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  1. i was playing around and i noticed few things if the Ai inside vehicles got hit they will disembark to heal and never get in again, which makes me hard to control my mobilized units and the cba healing time slider doesnt seems to work for me, they heals me in few seconds either putting the slider all the way up or down the values dosent seem to apply, also im having difficulty with ordering wounded units
  2. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    can you add infantry reactions like flee/hide/garrison when enemy armoured vehicles are nearby like tanks and such... maybe artillery attack as well ?? the reaction of the Ai towards vehicles are the worst ever maybe making them popping smoke when tanks behave like bulls knocking down everyone while they stand down looking and chilling around , it would be a clever idea to make them sprint away when enemy tanks pass over 😉
  3. probably because some common features are in both mods like house searching/CQB/garession/artillery request and many more thankfully GLX have some customisation on the userconfig some tweaking may be a necessity besides even Ai mods now are conflicting with the vanilla Ai it self because of hard coded stuff, Ai makers they do share some codes/intel and stuff with each other but each one of them have his own project and purpose you mean working with the value 0, not sure i will test them later... btw it wasnt Lambs Danger.fsm mod as i thought, after many tests i disabled that mod the Ai still throwing smokes when suppressed it is definitely GLX
  4. i set it to 0 and the Ai are still using smoke even in day time, i think thats part of lambs Danger.fsm mod i have to tweak them i guess...
  5. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    is it possible to add an option to disable danger.fsm for players group via CBA or something, im also using that script... frequently
  6. hello Snk, long time no see hope you are working on something = ) anyway, is it possible to stop the Ai from using smoke grenades during night time, somehow the ai looks very weird never using the advantages of night time like stealth behaviors and such... they are always exposing themselves with smoke grenades or running in the field :3 and where can i find the GLX change log to keep my eyes around : p
  7. in real life treating someone in the field may take hours depending on the injury and the equipments, those medicines in their backpacks are just to increase the chance of surviving and gain time until the medevec extract them or an ambulance arrive, the full treatment never being done on the field only in hospitals... so 2 minutes in arma may be better if you are aiming at realism
  8. the missing symphony is right here the true ai mod !, congratulations very surpriseful indeed keep the work up 👍
  9. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    this mod gives the ai some player feelings during combat, especially during CQBs well done carry on ^ ^ however i have a feature request if you allow that of course, the Ai hearing skill in arma 3 is very high despite the ai is blind most of the time his hearing capabilities from accuracy to distance is very phenomenal and odd, if you can add some tweaking to it, it may be a huge change to the game, like reducing it when there is fire exchange, suppression fire , explosions nearby or wind effects and rain (rough weather)....etc most of time i play as sniper and therefore i wait for the right moment to shoot my lucky bullet, the right moment is when other sounds will play in the back like thunder sounds, animal sounds, fire shots and explosions sounds...etc to avoid being spotted so my fire shot sounds will be covered by other sounds, but in arma it is useless despite everything the ai can hear from long distances and with huge hearing accuracy always gets me even without LOS like behind walls and buildings, because hearing feature is huge issue, when the ai hear bullet coming he will know the exact position/direction/source/enemy location like he can actually seeing it : p
  10. im afraid that moving TCL features to GLX will convert GLX to TCL and than we will have 2 TCLs at the end 😛 i think that most these issues came from the TCLs new features and updates that increased the complexity around which arma engine couldnt handle any further... using to much functions will bring more issues thankfully you are using arrays and not call function like in the old armed assault days lol the vanilla Ai itself is way too clunky all the bugs that ive report before are vanilla bugs unfortunately however the good news now is that TCL and GLX are compatible with pretty much all the other Ai mods because they dont use FSM in the process just sqf scripting, when first time i saw the FSM file inside TCL i thought it may cause issues but its only for the initializing im using TCL with another Ai mod that do have FSM and im having better results and much more active ai because stuff like combat modes, skills and such will be overwritten and not conflicting as long as there would be no 2 or more FSMs in the process... however the best thing you can do now ( in my opinion ) is to not port all TCL features 😁 or disactivate most of them by default, so users can activate them to serve their needs because not every mission will suit for every feature and not every feature will suit with all the other features activated anyway good luck with your work !! EDIT: can you check this for me please it is not working for me at all i never seeing ai tanks using smoke screens so far as its included in vanilla and its working but not when using TCL // ============================================================== // T.C.L. A.I. Smoke: ( Vehicles ) // ============================================================== // True / False, default is True // TCL_Feature set [5, True]; // ------------------------------------------------------------ // T.C.L. A.I. Smoke: ( Chance ) // ------------------------------------------------------------ // 0 - 100, default is 75% // TCL_Feature set [6, 75];
  11. i can't believe that TCL was the one who gaved me all that Lag and micro stutter all the time, good job on this one the only difference i've noticed is the performance so far carry on 👍
  12. thanks for clearing this out, it happens when you select more than 1 unit and activate super pilot mode from the commands/Vehicle controls in my case i mistakenly selected all my units and activate the super pilot mode i didnt know that i should select the pilot only : p
  13. _veh setVariable > 16:49:27 Error Type Number,Not a Number, expected Number 16:49:27 File AIO_AIMENU\functions\driver\fn_analyzeHeli.sqf [AIO_fnc_analyzeH..., line 103 16:49:27 Error in expression <orDiff [0,0,0.25]; _hasContact = count (lineIntersectsSurfaces [_skid, _skidbott> 16:49:27 Error position: <lineIntersectsSurfaces [_skid, _skidbott> 16:49:27 Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected 16:49:27 File AIO_AIMENU\functions\driver\fn_analyzeHeli.sqf [AIO_fnc_analyzeH..., line 114 16:49:27 Error in expression <orDiff [0,0,0.25]; _hasContact = count (lineIntersectsSurfaces [_skid, _skidbott> 16:49:27 Error position: <lineIntersectsSurfaces [_skid, _skidbott> 16:49:27 Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected 16:49:27 File AIO_AIMENU\functions\driver\fn_analyzeHeli.sqf [AIO_fnc_analyzeH..., line 114 16:49:27 Error in expression < {_skids pushBack _SkidR1}; if (_SkidR1 distance2D _SkidR2 > 1) then {_skids pus> 16:49:27 Error position: <distance2D _SkidR2 > 1) then {_skids pus> 16:49:27 Error Type Number,Not a Number, expected Number 16:49:27 File AIO_AIMENU\functions\driver\fn_analyzeHeli.sqf [AIO_fnc_analyzeH..., line 87 16:49:34 Unknown attribute itemsCmd 16:49:34 Unknown attribute itemsCmd 16:49:52 Error in expression <le _tempVeh; _skids = _skids apply {_x vectorAdd [0,0,0.1]}; _veh setVariable > 16:49:52 Error position: <vectorAdd [0,0,0.1]}; that must be it, glad you found the issue too i was mistaken on this one it happens when there is objects nearby the area that should be detonate, when the explosives specialist reaches the location he couldnt plant the charges..
  14. congratulations for the new release, very impressive and powerful expansion to the arma interaction menu indeed ! however i faced some issues with it i got error no entry "bin\config.bin/cfgPatches.Warfxpe" each time i load up a mission. activating super pilot mode from Vehicle commands/Vehicle controls will pop up infinite errors but when using create driver and select the option from pilot settings it will work just fine. sometimes when activating super pilot mode and add loiter waypoint, the pilot wont fly when commanding unit to place explosives from a distance, sometimes it wont work thankful that option is included in the waypoint options maybe expanding waypoint settings with loiter/cycle/garrison buildings will help when commanding large group of units otherwise its well done and outstanding im really looking forward on this mod it contains unique additions and very needed options to go full tactical especially for loner wolves that are still playing SP = )
  15. your right, this is not one Man's job to do, i totally agree with you and i know how you feel about it, i left modding many years ago just like you and now im doing very small changes for my own taste, but you are leading long successful project and you are already away head i saw the changelog, going backwards and revert or stopping now will not help either you can continue with this step by step it will slow the process but you will guarantee the safety of this mod it doesnt matter if it will take years or decades as long as it will be good and stable, do you know that some people are still playing with group link 3, the one you port from toadlif and keycat and im one of them, just take your time give yourself a rest go and lay down in the beaches and take a paper and pen just in case you get inspired by new ideas 😁 you dont need to push yourself harder you need to push smarter... However im not against the idea of starting a new project but dropping this will be a huge waste...