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  1. hi Digger James im really sorry but alway in standby. my computer is alway down (need monaie for buy one new power supply) ^^
  2. ok is now fixed and this false release is deleted by armaholic staff :)
  3. no this is not my release. this is without permission i contact armaholic now ty :)
  4. this mod is not dead is just standby for the moment.
  5. we c'ant also modifie now a underwater opacity values :/ last update totaly affected my custom map params and i c'ant modifie this params.
  6. no you c'ant in last version we can totaly remove this ugly blur
  7. omg whats this ugly graphics update :/? comeback to last graphic update this offering a very better visual effet^^ we c'ant now disable this ugly post traitement :/
  8. yes i have add one readme in drop box you can check when you want if i add update i write this in readme ;)
  9. with pleasure Rakad :) aplion report me a turret bug with escort ship i have repack a warship.pbo if you encoutering same bug ;)
  10. hi guys following proposal for help me to solved a bugs i have today choose my beta testers and send a beta to this beta testers. i have choose nikiforos,Aplion,Rakad, and thirtennluiz of reality team mod for a beta testing of actual contents on the project sorry for others but i can send a beta at all ^^ thank you for your help and hope your enjoying on this beta test :) if i can foward actualy i find is a good moment for beta testing and hope fix a last bugs fastly ;)
  11. damned im unmasked :D yes im very perfectionist ^^! for the moment im so busy with real life and not work on the release. when i can restart my works corectly i think share the last version of mod in my drop box with others moders followed this project. im really so happy to see Caring proposed for help me ;) im also so busy to working on one other project this is actualy the confidential submarine :D i worked also on the red october submarine for modern submarine project :) but in standby also ;)
  12. i have also tested LCS 2 Technological Demonstrator by mankyle is one really good addon for testing and i encountering same prob. after trying to modifiate p3d and config, disable scripts and use minimal addons of my mod i have same bug. its possible i have one troubls with arma3 engine or physx but after full réinstal of arma3 a bug is alway present. this bug affect my all scripts using setvelocity comand. by exemple my old convoys script using setvelocity for a ship move alway on forward direction.
  13. ok i have trying one other test same mission but i have replace a cargos and escort ships with fishing boats only. the torpedoes moves is also affected but working very better i think a size of ships affect also a velocity of torpedoes. but im not really sure because our torpedoes working with large ships without troubles.
  14. i just tested with a large ship target with 26402 points 15739 faces 1 section the bug is same ;)
  15. no i d'ont use physx on torpedoes only a basic geo lod and land contact