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  1. Al Simmons

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    looks very good so far keep it up mate.
  2. seems to work fine cheers mate
  3. I'am working on a couple of additional optics/scopes and looking for a way to find the correct values for the opticsZoomMin and max values for diffrent magnifications is there a way to simply calculate them? Eg: the min and max values for a scope with 20-60 magnication Thanx in advance
  4. @DJH: Sorry for the delayed answer but I had some troubles getting online in the past couple of days (Baghdad isn't a good place if you want a fast stable internet connection). So what I use: Locations: Utes Airfield. up to 600m North west Airfield Tschernaruss up to 1500m and an aranged setting at one of the southern beaches for shots at around 2000m. Targets used for gaining data for my range cards: custom made target 2mx2m with the "bulls eye" at 1.65m height (point where the spot between mouth and nose of ArmA2 soldiers is) and horizontal and vertical reference lines (with metrical reference points in 10cm steps) benchrest simulation by slowing down gamespeed to acctime 0.1 and the "magic" rangefinder first test is: 5 shots to hit the horizontal line with no more than 5cm away from ref line. second test: 10 shots fired at 20cm radius bulls eye with no more than 20% out of that area. To answer your question, most of my evaluated values differ from yours at around +-1MoA. At the moment iam working on a sniper TTP/SOP for ArmA2 gamers including proper evaluated rangecards, shooting from diffrent elevations up and down, targetevaluation and -selection, MP-training and -mission TTPs for Spotter/Sniper teams, how to plan a complex sniper deployment with in and exfil plans aswell as how to choose a firing position and all that wiggly stuff that comes along with beeing a sniper in an complex ArmA scenario along with other troops and forces and not just the guy that was first at the ammobox to get the scoped rifle. Everyone who whants to take part and give input is very welcome since iam a quite busy person with only a relativ small ammount of spare time to spend on a mostly ignorant community :cool:
  5. Great job mate. I'am pretty sure that those existing "bugs" will be fixed somewhen in the future. As for most of the range cards. Since I noticed that my own calculations and rangecards differ from the previous released cards I would like to know which settings (mapwise) you guys use for evaluate your data? Usually I use the big Airfield in the north west of tschernaruss which is long enough for evaluations up to 1500m.
  6. Al Simmons


    Ok, thx for the fast reply.
  7. Al Simmons


    does this also work for weapons class or only for vehicles?
  8. Al Simmons

    JMSDF PS1/US1/US2 beta

    Wow very impressive, keep up the good work and release a final version soon.
  9. Al Simmons

    Tourists on Uhao

    I would like to join Al Simmons | Individual | only myself
  10. Al Simmons


    Even if iam not a fan of zombie scenarios i had a lot of fun with this mission. Edit: The problem with negative rating due to zombie kills is very anyoing.
  11. Al Simmons

    UV Editor

    Yeah that would be realy nice mate. Iam looking forward to it.
  12. Thanks that did the job
  13. I have the same bug, too.
  14. Al Simmons

    UV Editor

    thats only in french are there any in english available? Atleast a want to know how to aply UV Textures to the modell.
  15. Al Simmons

    Saltbeach Island

    Yeah nice work