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  1. Hi again ^ ^ after spending hours and hours disactivating hundred of mods one by one i found that its conflicting with ANZINS terrain, i dont know if your new project/update will have the same issue but just to informing you about i will wait to your new release and see about it if it appears again 😊
  2. good luck with the new update im so excited to see it 😛 for that error it seems it appears when using it with another mods, i never thought it may have conflicts with another mods though i tested it with only CBA and the error didnt pop up i will look in to it and see what i can find.
  3. very nice mod reminds me of stalker games , is it possible to adjust the clouds height and speed ? i just want to make the clouds below the apex level of the mountains in takistani map 😛
  4. the real sniper spend hours and hours tracking/spoting/calculating to shoot a single bullet... and when he do the result will be fatal because every bullet will end a life, sniper's life or the target's life however in arma there is no real Ai snipers just regular Ai soldier with sniper gear that keep wasting ammo for nothing and they expose themselves very quickly. by doing so.
  5. Hi Snk 😛 i did more testing today and i got a lot of PTSDs... not from CQB combats but from your Ai tracking system. Sabotage and stealth missions are currently impossible ^ ^ your tracking system went a little bit far from my hands and reality more like an horror movie however, this is what I've noticed during the tests -Ai have unlimited amount of flares. -Ai pop up flares on the exact location of the player even if they doesn't have LOS or knowsabout player (pretty much poping flares on the exact sound shot location) -Ai track the players very fast and with huge tracking precession never lost their targets -if Ai hears single fire shot they already knows where to start tracking directly which means no chance for the players to escape or react during Stealth missions and they dont split to track just moving to the exact fire shot location -running away from Ai is impossible he will keep tracking till he got the player down... he was following me for 2Km and hardly escaped by climbing a huge Rock (Ai have issues with Hights though 😛) -taking cover from Ai when they track is impossible except in hights or above huge objects -Ai sometimes can see through smoke at night time ?! -Ai have the same ability in day time as at night time from Tracking, accuracy, hearing...etc which makes them overpowered than players i will do more testing but not on the tracking system anymore I got enough PTSDs these days 😨
  6. AirShark

    White Phosphor NODs (NVGs)

    my bad.. it seems that it is conflicted with another mod and not the only one though, some mods activate when i restart the mission for some reason and my scripts have nothing to do with NVGs so i will see more about that... anyways Nice job with this keep it up
  7. AirShark

    White Phosphor NODs (NVGs)

    outstanding! really nice touch however Im using it with ace and sometimes when i get hit it will switch to the green tint for some reason... also sometimes dosnt load at all i wonder if its compatible with costume NVGs or only vanilla ones
  8. Nice! well done, so the crows will fly around dead civilians right ? can they eat civilians too?? they will be a huge help to me though nice feature indeed I like the wild things keep focusing on that way you did a great job I will try that right away
  9. AirShark

    RPGTard - Liberal use of RPGs

    in real life infantry use RPGs against units that are garrisoned in buildings or taking in solid covers... using it in the open is a bad idea, in my opinion, it will be a huge waste if it misses, but if you use it on urban areas even when you miss your target it will explode on building or wall or any near object that will heart anyone around the impact zone however your mod is great but i hope you can take it further with improvements
  10. so any skill changes for units in the editor will be reset to TCL ones ??
  11. is there any configurations for this mod ?? also, can you enable the zoom feature for the night vision binoculars? and how to put stuff inside the backpacks?
  12. i see... ^ ^ how about line of sight (LOS) command instead, like in the static turrets... Logically if the Ai don't have visuals on the enemy means they don't know about it... and if they do they may knows depends on the distance (i guess) also the behaviour... if they are in combat they probably knows and vice versa 😛 Edit: Damn it... Found what caused the 2. script errors... Thanks for the report! Guess i found all of them... That's what i call a successful properly working release... Will fix them and re-upload... so I'm, not the only one, after all, >_> ... thankfully i didn't reinstall the game yet
  13. I was actually thinking about knowsAbout and knowledge commands to be used with this... A script that checks knowsAbout and knowledge for the Ai group(s) leader that will request the reinforcements, in order to make him calling armed or recon vehicle first ...that would make more sense I guess 😛 ex: if Ai knowsAbout about target >0.4 will call Recon Vehicle if Ai knowsAbout about target 1 will call an armed Vehicle i will try it with specific units to test how it works ^ ^
  14. very nice mod indeed ^ ^ however, i found that the driver view of the Ka-97 is a little bit higher than the Hud as it should be... pictures: current position: https://imgur.com/cLJC4vi this how it should be: https://imgur.com/4xSqG4n