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  1. Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    Good morning, guys, third video tutorial is ready to know everything related to the manipulation of the bridge boards to submerge and emerge from USS Alabama, Regards
  2. Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    Good morning, guys, the second video tutorial is ready to know everything related to electrical energy of USS Alabama, Regards
  3. Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    good morning guys is ready the first video tutorial to know everything about the Atomic or nuclear energy. regards
  4. hpp no found help

    Yes, for now I still have it calling from the mission, I will add it as mod soon, thanks to all guys
  5. Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    soon we will add tutorial videos for the manipulation of the ship, thanks to all
  6. Combat Submarine USS Alabama

    Good morning to all, Important Update on the USS Alabama changes and improvements made, added to esteam whorkshop for easy download and use, the changes are the following: Version 1.8 for Dedidated Server - Important fix in some scripts with errors -Added New Malden Map for the navigation and activities of the navy and joint components -You need to download the package of new maps to be able to use version 1.8, and read the game's start instructions exposed in the main information of the mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611319861 or http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34641 Important note; when running the server, we recommend using the TADST program (Tophe's ArmA Dedicated Server Tool) Version 1.8 instructions for the proper operation of the ship and the crew: 1- Download the compatible map package with version 1.8 for the link https://mega.nz/#F!ZdxnHYyY!7ApD1EBXFsJOArvwYNzA4Q 2- configure your server TADS, marking the persistent tiresome batlefield, and unchecking the autoinit. 3-gather your team of players, and keep them waiting before entering the server, enter a person to the server and when it is on the map, wait at least a minute, and leave the server. 4-wait with you team at least 1 minute and then enter the server, and start your mission. By completing these steps, the submarine will have the necessary time to load the initiation modules and the crew of the ship will have the proper operation to work inside the ship. please read the manual for any concern and if you have any questions you can do it through the comments, If you suffer some bigs or do not manage to operate the ship, please inform in the comments, to solve the problem as soon as possible, and I will gladly help you, greetings.
  7. hpp no found help

    I understand guys, for what I see is more complicated than I thought: /
  8. hpp no found help

    ok bro
  9. hpp no found help

    yes bro, what happens is that there is an hpp that is called from the description, then if I modify the route and place the scripts from a complement it passes what I said at the beginning, it says that the description does not work
  10. hpp no found help

    yes, the hpp is not mine, it's from someone else, I'm trying to make you read these scripts from an add-on and not from the mission
  11. hpp no found help

    not yet solved :(, really difficult is this part
  12. hpp no found help

    thanks GEORGE FLOROS GR, I do not seem to close the routes well, it still does not work because I read the hpp, but it does not close the game, more or less I'm understanding
  13. hpp no found help

    hello GEORGE FLOROS GR, What exactly should I put in the description? or in some part of the mod?
  14. hpp no found help

    I am a bit lost. Next, when you refer to the actual structure of the folders do you mean the location path of the hpp? Maybe it could be that the reading of scripts from mods is bad? \Subs\scripts\line\UI\defines.hpp that is the route that you currently have, is this how I can read a scripts from a mod or am I wrong?
  15. hello all guys, greetings to all, I come here to ask for help, I am currently having a problem where the game is closing because there is a file description.ext, where it tells me that the file does not work, the route is this #include "\Subs\scripts\line\UI\defines.hpp" subs.pbo is my mod, and I'm loading it with the game launcher, I'm thinking the route is bad, but I've tried it with weapons and it works well, the problem is the game's launcher, what could be happening? please help