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  1. Thank you both for your responses! Luckily I was able to fix my issue with the show/hide module. I am now able to spawn about 30-40 AI at once with triggers with a couple seconds of lag but the issue is no more. Im guessing with all the AI present it was doing my CPU a good amount of stress but I think once they were hidden and I would just trigger the AI in it didnt cause my computer or the game to freak out. My specs btw is an I5-6600KCPU with a 1060GPU and 18 or 16 gigs of ram ( i forgot). I'll also keep in mind the disable AI and enable AI tactic, that gives me a good idea for some ambushes for my next op based off of the Ukrainian Insurgency in Donestk. Thank you guys again!!
  2. Thank you so much! Will be checking all of these out immediately!!! One last question for spawning units. All of my Blufor/opfor units are custom made with loadouts from the virtual arsenal, any modules or scripting I can use for that type of configuration ?
  3. Hi! So recently I have been attempting to use PMC maps for my future missions with my community but i've come across an issue I cannot seem to get past. The first issue was whenever I placed too many objects the game would lag and for some reason I would get a visual loss glitch and low fps (image for refrence). After some research I changed all of them to simple objects or disabled their simulation which solved my issue. I continued to create my map with no issue until I started placing more AI units and then the problem came back again. It seems I can have a map of 100+ objects that are simple objects/non simulated with no issues but if i place more than 20 AI then suddenly the issue starts again. I am wondering if its an issue with the PMC maps themselves or if maybe I am doing something wrong? I would appreciate any help I could get, I am tired of using the same old maps over and over again and would like to be able to solve this issue to create my operations. (image of the issue I get) (image of what the map is supposed to look like)