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  1. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    I guess it's a bug: I cannot find MILAN bipod nor gun in backpacks category in ACE/BI arsenal.
  2. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    Well, MM14 camo was developed 8 years prior to invasion. You don't have to depict any events which happened since 24th February 23. I think they've meant to avoid making any reskins depicting vehicles from infasion with Z V O Insignia. I fully understand your opinion tho, thanks for answering my question.
  3. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    Thanks for an awesome update! Really appreciate you still add more content in that stage of Arma 3 community. Have you considered adding equipment in Ukrainian MM14 camouflage pattern? It's clearly visible that Grozovia Armed Forces are modelled as close copy of Ukraine Armed Forces, and with realistic camouflage of vehicles, and MM14 camo users could easily make missions as UA forces.
  4. Koxxus

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    I guess that the mod is now abandoned, as we can see no answers from creators.
  5. Koxxus

    Project RACS

    It looks great! I'm really looking forward to see the mod as completed, hype hype hype 😍😃😃
  6. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    Could you tell us all when can we expect the update to be on workshop? Really looking forward to see it soon 🙂
  7. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    Have you thought about adding the IDF and something like Hamas insurgents? A lot of assets for IDF is available in vanilla game and RHS mods, the only thing to do might be that mitznefet helmet cover. And the quasi-hamas is perfect faction for them as opponents
  8. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    DM me or hmu via discord: Koxxus#6243 and I'll be glad to help. I'm very familiar with soviet era equipment
  9. Koxxus

    3CB Factions

    I've recently found a bug which occurs while using 3CB Factions mod: When you try to change skin of RHS based vehicle (like BMP-1 or BMP-2) you cannot edit unit decals and use skins added in RHS. It does not affect vehicles which are not used by 3CB Factions (like BMD-1 Strykers etc.)
  10. Night Wings Who are we? The Night Wings Group is a newly created community focused on the ARMA 3 game. Our priority is the emphasis on MilSim (military simulation) and game-style roles maintained in the role-play style, but if you do not feel good about it, we will do what we can to draw you the pleasure of playing with us. The group was founded by veterans of various groups of Army players, starting from the famous "Operation Flashpoint" Arma III is not a simulator. It is a powerful Sandbox, which simulates some things. As a group, we strive for the most faithful reconstruction of the battlefield situation, which is helped by a unique set of mods and opportunities experienced Zeuses (Some kind of game moderator in multiplayer.) We are professionals, so in "shooting" also let's play professionally. We do not forget, however, that Arma is just a game, and games are for fun and a pleasant way to spend time. What do we offer? First of all, the opportunity to participate in organized COOP matches, which characterizes above all the realities of armed conflicts within the group (we do not exclude the possibility of acting in operations connected with other groups), as well as training in the field of fighting. In addition, all missions played in the community are carefully prepared by group members. Our technical facilities are primarily our own server for the game, and TeamSpeak 3 server, for use by the community not only during the game. Soon a repository will be created, containing modifications in the versions supported by the Night Wings group. What do we require from members? Above all, we expect two things from recruits: the ability to speak in polish, and the activity from players. You do not have to appear on every mission (everyone has their own private life, we are all human), although it is welcome. In addition, it should be mentioned that our community does not accept people with an illegal copy of the game. In the face of voice communication, you should also have a free TeamSpeak 3. More information can be found on our forum. Any more questions? Register on our forum: (Click!). The community members will be pleased to answer your questions. The polish vesion of the post is shown below: