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  1. hi here i have recently find one troubls with last update of arma3 and arma3 tools. on the old version of arma3 my customs weapons hand anims working perfectly and now that not working corectly after addon builder binarized a files. if you encoutering this troubls try to check that. in old arma3 tools version we work directly on P:\ drive for works a path with tools. now its required to copy your files directories on P:\A3 and that fix a handanims for a custom weapons.
  2. hi CptDumbo d'ont forget also your rvmats files apply on your model required a super shaders for you can aplly a rvmat cloaking with setObjectMaterial 🙂
  3. yes i have also testing this damned shader ^^ but you are alone actualy to find this reaction with super shader 😉 but this shader do not work corectly with alpha chanels and he are totaly usless underwater and with alpha optic textures 😉 i have discovering one interessant addons in steam workshop for add a pbr shader into arma3. that is one really amazing shader and that working with substance painter. but im really noob with substance painter i use that actualy with blender for unwraps my uvs and decimate polygons for my shadow volumes 😉 and i have no idea how working a custom shader for arma3. i think if you really want use refract shader to work yourself a custom refract shader 😉
  4. yes for that i have check a window_set rvmat works by bohemia and check diferent customs rvmats works for glass or windows for customs projects and see a DT can be replaced by fresnel in the stage2 ;). how you can see on this movie a nautilus is one large submarine and is really hard visual detection when he are underwater and static 😉 also my _CO texture is working in black and white color for a perfect neutral adaptation to env colors around a submarine. this texture is one simple white alpha bubulle on totaly black background color 🙂
  5. cervantes

    20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    hi here i have finiched my mimetic refaction device turbine generator animations. the mimetic device how you can imagine is one big device and required an external turbine generator for work. this device can be destroyed by underwater weapons and explosions and of course if this device is damaged you lost your mimetic abilitie 🙂
  6. finaly after learn more about a super shader and refract shader i have finaly find a simple way for simulating a cloaking with super shader 🙂 nextpass working only with glass shader and refract shader do not use stage in material file and c'ant be used for simulaing a cloaking. the first rvmat describe on this topic not working corectly because a stages define in rvmat is not corectly defineds. a stage 2 and stage 6 for super shader required fresnel value instead textures. specular[] = {0.1,0.1,0.1,0}; permit to reduce a light reflection on the fresnel and offering one really good rendering and light refraction for this shader. of course a stage7 reflection is also important i have working mu custom _co texture for that .
  7. nice done and good work on 3d model 🙂
  8. cervantes

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    nice done 🙂
  9. cervantes

    20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    hi guys i finaly finiched a mimetic cloaking refraction for my Nautilus. same to giant squid the Nautilus can be use a mimetic abilitie for a perfect stealth 🙂
  10. ok finaly my conection is restored 🙂 you can see here in first a basic refract rvmats you have write with alpha troubls and my alternative with nextpass. with next pass you obtain one cristalised textures effects and you can off course disable a lights and shadows refractions on the model for obtain one correct mimetic effect 😉 ambient[]={5,5,5,1}; diffuse[]={0,0,0,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,1}; emmisive[]={0,0,0,0}; specular[]={0.5,0.5,0.5,1}; specularPower=2000; mainlight = "none"; nextPass="Nautilus\camo\sklo.rvmat"; PixelShaderID="Super"; VertexShaderID="Super"; class Stage1 { texture="nautilus\camo\refract_ca_nohq.paa"; //texture="nautilus\data\tex_nohq.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,1,DT)"; uvSource="worlPos"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage3 { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.2,MC)"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage4 { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,AS)"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage5 { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,0.7,1,0,SMDI)"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage6 { //texture="nautilus\camo\refract_ca.paa"; texture="nautilus\camo\refract_ca_disp.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage7 { texture="nautilus\camo\refract_ca.paa"; useWorldEnvMap="true"; uvSource="worlPos"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; your rvmats with super shader and nextpass define. ambient[]={5,5,5,1}; diffuse[]={0,0,0,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,1}; emmisive[]={0,0,0,0}; specular[]={0,0,0,1}; specularPower=2000; renderFlags[] = {"NoTiWrite","NoReceiveShadow"}; mainlight = "none"; PixelShaderID = "Refract"; VertexShaderID = "Super"; and sklo rvmat you can observing i use a renderflags with noreceiveShadow and mainlight = "none"; this permit to refract a lights and shadows 😉
  11. yes that is a alpha chanel troubls stburr91. you can't see refract because alpha chanel from your scope create this troubl 😉
  12. Hi here 🙂 i actualise this topic because i working a mimetic cloak for my nautilus submarine. In first ty very much for your experiences share with refract shader in materials. I obtain this rendering with rvmats and super shader apply on my model and your rvmat apply a cloak 🙂 but underwater i observing troubls with alpha chanels and this do not working corectly. but we can apply a refract shader with next pass that is diferent effect but fix a troubls with water alpha chanels and permit also one light refraction and cloak, the model is cristalised. i send a movie when i obtain one conection on my computer.
  13. hi here today i have finiched my trailler from this project. that is my most advanced physx submarine project and the first medium operational physx submarine for arma3. is also my first submarine with pilote interior view 🙂 and you can discovering that here: more details from the underwater harpoon nautilus launcher and ink cloud abilitie:
  14. in your model.cfg you need also define axis from your turret. class periscope { type = "rotationY"; source = "periscope"; selection = "periscope"; axis = "osa_periscope"; animPeriod = 0; memory = 1; minValue = "rad -180"; maxValue = "rad +180"; angle0 = "rad -180"; angle1 = "rad +180"; };
  15. nice observation hcpookie that add better buoyancy simulation 😉 is also a buoyancy lod affect a diving underwater penetration for a physx submarines 🙂 that not fix this troubl if we use large geo lods but add a better buoyancy.