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  1. hammer_cz

    Original War 2

    I think if there would be Original War succesor, it would need the Vlaada Chvátil - the lead designer of the original Original War, but the problem is he moved on to make board games. But there were plans for OWar 2 in 2006 as mentioned in this polish documentary, with english subtitles (on 10:30 timestamp) You can try this mod for ArmA 3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905021276&searchtext= it kinda merges the A3 & Original War and it feels pretty much like a new game, with really lot of OWar DNA, but I think its still only PvP (no AI opponent) and no SP missions
  2. hammer_cz

    Fix for Kegetys Smith And Wesson Revolvers?

    I'd be grateful too!
  3. I think you just can't get information which key have been pressed in OFP, but there is little modification which allows that, it's FWatch by Kegetys & patched by Faguss.