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  1. Barba-negra

    Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    Good morning to all boys, we have uploaded to the list of tutorials, the number nine, The Manipulation and operation of the Maneuver Radio Silent System
  2. Barba-negra

    Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    ATTENTION, all users, there was an important arrangement in the navigation manual in English, in the issue of missions, please ask all users who have downloaded this manual, delete it, and download the new one fixed.
  3. Barba-negra

    Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    Of course, we have a package of missions prepared previously for users, you can find it in the first publication of this thread with a mega link, you can edit it to your liking by reading the editing problem in the manual, I apologize for the complex. that may be manipulating the ship, you must have a crew and follow the tutorials, and read the manual, If you have more questions and doubts please add me to steam, and I will personally help you with your questions, you can find me as Barbanegra
  4. hello guys good morning, greetings to all, I'm here again because I'm trying to make what sounds from a mod are read on a map, without using the description.ext, there is some way that I can execute sounds from a mod in a mission that is read from the mod and not from the description.ext?
  5. Barba-negra

    scripts ramdon remoteExec

    I will check it also, and I will notify the result
  6. Barba-negra

    scripts ramdon remoteExec

    thank you friend, I'll try it and notice
  7. hello bohemian friends, greetings to all, I come here to see if you can help, estroy trying to run a scripts ramdos with the use of case, calling them with remotExec but it has not been, have you any idea how to do? Thank you _script = (floor random 3) + 1; switch (_script) do { case 1 : { [[]scripts_01.sqf'] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_execVM']; }; case 2 : { [[]scripts_02.sqf'] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_execVM']; }; case 3 : { [[]scripts_03.sqf'] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_execVM']; }; };
  8. Barba-negra

    Maximum sea depth

    guys I'm trying to increase the depth of a map by following the video tutorial, but there is a problem the water rises the sea level, and covers the land and the buildings, I need the sea floor to be deeper instead of water level rise, some idea guys?
  9. Barba-negra

    keyboard actions names

    thansk mate
  10. hello, good morning, everyone, a question, where I can find the list of the names of the actions of the keyboard keys, for example "PushToTalk" or "User1" ?
  11. Barba-negra

    Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    Here you helped me, I have a lot of time working in this job
  12. Barba-negra

    Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    I want to greatly thank the following programmers who helped me complete this work which I have been doing for over a year, among them @pierremgi @Larrow @diwako @HazJ @bad benson @stanhope @gokitty1199@Mr H. @Harzach@cervantes and @GEORGE FLOROS GR thank you all guys
  13. Barba-negra

    Maximum sea depth

    the map is very good, download it, the bad thing is that if you try to place a surface on the water, the object disappears, because the floor of the sea is far away
  14. Barba-negra

    Maximum sea depth

    this is very good
  15. Barba-negra

    Maximum sea depth

    Hi, friend, are you asking which are the maps with the deepest sea? I'm also looking for those maps