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  1. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    for sure i use _agent disableAI "FSM"; _agent setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable", true]; :) i try also with createagent and createunit same results :/
  2. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hii george yes i have tried with rabbit_f for see its same result the state hint return nothing ;) one other problem i not understand why animals do not switch anims all times by moment this not working i have replace state anim check by variables and shedule the playmove. _agent = _this select 0; while {true} do { if !(alive _agent) exitwith {}; if ((alive _agent) && (_agent getvariable "fleeing")) then {[_agent, "WildBoar_Idle_Run"] remoteExec ["playMoveNow", 0];}; if ((alive _agent) && (_agent getvariable "STOP")) then {[_agent, "WildBoar_Idle_Stop"] remoteExec ["playMoveNow", 0];}; sleep 0.2; }; this not working all times i think its because animal move foward by deffaut and play random anims. i observing the animal can't be turn corectly with setvectordir if animal is in animations states. its for that i try to stop animal for turn. playmovenow working better playmove and switchmove not working for animals animations :/ i have also tried a dog move script by bohemia and think they force playmove for animal can be turn // Spawn dog _dog = createAgent ["Fin_random_F", getPos player, [], 5, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; // Disable animal behaviour _dog setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable", true]; // Following loop 0 = [_dog] spawn { params ["_dog"]; // Force dog to sprint _dog playMove "Dog_Sprint"; while {alive _dog} do { _dog moveTo getPos player; sleep 0.5; }; };
  3. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hi here how you known i want implementing a arma2 Wild boar in arma3. i want simulate a wildlife ambiant scripts for that. actualy one script only worked corectly the most fun script for a wild boar a poop of shit :p this script simulate a wild boar shiting action really fun this script permit also to track a wild boar when follow a poop traces :) the poops is also auto deleted by script when wild boar is so far from this poops. the others scripts i want implement is a humanfear firenearfear and one deffaut ambiant script for natural wild boar moving. the actual problem with that is we can't check animationstate of animal class :/ how you can see on the right upper screen a state hint return absoluty nothing ^^ we can't return animation states by ?(animationstate _agent == "WildBoar_Idle_Stop") for exemple. if anyone known how i can return animal class animation state i really need help for that :)
  4. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hi here i finiched to work my pesticid for kill a giant mosquitos :) and finally rewrite also a config and add 2 modules for a farmland throwable items. with this 2 modules all arma3 units can be now throw molotovs dynamite and pesticide :)
  5. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    yes i known your works johnnyboy i try to test a maximum of addons we always learn to others and add more fun:) but not knowns a crow attack for that this query:)
  6. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hey johnnyboy ty for your suport :) hi Valken working crows attack is very impossible actualy. i dream to add crows ambiant and attack scripts i have begin one addons for that on operation flashpoint but 2 probs appear for this work. in first birds ai is extremly hard to script because a birds use camsetpos for moving or fsm i think. im not fsm ^^ i always use sqf and sqs scripts for my works and not really like a fms scripting :) a second is a particles scripts spawn a not animated 3d models and is really ugly with a crows i have trying that and rendering withouts animations is just bad :) its for that i have working a mosquitos this add simply a similar ambiant animals attack but a size of mosquitos permit to use this models with particles scripts we not see a mosquitos wings animations ;)
  7. nice work EO contact me if you want add arma2 wildboar in your next update i have imported a 3d models and skeleton and animations working very fine on A3 ;) just need add corectly a fsm scripts because Animal_f and rabbit_f class not working fsm writing in config and use a deffaut Animal_f and rabbit_f fsm scripts.
  8. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    mk2 one of my favourite mk games :) this represent my inspiration for my mosquitos :p i have also laugh when i have rewriting this scripts for fun :)
  9. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    oh yes i known now i understand now how working my particles this blood effect is wanted ;)
  10. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hi here after the houseflys modules i have now implemented one new module worked on Awesome swamers scripts by Alias Cartoons. the Giant mutated Mosquitos. where is said the litle beast do not eat the bigest? :) this giants Mosquitos have one extrem ferocity and voracity and can be eat one entire sheep or human in fews secs :) they attaks all animals and humans entities exepted a zombies.
  11. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hi guys :) i have finich this week one new atmospheric module for simulate a putrefactive zombies flesh houseflys attract script. similar to Allias cartoons particles scripts addons this script generate a houseflys particles with one real housefly 3d model instead simple particles bimaps;)
  12. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    hi guys after one intensive brain storming for return building doors animationphases i have finaly finich to write a new lock picking module for arma3 buildings :) this module aplly to all buiding on maps a news doors actions. this module add 50% of chance to close and lock each doors on buildings. you can lock picking a locked doors and lock again this doors with your swiss knife :) i have also add news attack and visual damage effects from Haleks infecteds :) the lock picking script for building is same to vehicle lock picking random value and reset to each try :)
  13. Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    nice works :)