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  1. Eden Composition Spawning Been working my way through this problem every time i have 5 mins between other stuff. Looking for testers willing to test out compositions. I have put it through some simple testing and the test mission comes with some examples as player actions. DOWNLOAD Save a composition in Eden and then in your profiles folder (usually MyDocuments\Arma 3\) in the compositions folder find its composition.sqe. Copy its .sqe and place it in your mission folder in a folder called Compositions and rename it to something remember-able. Copy the LARs folder to your mission. Add to your description.ext.. class CfgFunctions { #include "LARs\spawnComp\functions\functions.cpp" }; #include "compositions\compositions.cfg" Create a file called compositions.cfg in your missions composition folder that you created above and add a class for your composition. e.g //LARs_spawnComp_debug = 1; //1 = RPT output, 2 = RPT output and ingame visual positioning info class CfgCompositions { class Walk { //Name that the composition is spawned by #include "walk.sqe" //Renamed composition.sqe }; }; Then when you want to spawn a composition.. _compReference = [ COMP_NAME, POS_ATL, OFFSET, DIR, ALIGN_TERRAIN, ALIGN_WATER, IGNORE_ATLOFFSET ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; Where.. COMP_NAME - Classname given to composition in CfgCompositions POS_ATL( optional, default compositions saved position ) - Position to spawn composition If not given or empty array passed then original saved composition position is used Also accepts OBJECT, MARKER, LOCATION OFFSET( optional, default none ) - ARRAY [ x, y, z ] ammount to offset composition, as a compositions base pos can vary from what you want when its saved DIR( optional, deafault 0 ) - Direction to face composition in, If POS_ATL is of type OBJECT, MARKER, LOCATION passing TRUE for direction will use objects direction ALIGN_TERRAIN( optional, default True ) - BOOL, Whether composition objects should align themselves to their positions surface normal ALIGN_WATER( optional, default True ) - BOOL, If a composition objects position is over water should they align themselves to sea level IGNORE_ATLOFFSET( optional, default False ) - BOOL, If True each item in the composition will ignore its ATLOffset that usually gets added to its Z(height) !FUCNTIONALITY CHANGED! The function call will also return a reference string for the composition. Which can be used with some of the provided utility functions. [ _compReference ] call LARs_fnc_deleteComp; Will delete the composition. [ _compReference ] call LARs_fnc_getCompObjects Will return an array of all the compositions items. [ _compReference, _item ] call Lars_fnc_getCompItem Passing an Object will return its composition ID or -1 if not found. Passing an ID will return the object or objNull if not found. [ _item ] call LARs_fnc_getItemComp Will return a the reference to the composition the item belongs to or "". Checking the RPT with LARs_spawnComp_debug = 1 set in the composition.cfg when spawning a composition will display info on the objects spawned. e.g 12:29:04 "spawning - Object B_Soldier_A_F - ID: 51, VarName target1" Where it displays.. Type being Group, Object, Trigger, Logic, Marker or Waypoint Classname of object ie B_Soldier_A_F Composition ID 51 For Object, Trigger, Logic it will show its VehcileVarName if it was spawned with one. For Group it will display the groupID For Marker its given name and Waypoints their waypointName ('identified' option in Eden) Priority order of which composition items are spawned in. You may need to get funky with object names, especially markers as they cannot exist twice and things like task names in modules. Although you can use the utility functions to get a reference to objects and link out side resources yourself as another possible solution. Again has been put through very limited testing. As you can see by the examples I have a... Camp Ant spawning with added foot patrol and a vehicle that executes a waypoint synced to one of the patrols waypoints. A man that will cycle his route. A working sector. A simple task using modules. A simple mission using modules, a random vehicle spawning at grouped markers with a unit init to moveIn and blowing it up via a trigger when it reaches a waypoint to complete task. Set up Roadblock, if near a road will spawn a checkpoint aligned with the roads direction. There are several others that i have written short description for in the CfgCompositions. Most likely missed loads of stuff 😕 and I know I have not test trigger and waypoint effects. So if you feel like testing it out and supplying feedback of what is/isnt working(a small example .sqe would be handy for tracking problems down) ... DOWNLOAD as I just do not have the time to test every conceivable permutation myself. Updates:
  2. _unit setVariable[ "ENH_ambientAnimations_exit", true ]; _unit call ENH_fnc_ambientAnimations_exit; ?
  3. true means add it to the JIP queue, so it will play for connecting clients. Just remove the true parameter.
  4. Larrow

    How to edit Config.bin?

    In the arma tools/CfgConvert directory there is a bat file called BINToCPP.bat just drag the bin file on it and it will convert it to .cpp and place it where ever the original .bin was located.
  5. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Pixel_Grid_System Task1 = [ "<t size='1.2' align='left' underline='1'>TEST</t><t size='.7' align='left'><br />Testing<br />Tested</t>", safeZoneXAbs + GRID_X( pixelGridNoUIScale, GRID_SCALE, 2 ), safeZoneY + GRID_Y( pixelGridNoUIScale, GRID_SCALE, 5 ), 50, 1, 0, 222 ] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
  6. Larrow

    Shutdown server

    From my understanding persistentBattlefield( otherwise know as persistent in the server.cfg ) just stops a mission from shutting down when the last player leaves, it does not restart anything. Returning players to lobby does just as it says, returning players to the lobby does not restart a mission, the mission is still running whether persistent is set or not. i.e the lobby is part of the mission, thats why you can see the specific roles available in the mission.
  7. Larrow

    Shutdown server

    What about "#Restart" ? Force the server to restart the mission from scratch.
  8. Larrow

    Shutdown server

    Admin password and serverCommandPassword are not the same thing. As for Tadst been a long time since I looked at it so cannot be of help other than the link I provided about server configuration, sorry.
  9. Larrow

    Shutdown server

    Works fine for me on my local dedicated. I presume you have setup the serverCommandPassword in your server.cfg? and are executing the serverCommand command on the server . https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg
  10. It does, it then checks whether that number is greater than(>) 8. Which 8 is "GAME LOADED" Island loaded, vehicles received.
  11. Ok I've sat down and gone through it properly. The wiki page is missing important information, it should be.... [ "disable", //Enable/Disable uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlLocList", //Map loc list ctrl "respawn3", //listbox item text OR index "", //Message displayed on respawn button, leave blank for default "respawn3" //Object/Marker as STRING of the respawn to be disabled ] call BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenuDisableItem You need param 4, which must be a string of the respawn to disable. If its a marker then just its name, if its an object then... _object call BIS_fnc_objectVar ...to get( also sets if it does not have one ) its var name STRING. As for respawn positions set as a position ARRAY is see no way to disable, as there is no check in BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenuDisableItemDraw for respawns of type ARRAY. Hope that helps
  12. I'm a little confused. Ok that adds a respawn point. This function is for disabling respawn roles and loadouts not respawn points. Sorry I don't understand your connection between the two.
  13. Larrow

    Moving vr arrows

    Just change the test position I used in the call to BIS_fnc_VRSpawnSelector. _arrow = [ /*some position*/ ] call BIS_fnc_VRSpawnSelector
  14. As it is not. The code is server execute only and getClientStateNumber is checking just the servers current state. As per the wiki page getClientStateNumber works on clients and server including dedicated, perhaps the name is confusing and should have been called getGameStateNumber rather than client.
  15. waitUntil{ getClientStateNumber >= 10 /*"BRIEFING READ"*/ && { time > 0 } }; ?
  16. { _x call BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition; }forEach ( nameOfRespawnModule getVariable[ "respawn", [] ] ); Where nameOfRespawnModule is the variable name given to the respawn module in its attributes in Eden.
  17. Larrow

    Moving vr arrows

    This will spawn the selector( blue arrow as shown in your post ) and make it rotate. _arrow = [ player getpos[ 10, getdir player ]] call BIS_fnc_VRSpawnSelector Spawned 10m in front of the player in the direction the player is facing. You can change the rotation speed by setting the variable BIS_VR_speed on the object( initial speed on spawn is set to 1 ). _arrow setVariable[ "BIS_VR_speed", 10 ]; To make it bob up and down... _h = _arrow spawn { params[ "_arrow" ]; while { !isNull _arrow } do { _bobSpeed = _arrow getVariable[ "bobSpeed", 0.01 ]; while {(position _arrow) select 2 < 2} do { _arrow setPos ( position _arrow vectorAdd[ 0, 0, 0.1 ] ); sleep _bobSpeed; }; while {(position _arrow) select 2 > 0} do { _arrow setPos ( position _arrow vectorAdd[ 0, 0, -0.1 ] ); sleep _bobSpeed; }; sleep 0.25; }; };
  18. No it does not, using a number with nearestObjects is a map object ID not an Eden object ID. Two totally different things. Plus using map IDs is not advised( hence the reason they where removed from viewing in Eden ) as they can possibly change at any game update.
  19. Once you move the sector update the variable 'position' stored on it with its new position. _area = [_sector, "LocationArea_F", true] call bis_fnc_synchronizedObjects; _sector setVariable ["position",getPos _area]; This is the variable used ('position') by spawnAISectorTatic FSM to send groups to the sectors position.
  20. No, Eden IDs are not available during a mission, only during an editing session.
  21. They shouldn't keep spawning AI if you have your 'Man Power Cap' set properly on your spawn AI Modules. This is exactly what this setting is for, if the number of units currently spawned is greater or equal to the man power cap then it will not spawn any more AI. This is on a per spawnAI Module, so if you need to control spawning more granular then limit the number of spawn AI Modules and instead use spawn AI SpawnPoints. Both of these ( spawn AI & Spawn AI Point modules ) are also trigger-able, so you can also use this to your advantage to limit what are currently spawning AI.
  22. Larrow

    scripted trigger question

    See second half of post, for different options.
  23. [ "task1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskExits && { [ "task1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "ASSIGNED" } Edited: Realised you said task1 is created by a trigger so you need to make sure task1 exists before checking its state
  24. So 0, default to the first thing in the combo.