is not that good, so... bear with me! 🙂 WELCOME TO ESCAPE FROM CHERTARKOV, HARDCORE EDITION. Well i know that you are going to say... "ah, another Escape mission... another tarkov... and etc" but wait a second, maybe you'll like this mission because so far we have: - Random loot spawn (yeah i know, that's something people already seen, but wait a second, there is some more stuff to see) - The whole chernarus is divided into 3 territory controlled by: 1) Scums (ex ChDKZ, bandits and etc) 2) Nationalists (more professional guys) 3) Russian spec ops (really dangerous guys) and two secret groups: 1) other PMC that will hunt players in location 2) Cultist faction (be careful, they will do bad things to you) WIP still need to change and make them more like a cultist (from now they are using livonia units) - We have a database (Credits goes to gruppe-adler! thanks my dude!) - Money system (again, credits goes to gruppe-adler!) - Shop (gruppe-adler! 🙂 thanks for all scripts you made for us 🙂 ) right now you can only buy stuff. - Random AI spawn (two raids will never be the same, so be careful) - Enhanced AI (ai will dodge, they will act more clever) - AI will talk when they see you, just like in Tarkov, so if you kill them they also make sounds >:D - Random Crashsite script with loot (thanks to GEORGE FLOROS GR! you are the best) - you were killed? no problem! you can watch your friend fight in the raid by using the computer - ACE integration (for shop, money and etc) sorry guys but this mission only works with ace 😞 - ACE campfire (credits to gruppe-adler!) you can make campfire during the night near trees. - Some friendly PMC that will help you, they also spawn randomly around the map during the raid. - Exits back to base, but they are semi random, each time you restart the server the exits will be different. - At the base you can heal for free, just find a mysterius man in bunker. - Hunger and thrist system. - Ambient and combat music (a little bit buggy sometimes but it's work still) - Almost done translating to English (65%) i just made this mission private for my friends but decided to share it with you guys. - Tested on dedicated server - and maybe something else that i forget. To-do list: - Random mini missions? - Some kind of random events? - more "Alive" functions to AI like looting, walking from the town to town. - lonely renegades? - Playing as a random scav with random loot? - PVP mod? - more map support? - Scav junkbox? (scavs will bring sometimes random loot to base if you give them money) - Bunker upgrade system? WARNING WHEN YOU ARE DONE PLAYING FOR TODAY SERVER ADMIN SHOULD USE THIS IN DEBUG CONSOLE 1)to save your loot containers simply execute globally this: [true,2] call grad_persistence_fnc_saveMission;!!!!! i still not sure how to make it work via addaction so i need some advice how to do that. Tips: - To make a campfire use ACE self action menu (ctrl+window) and go to equipment. - To take money from dead AI use ACE action menu (window) - If you are in the safe zone (base) you can put your money into bank account, go to terminal and use ACE action me (window) you'll see deposit money and etc - To trade with Prapor again... use ACE action menu on him (window) - as an admin you can use debug console here is useful commands for now: 1)to save your loot containers simply execute globally this: [true,2] call grad_persistence_fnc_saveMission; 2)to change the weather just simply execute globally this: [] execVM "StartMission.sqf"; it will generate random weather. Requirements: CBA Cup terrain - core Cup weapons Cup units Cup vehicles Kurt's survival system (KSS) ACE Chernarus REDUX LAMBS DANGER (High recommended) Tarkov's vests Escape From Tarkov Backpack's Community Faction Project Recommended: jsrs soundmod + cup support jsrs Enhanced movement HERE IS SOME PICS: Still want to play it? here is the link! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115330361 have fun! Credits also goes Twiznak for his kind help, his mission was the main "skeleton" so... this all happened because of his mission 🙂
  7. zagr

    GF Missions Script

    well i'll try to fix it by myself then 🙂 thanks anyway.
  8. zagr

    GF Missions Script

    hah, well it is working, almost) that's why i need something like change mission, but it seems that time out works script dosen't really work (because the script old) that's why i need alternative way to change mission if it's broken 🙂
  9. zagr

    GF Missions Script

    hello, can you tell me how can i cancel current mission via debug console or maybe via unit? i only know how to take another mission but i don't know how to cancel, thanks.
  10. well how about private mods? i mean i have a friend's weapon mod and i want it to work with your mod, can you make it more independent just like in your old version where all modded weapons are added in the mod.
  11. dedicated server, yes i read manual, maybe i'm just stupid a bit 😄 and did something wrong i dunno, i just saying i prefer the video 😄
  12. can someone made a video tutorial how to setup the presistent mission? i know it's easy but for some reason it's not working for me after a placed a module on the map, added -filepatching, it's still dosen't save my position, my loadout and stuff like that, maybe i did something wrong, that's why i'm asking for video, thanks.
  13. zagr


    yeah, even when they spotted a target 🙂 but when i stand right in front of them they can damage me but still doesn't move, i just trough to test it on dedi to see if everything is working fine) and yeah you are welcome, keep up a good work!