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  1. can you show as the difference in another video = )
  2. if you change the scene complexity's, value it will change the video setting in the options as well and vice versa . iirc, this is how it was back in arma 2 but not sure if it is the same as in arma 3 very low 100000 low 200000 normal 300000 high 400000 Very High 500000 if you are referring to the slider in the video options, that is not object detail, but object distance, the minimum distance when they start to appear, object detail setting is under the texture quality setting on the left panel 😉
  3. the ace medical rewrite cause incompatibility with your autoheal/medic features any update for that ?
  4. the sceneComplexity is related to the object detail setting in the video options, so you can change it from there if you want = )
  5. good job with polishing this mod looks really nice with the catchy details on it, however speaking of details i never saw in my entire life in arma a plane with an action key to toggle cockpit interior lights same for helicopters though can you implement this small feature on these toys ?... especially for transport planes to enjoy flying at night time
  6. is this compatible with your other mod "Enhanced Helicopter Tailrotor Effect Mod" ?
  7. AirShark

    ANZINS Terrain

    i found the issue... the high contrast was causing it... setting it back to 100 fixed the opaque canopies
  8. AirShark

    ANZINS Terrain

    some plane canopies are getting opaque when using this mod eg, the A-10c on the USAF mod i really cant see anything when inside it ,is there a fix for that ?
  9. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Very nice indeed ! however at 12:39 that soldier doesnt seems that he is hiding, he is talking in combat mode and will be exposed anyway maybe stealth behavior will be more appropriate to it ? because hiding and taking cover are not the same thing, hiding should be more silent
  10. i was playing around and i found that ejecting from the C-17 will destroy it either from the passenger seat or the pilot seat, and i dont know why there is ejecting action for the crew in these airplanes (Utility planes) as they dont have ejection seats irl also i hope that you are working to fix the C-17 flying state each time i place it on flight level in the editor it starts with engines off and gears down and start falling to the ground on stalls situation, and good luck with the other models waiting by heart to see the other phases released
  11. the C-17 is missing flight state when placing it high in the editor
  12. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    ^^^ or putting the others in optional folder inside Lambs Danger.fsm
  13. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    i was playing around and ive noticed few things, i found that the Ai hardly uses AT weapons like it doesnt have the time to Aim at target because he moves to much and when he does he completely misses the target or never launch, and also units with force hold fire and careless behavior are still able to engage and fire at enemies for some reasons and as you recorded with your videos above the Ai likes to move in the opposite direction of the target i thought it was some kind of retreat features but a whole Team takes all that time to engage single suppressed unit that doesnt react and wasting all that ammo and time is not a good case for long dynamic missions nor Quick spec ops kind of things, and finally i will be pleased to test your new 2.0 when it will be released 😊 Edit: for happens with only few vehicles like RHS BTRs where the crew doesnt have hatches to turn out
  14. i was playing around and i noticed few things if the Ai inside vehicles got hit they will disembark to heal and never get in again, which makes me hard to control my mobilized units and the cba healing time slider doesnt seems to work for me, they heals me in few seconds either putting the slider all the way up or down the values dosent seem to apply, also im having difficulty with ordering wounded units
  15. AirShark

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    can you add infantry reactions like flee/hide/garrison when enemy armoured vehicles are nearby like tanks and such... maybe artillery attack as well ?? the reaction of the Ai towards vehicles are the worst ever maybe making them popping smoke when tanks behave like bulls knocking down everyone while they stand down looking and chilling around , it would be a clever idea to make them sprint away when enemy tanks pass over 😉