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  1. cervantes

    Activating scripts via hitpoints

    you can be add action in UserAction class on the wanted memorie point. class UserActions { class Breach { onlyforplayer = 1; displayName = "Breach"; position = "Breach_memorie_point"; radius = 9; condition = "this animationPhase 'DoorRotation' <= 0"; statement = "[this] exec ""\path\path\script.sqs"""; };
  2. cervantes

    Activating scripts via hitpoints

    the hitpoints required also a firegeometry lod for works corectly 😉 and define the script used in class useractions 😉
  3. i not known why my last post is hidden and try again ^^ i use that gearbox config hope that help you 🙂
  4. hi Mankyle this are not really hard for working physx vehicle on arma3. the most important lod for working a amphibious vehicle is a buoyancy lod 🙂 i d'ont modifiate a gearbox params from my schwimmwagen i use only a cpp waters values for simulating that 🙂 and do not required to modifiate a gearbox 🙂 for a boyancy and physx lod is just really important all faces its closed and convex but not required for a geometry lod 😉 of course the size of boyancy lod meshs affect also a moves in water 🙂 one movie for you can see that 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za-MMB26-qc note also a properties in geo lod reversed = 1; and buoyancy = 1 and d'ont add autocenter 😉 and the config 🙂
  5. cervantes

    arma3 2.04 and handanims holding troubls.

    ok sorry for later reading im Sergent - Apone on steam 😉
  6. more im not sure but equal speed yes 🙂 you can add 0 into value for no water resistance and script the velocity of vehicle when he are in water 😉
  7. yes understanding the arma3 physx engine its not eazy 😉
  8. yes that possible i use this params for my schwimmwagen and reduce a speed to 10km in water in the config cpp class CfgVehicles. canfloat = true; engineEffectSpeed = 5; waterFastEffectSpeed = 8; waterspeedcoef = 0.2; waterSpeedFactor = 2; waterResistanceCoef = 0.09; waterResistance = 1;/// if the depth of water is bigger than maxFordingDepth it starts to damage the engine after this time maxFordingDepth = 0.5; /// how high water would damage the engine of the car
  9. a buoyancy geo lod is also required for floating vehicle 😉
  10. hi here i have not find on this forums how use hitpart event handler with config cpp. after one long search for working a script dammage by selection on static weapons i have encoutering the followed troubls. the arma3 engine do not implementing a basic hitpoints config for vehicle in static weapons config. and the config cpp with hitpoints defined not working for that reason. for this tutorial i use one search light static weapon. the config the model .cfg i fix this troubls with hitpart event handler in my config. now we can fix the attention on the hitpart event handler because that working perfectly for detecting a selection hit 😉 in script we need define if a selection hit is Hitglass. the selection is returned same to one array element for that we need return the selection array and the element in this array. the script if you use (_sel == "HitGlass") that return one error because the element is not corectly identified but with (_sel select 0 == "HitGlass") you identify coretly the selection hited by projectiles 😉 friendly Cervantes.
  11. hi here i fixed today one issue with my last particles emiter script and want share that with this amazing community 😉 this script have for but to work exatly with same direction and position params from emmiter in config bin or cpp. generaly we attach a particles emiters with attachto but an attached emiter can't be turn corectly with others objects 🙂 a emiters define in config use generaly from position and particles directions this params and memories points: moveVelocity[]= { "2*directionX", "2*directionY", "2*directionZ" }; position[]= { "positionX + 0.12 * directionLocalX", "positionY + 0.12 * directionLocalY", "positionZ + 0.12 * directionLocalZ" }; of course is not eazy to write same params with script especialy for a setParticleParams and setParticleRandom. but that is possible :) i use in this exemple a machineguncloud FX params for simulating a overheat from mg barrel, but i disable a wind affect and invert a direction for my smoke fly on back and not on front and i apply a velocty of particles on the angle of my weapon direction 😉 _mem_pos = _mg selectionposition ["usti hlavne", "Memory"]; normaly works but work only on editor not in multiplayer alone, for fix that i define again a position on memory point with modeltoworld 😉 _x = _mem_pos select 0; _y = _mem_pos select 1; _Z = _mem_pos select 2; _pos = _mg modelToWorld [_x,_y,_z]; the angle with weapon direction for apply a particles velocity directions _vdir = _mg weaponDirection currentWeapon _mg; _angle = (_vdir select 0) atan2 (_vdir select 1)-180; or _angle = (_vdir select 0) atan2 (_vdir select 1) for no invert direction. [2*sin(_angle),2*cos(_angle),random 0.2 - random 0.2], observing that math formula is same to "2*directionX","2*directionY" 😉 now a particle emiter turn perfectly with a memorie point and apply a velocity of particles on realy wanted direction and position. friendly Cervantes.
  12. hi here i have recently find one troubls with last update of arma3 and arma3 tools. on the old version of arma3 my customs weapons hand anims working perfectly and now that not working corectly after addon builder binarized a files. if you encoutering this troubls try to check that. in old arma3 tools version we work directly on P:\ drive for works a path with tools. now its required to copy your files directories on P:\A3 and that fix a handanims for a custom weapons.
  13. hi CptDumbo d'ont forget also your rvmats files apply on your model required a super shaders for you can aplly a rvmat cloaking with setObjectMaterial 🙂
  14. yes i have also testing this damned shader ^^ but you are alone actualy to find this reaction with super shader 😉 but this shader do not work corectly with alpha chanels and he are totaly usless underwater and with alpha optic textures 😉 i have discovering one interessant addons in steam workshop for add a pbr shader into arma3. that is one really amazing shader and that working with substance painter. but im really noob with substance painter i use that actualy with blender for unwraps my uvs and decimate polygons for my shadow volumes 😉 and i have no idea how working a custom shader for arma3. i think if you really want use refract shader to work yourself a custom refract shader 😉