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  1. harper1998

    Community Texture Templates.

    Where can I find templates for the LDF vests?
  2. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    Unfortunately, I don't have a good Multicam template. I'll keep it in mind though.
  3. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    It is now available on the workshop
  4. harper1998

    Russians in Arma 3

    There is also 2035: Russian Armed Forces
  5. harper1998

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    When will modders be able to access the files needed to retexture Contact assets?
  6. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    I am still working on this, I hope to have a release in August
  7. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    DEV UPDATE 003 ADDITIONS It's been a while since the last update. I've made some changes, mainly switching to solid coloured equipment and vehicles as well as making the aircraft designations consistent with Canadian nomenclature. For multiplayer, this mod will come with a TFAR compatibility patch Guns Vehicles
  8. The MX uses SANTAG Magazines in 6.5mm
  9. Is the Promet supposed to be able to use NATO SANTAG magazines?
  10. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    Unfortunately that is a bit out of my scope, I am not a modeller nor do I have expendable money to buy 3rd party models Also. I'm considering removing the Camouflage from the Guns in favour of solid colouring, any thoughts?
  11. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    Unfortunately, I have had a major setback. I butchered a git init and lost most of my data. I'll need to rebuild a lot of things.
  12. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    I'll do that for release. As of now, I am working on the Canadian special forces.
  13. harper1998

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    It's a figure of speech that can be lost in translation, to "listen" means to "understand". I'm just trying to explain to you what the situation is, you won't get everything until they have a branch designated as a release candidate. That won't happen until mid-July. There's no need to be rude to anyone.
  14. harper1998

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I own Contact and I have played the Dev Branch. You didn't listen at all to what I said. The expansion isn't out yet - it won't be released until July 25th. All that we're getting right now is "SNEAK PREVIEW ACCESS", emphasis on PREVIEW. Don't expect all of the assets, you're preview is literally QA testing for the assets - it doesn't represent what the finished product will be.