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  1. Must have !!! Thank you very much. I hope it will be MP compatible too.
  2. GF Units Map Markers and Symbols Script

    Hellow. Another cool stuff, thanks. How can I filter the side ? Ive tried to disable sides by // and leave only west but it dont work.
  3. How can I make this script stop working returning to base for example ?
  4. GF Vehicle Radio chatter script

    Thanks Ive follow your advice and set sleep 30 . Now its ok and I just dont mention it. Thanks. Aswell Im using your cleanup script and I think you need set up cleanup time loop 60 secs as default, because it cause micro freezes too. Thanks. Looking for your new scripts.
  5. GF Vehicle Radio chatter script

    Hellow. I use your script and noticed some micro freezing every 1-2 seconds. I turned you script off and all work fine as always. Script is very good and give more atmosphere. Mabye I just bad lucky, and all work fine but I hope you will check it. Thanks.
  6. Hellow everybody. Can somebody advise how to make certain script: After killing 10 east faction units - spawn marker ONE, after killing 20 units - spawn marker TWO. Thanks. Ive tried this code, but it doesnt work properly (its repeating itself)
  7. Hellow. Im using vanilla version on Lithium map and get such issue: when I take mission "kill officers" vehicels in objective area spawn in each other and blow up, are there any way to fix it ? Aswell are there any way to edit (decrease) number of spawned enemies ? Thanks.
  8. How I can make specifik location where civillians wont spwan ? How I can add specifik position for intro camera on scenario start ? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for reply. Good luck !
  10. Hellow. Can anybody explain me how to use RecruitMP - AI Battlefield Recruitment. Where I need to put this code: class cfgMissionRecruit { class List_1 { condition = "side player == west"; classNames[] = {"B_Soldier_F","B_Soldier_AT_F","B_Soldier_M_F"}; }; class List_2 { condition = "true"; class Unit_1 { className = "B_Soldier_F"; // Unit Class Name loadout = "MyCustomLoadout"; // CfgMissionArmoury }; }; }; Thanks
  11. Hellow Gemini. Your scenario has nice script with random attack (spawning enemy group in random radius near player with order to attack player). Could you make standalone version of this script please ?
  12. CAS Script for IFA3

    Hellow, try to place marker on map where plane will spawn. And try to use something like: _grp_P39 = [getpos MARKERNAME, IND_F, ["LIB_US_P39"], [], [], [], [], [], 232] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;