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  1. Shop is working for me too again.
  2. For those who have not been at gamescom I assure you that Carriercommand is a really awesome game. I would give the final game a try before i would demand my money back. Actually I helped out at the gamescom Stand of Bohemia and most players have been very satisfied with the game.
  3. I suggest a ratio of 500 Material income per 1 Production. (You can build nice gatlings with that) Set your stockpile to the island where you have the best production capabilitys (2/3 of capabilities are used) and set all other islands as mining/defense. If you expand your production take an island where factory < 100 * production.
  4. nice. So i will wait and have a look at the next version when it becomes ready.
  5. Hi all, will i get a e-mail when the final version (or an Update) is available? Its very frustratig to play, game crashes after 1+ hour. The barque gets stuck on islands and the units are very stupid (pathfinding) Regards
  6. Crowe

    CWA 1.99 Bug reports

    Same here :(
  7. I think it would be a brilliant idea to port these to arma 2: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addClass_%28VBS2%29 http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/deleteClass_%28VBS2%29 http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addValue_%28VBS2%29
  8. Master85 be careful you are about to crash every dedicated server which you put your missions on!
  9. What happens if you create a global custom vehicle via createvehicle, and another player joins via JIP ? Can you use this via __EXEC(mergeconfigfile ... ) in description.ext?
  10. Crowe

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    I would like to have some beasts to fight e.g. dinosaurs like T-Rex and Spinosaurus.
  11. Can the netlog file help here? Perhaps it contains information who did send PublicVariable or SetVehicleInit Commands ?
  12. Dear $able, i have doubt about security concerns with this new setting. I would suggest to reconsider this decision and search for alternatives. If possible, i would prefer to run only the battlEye Client as Administrator (not sure how PunkBstr solves this) or to switch this 'Admin Feature' of battlEye off. Please keep in mind that: - Even if you have admin Privileges, the client could run in a virtual machine which's memory can be accessed from the host system - The UDP packets can be modified, deleted or faked and it seems that battlEye does not check them for integrity (TCP would be better here) If possible please create a switch (e.g. config option in beserver.cfg) that each server admin can decide individually if he wants his server to check for 'admincheats'. So far, thanks for the features, especially RCon that you have implemented. Regards, Crowe
  13. Crowe

    Change Tide?

    Has anyone tried to change latitude / longitude ?