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  1. StellaStrella

    EL_76 Logistics

    Wow this looks amazing :D
  2. Take a look at this although they are not fully functional on a deicated server right now, but there is a work around, as far as i know they work fine on local host or singleplayer https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124452523&searchtext=warsaw
  3. Heya I love the new stuff :) Just wondering why you removed the Generic camos I really really liked those and had a few factions made with them, but they are all broken now :/ Also I just noticed that the Iranian PASGT helmet is invisible
  4. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Which units were they and what vests? As I know some of the IFA backpacks cause issues as they seem to have some code baked into them that load them with certain ammo One other note is I think some of the partisan guys wil be broken now as they use weapons that have been removed from IFA Liberation But if you let me know which things are causing the issue ill try and get round to chaging out their gear for somthing else Till then you could just copy their loadouts in the editor and apply them to a vanilla unit, so you dont get any strage scripty things breaking them like some of the IFA units do
  5. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Great I'm glad you like them :) I wanst really planning on uploading it else where, but once subscribe to it on the workshop, you can find the mod files in a hidden folder called !Workshop in your ArmA3 main directory \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop
  6. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Thanks :)
  7. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Update Added: -Hungarian Army (1940) -Partisans New Dependancies: -Eastern collaborationists -IFA3 liberation
  8. StellaStrella

    Ruha terrain

    Great map, I love the uneven terrain in the forrests with plenty of places to hide
  9. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Updated: -Greek Units equiped with UK SEAC uniform with no insignia, so they no longer have an american flag on them due to the IFA update a month or so ago -Italian units equiped with IJA helmet instead of the soviet one, so they look a bit less russian now -Polish units now equiped with dark brown UK uniform with no insignia. Sorry it took so long to fix.
  10. A template of the 345th VDV's 3rd Campaign Based in a fictional escalation of the 1st Chechen War. Lots of Bases were made along with Improvements to many of the towns and villages as I made the campaign. I've included the Briefings to the Missions from that campaign if anyone is interested, as the actual missions them selves are dependent on a custom faction I made based on the Caucasus Insurgency Mod, which I've since lost, and so are mostly unplayable. Its not intended to be played as a whole but just take the parts you need for your mission and delete the rest , otherwise the FPS will be really bad. If you do use it in somthing, just put me in the credits Screen Shots Download http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1278897019
  11. Yeah Its a shame that we've got some shitty people in the community, I guess I got lucky with the group that I play with being really supportive. Anyways thanks Katie for all the mods
  12. StellaStrella

    Global Mobilization

    So hyped for this :D cold war is best war
  13. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Added two more factions: -Italian Army (1940) (Tropical) -Norwegian Army (1940) (Winter)
  14. StellaStrella

    WW2 Extra Factions

    Thanks :)