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  1. Ziggy76

    PG Services (PMC)

    Hi BadHabitz, thanks because Pomigit give you permission to continue with work on this nice mode, I helped him few times with reference and information from real PMC life so fell free to ask if you need any info which can help to make this mode better. Here is one of my suggestion for PSC SUV, thousand those Land Cruisers serving in Iraq as a VIP protection vehicles. It's most popular SUV in Iraq.
  2. Any progress, news, update. Nothing since 2013 :-)
  3. Thats true, in multiplayer they reporting low ammo, also not possible to remove NVG because when open Inventory, NVG is not there but still stay on the top of the baseball hat.
  4. Of course Pomi, please give us interchangeable chest patches on vests, uniform arm patches and helmet velcro patches. Thanks for this mod. Well done :-)
  5. Pomi, nice improvement with earpiece and this mod Cap with interchangeable flag patch, I love it. I will ask you do you have same plan for body-armors (vests) and helmets to give us option for interchangeable flag patch? Regarding VIP i will suggest some of the wide range area of VIP's as a businessman/woman, diplomatic personals, press, scientists, humanitarian workers, holy persons( priests...etc), show business stars in the visit to war zones....etc etc.
  6. Hi guys, I discovered small bugs, so when collision lights is turn on, and when I fold the wings, lights still stay on same position as wings is unfold. See the pictures bellow. http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u83/ziggy1976/ARMA%203/arma32013-10-3017-33-02-61_zps774ab2a1.jpg http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u83/ziggy1976/ARMA%203/arma32013-10-3017-32-47-76_zps369c19a7.jpg Sorry, I tried to put pictures to be visible but I have no idea how to put in this forum, so I put just links.
  7. Ziggy76

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Anybody play this mode? I heard from many guys, the mod is full with bugs and other issue and because that people don't like to play, looks half finished. What about with full functional version?
  8. Pomigit, your earpiece is so thin, must be more thick and color should be transparent, not white ;-) . Regarding Chevy Suburban, I have something for you, check your inbox :-) .
  9. Guy's what to said, awesome job, thank you for this mod and keep going with improvement. I just start to exploring this beautiful mod and learning how to handle this beast. I was little played in editor, inspire with ED Macy book about British WAH-64 pilots in Afghanistan, I put two mates to seat on both sides but when I fired from gun, both of them was killed. I understand if they gonna be killed if I fired rockets or missiles from pylons, but firing from gun should be safe for booth of them, so please if you can check about this. Appreciate
  10. Hi guys, here is few things which I really missing in ARMA 2, so will be nice if you can include in ARMA 3. Game-play: Ability to select where you want seat in vehicle. Ability to shooting from inside the vehicle through open window or door. Ability to select side to get out from vehicle, for example get out right or get out left. Ability to open or close all doors on vehicles. Ability to use knife against enemy. Ability to change weapons on turret. Ability to carrying injured soldier on stretcher. Ability to push damage vehicle with another vehicle from killing zone. Factions&units: Mercenaries Private Military Contractors Private Security Contractors Bodyguards Terrorists - Iraqi Insurgents, Taliban's, Somali pirates, Chechen s, Mujaheddins,Suicide killers, Narco Cartels..etc. V.I.P. Clients (Diplomats, UN personal, journalists I TV crews, scientists, humanitarian workers, priests, ....etc. Civilians - Specific for different part of worlds( Arabs, Europeans, Africans, Chinese or Japanese....etc. Map types: Balkan map (EX-Yugoslavia-Slovenia, Croatia,Bosnia,Serbia(Kosovo). Jungle map Static weapons: D-20 Wheeled vehicles: South Africa APC's Casspir; Mamba; Puma with gunner positions. PMC/PSC Armored SUV's vehicles: Ford Excursion;Chevrolet Suburban,Toyota Land Cruiser with trunk monkey position for rear gunner. Ford F-350 and F-550 Gun truck. Land Rovers variants. Armored limusines. All vehicles with full duty equipment. Fixed wing: An-26 MIG-21 Rotor wing: Mi-28 Ka-50 MH-47E/G Chinook MH-60L Black Hawk Eurocopter Cougar Aerospatiale Gazelle SA-341/342 UH-1N Huey Equipment&misc: Randomized patches,flags....etc Vehicle running kit Earpiece for silent communications. Interactive vehicle loudspeakers which can be use for warning civilians, play motivated music, or for other interesting things. Different types of IED jammers. Animals: Camels Donkeys Goats Big desert lizards Scorpions Camel spider SCENARIOS for PSC/PMC Missions 1. V.I.P. ESCORT – (Escort and Protect VIP Client) 2. CONVOY ESCORT – (Escort and protect convoy supply from point A to point B) 3. MONEY ESCORT – PAYBACK (Return your money from Terrorists) 4. TEAM MEMBER or Client MIA (Missed in Action) or POW (Prisoner of War) - HOSTAGE RESCUE MISSION (Rescue him from terrorist camp, or village) 5. PROTECT THE SHIP or Client boat from PIRATES on the Sea or river. Locate, infiltrate and destroy Pirates training camp (Jungle environments). 6. ESCORT AND PROTECT THE CIVILAN EOD TEAM during the cleaning UXO or other type of clients on open area (Humanitarian workers, PRESS, scientists,…..etc). 7. PROTECT YOUR FOB (Forward Operation Base) FROM TERRORISTS ATTACK 8. PROTECT COALITION BASE FROM TERRORISTS ATTACK 8. FIGHT WITH MILITARY AGAINST TERRORISTS (Friendly ambushed, PSC coming to help) 9. RECON MISSIONS – Locate, Capture, escort and protect HVT (High Value Target) 10. HELP YOUR FELLOWS – QRF MISSION (One Team ambushed, reach the safe house, help them and return to base) 11. SURVIVE CITY AMBUSH and EXFILTRATE together with client to extraction point. 12. MEET THE TERRORISTS AND SURVIVE– negotiations about POW, DRUGS, SAFE ROUTES and escalation. 13. SNIPER - Locate and Kill Sniper before he Kill the client. City or natural environments. 14. RECON MISSIONS – Locate and destroy Terrorists camp (Afghanistan or Iraq) 15. PUPPY FIELDS – Destroy puppy fields. (Afghanistan)
  11. Do you know personally any PMC/PSC, did you talk with any of them, or all you knowledge about that coming from media, youtube, internet....etc? All you opinion about PMC coming from beginning the Private Security Industry, I mean PMC in Iraq in period 2004-2005. From that time, things is change dramatically. That's true, in the beginning they was like "Cowboys", but as everything else, PMC's today looks much professionally, with standards operational procedures, they have uniform policy, Rules for the use of force,....etc. I will upload some more interesting documentaries, you will see that your opinion is wrong ;-). Do not mix together PMC with Mercenaries, they are two different worlds. Only thing what connect them is their business tools"weapons" ;-) . Sorry for my English, because is not my first language.
  12. First of all PMC is not a company, PMC is shortcut for Private Military Companies or Contractor-s, PSC mean Private Security Companies or Contractor-s. If you working for example for Microsoft, and you doesn´t respect the rules, you gets fired, is it true? Also everybody who working for money, and get paid for his work, that's mean he is mercenary? Second thing, how you can said that PMC are organized band, respectfully but you don't know what you talking, you don't know nothing about PMC, Mercenaries....etc. Anybody who working in this industry must be clear, that's mean no criminal records, some companies requesting high level of security clearances so please find me anybody in any bands without criminal record? All PMC personal are ex military or police members and experienced guys, professionals. Please, first think before you talking about something like this ;-)
  13. That's the problem because people didn't see huge difference between Mercenary and PMC/PSC. Mercenaries fighting wars for money,for awards, for anybody who hire them, they are offensive and they don't care who is good and who is bad guy. They can fork for anybody, for drog cartels, for terrorists groups, for one person who hired them.....etc. PMC/PSC working under governments rules, supporting coalition military forces, protecting supplies, peoples, buildings.....etc, and they are defensive forces, they have SOP, RUF, they only engaging following procedures and if anything happened, they going under investigation. So if you as PMC didn't respect and follow the rules, you going to jail ;-)
  14. Sorry, but I think that is not good idea, because in real life PMC/PSC cooperate with Bluefor (good guys),they are on same side. For example in Iraq and Afghanistan they are on same side with coalition forces, and Taliban's/Insurgents are Opfor ( bad guys). So they must be independent or Bluefor. If you though on Mercenaries, they are different story, mercenaries can be what ever you want ( Bluefor, Opfor, Indenpendent), but PMC/PSC can't. Here is on more interesting documentary from 2008 about Private Security Industry.
  15. All your suggestions sounds great. Here is some interesting text and pictures "Mad Max" style DIY armour in Iraq