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  1. Strider42, thanks a lot!
  2. baton1990

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Used randomSectors script, with _classModuleFilters = "nil"; all work fine but when I try to set one faction to spawn (_classModuleFilters = ["OPF_F"];) its stop working and give error. Any solution ? Or I do something wrong? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, great work !!! Are there any way to add red markers wich will become green after clearing out all enemies in it (like in insurgency scenario) and despawn function (when player leave activated area its delete all spawned units)?
  4. baton1990

    Object Random Spawn

    cache_1 allowdamage false;//cache_1 - name of ammo box, allowdamage to prevent damage during spawn cache_1_pos_list = [[2792.17,5150.47,1.14975],[1935.53,4538.65,0.300816],[3371.74,4609.48,0.568662],[4854.12,4604.52,1.22188],[4956.52,4210.37,0.931324],[3472.92,4944.08,0.704975],[2864.42,4248.38,0.57999]]; //position - right click - copy position cache_1_pos = selectRandom cache_1_pos_list;//select random position from list cache_1 setPos cache_1_pos;// place on position sleep 1; cache_1 allowdamage true;// allow damage //better to make all it as script and activate via init for example or anything else
  5. baton1990

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    Hellow, you need to do this: open bon_recruit_units folder =} open file init_newunit.sqf =} add line: _unit spawn G_fnc_initNewAI; under Client stuff line =} profit.
  6. Ok, thanks for answers.
  7. Does anybody know how to prove Arma 3 VON quality on local host server? This script is outstanding but bad quality of vanilla VON force dont use A3 radio system. Thanks.
  8. baton1990

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hellow, how can I change area/zone size-radius around cities and villages ? Thanks.
  9. Has same problem as barccy: Variable 'r_dis' does not support serialization and should not be stored in the mission namespace.
  10. If you use BIS virtual arsenal here the trick: in mission folder create two files initPlayerLocal.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf. In initPlayerLocal.sqf file write and save: if ((!isServer) && (player != player)) then {waitUntil {player == player};}; //save loadout [missionNamespace, "arsenalClosed", { player setVariable ["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout player]; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler; In onPlayerRespawn.sqf file write and save: player setUnitLoadout (player getVariable ["Saved_Loadout",[]]); Profit
  11. baton1990

    Mission scenario tips

    You can get a lot ideas and info from military channels on Youtube.
  12. Hellow George, can you reupload this script +GF_Zone_Spawner.Stratis.zip? Thanks.
  13. So, its extreme suitable for populating area by enemies, camps, fortyfied positions by script command but not solution for easy way hole scenario spawning.