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  1. Hi guys, first post updated with a new version, compatible with A3 1.44. Thanks as ever to Robalo for advice. I've pretty much lost interest in Arma so this might be the final update from me.
  2. Hi guys, Firstly, thank you for your work. Im trying to get back to arma and this mod helps heaps. Now, is it normal behavior with unsupported maps (Gorgona) that using Alive causes the game to hang infinitely at loading (spawning just 60AI)?
  3. hey Fabrizio, thank you for the update. Do I understand it correctly that native bullet detection works only in the developer version of the game; not in the latest stable build?
  4. .kju, ive been using aia since its inception and I am extremely grateful for your work and dedication to this. Even more so now that you have shared the history of the project. I was wondering how you managed to keep this massive exercise in check, provide updates and answer countless questions and then balance all that with life. As for your questions (the "What next"), given the facts concerning donations (lack thereof [i didnt contribute either, btw]) I think you have to make no excuses for quitting the project and focusing on financing your game mode or getting a job in another sector. It is very sad, and its gonna be a huge blow to the community in my view. I only hope you can somehow keep the project on the back-burner or someone as talented as you will step in. Thank you for everything so far and also for being transparent about the whole thing.
  5. gvse

    MRT Accessory Functions

    Wonderful. Thank you for your work on this. Works great. Now we need peq16.
  6. gvse

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Robalo, thank you for expanding the mod! which attachment addons already utilize the "light switch" functionality?
  7. gvse

    A2 Island Fixes

    Hi Reyhard, many thanks for bringing the new fixes. I've downloaded a3mp to try out your mod, and I noticed that windows of many enterable buildings in Cherna are still bulletproof. Any chance you will be looking into fixing this? Also I'm a dedicated aia sa user, but the two mods are now incompatible. Can you recommend which specific aia add-ons pbos should be disabled to make your mod work with kju's version of maps?
  8. thanks .kju. I tried that and the game launches but then it's back to the old problem with the user interface being that of a2, inability to launch other mods, and only Utes and VT available in the editor. I really hope you can integrate the fixes into aia sa, and I can't wait for it. And as usual, thank you kindly for your instant support on the forum. :)
  9. .kju, loading aia sa with reyhard's fixes results in game crashing. Here's the rpt and here the mod line:
  10. I'd rather see the mp5 first. You didnt mention the sd variant: is it also on the menu?
  11. .kju, could we have your advice on how to launch A2 Island fixes with aia sa? In my case placing the fixes last in the modline results in strange behavior of the game (e.g. no A3 islands in the editor), and when I place it before the aia sa I get the impression it doesn't work (e.g. I still cannot shoot through windows of many buildings). Hope you can advise!
  12. gvse

    A2 Island Fixes

    firstly, an awesome and much needed development. Thank you for it! Now for the questions: 1. I use AiA SA and is the order in this mod line correct: ? When I put the fixes last, the whole game turns into an a2 game with Utes only available in the editor.2. The next question is about shooting through windows of buildings: is this possible with the mod now and does it work on all A2 buildings? 3. Finally, am I correct in assuming that the mod affects all islands utilizing A2 buildings? Once again, thank you so much for working on this!
  13. super job and great animations! Thanks so much for sharing your work. one small question: the way you set up the honeybadger (with attachable suppressor): is it how it works in real life? Top job. thanks again!
  14. gvse

    MK18 Mod 1

    hmm, strange. perhaps it's sth really simple like a spelling mistake in the line of your config which references the animation? Ive done a number of hand animations now using da12thmonkey's method and its all been smooth so far. I do use a version of the addon builder that doesn't come with steam, though: AddonBuilder_67083. also, how's your addonbuilder set up? you sure the .rtm is not on he list of exceptions (files to be copied directly)?
  15. gvse

    MK18 Mod 1

    did you remember to place model.cfg in your animation folder before binarizing?