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  1. IIRC, both in the AMS and in the Editor asset properties, you need to "slave" the weapons to a seat, and in these and other two seaters you have to toggle between the pilot and the gunner (pretty sure it's the case with other aircraft from both vanilla and other mods, not just Firewill's). In the editor, if you see a seat icon next to the weapon, it's slaved to the pilot. Crosshair is generally the gunner. There might be a similar switch/toggle in the AMS, but I haven't looked at it lately to verify.
  2. shadeops21

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Yeah, on mobile I can see the image blocks but no actual image. On the web browser it was just a string of characters, not a recognisable URL like you’d expect with a failed embed.
  3. shadeops21

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Not sure what you tried here, but it broke...
  4. shadeops21

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    I'll play around with it... see what happens.
  5. shadeops21

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Which I do. Two files, stored in my vest.
  6. shadeops21

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    That's the thing. I don't. The only actions inside the tent are to play video and hire additional contractors. I walk to the "Gathered Intel" bench and there's no actions or anything interactive there.
  7. shadeops21

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Gotta ask, how does one offload any files that were scavenged off of bodies, in order to gain the intelligence from them? Is that an automatic process or do I need to interact with anything?
  8. shadeops21

    Tier 1 Weapons

    All good mate! Glad to hear that you're all safe and sound, though it sucks to hear about your friends and others being less fortunate. Hopefully everything rights itself soon enough. Can't wait to see what's to come next!
  9. shadeops21

    Reskinned Uniforms: Thermals and injuries

    I would check your file pathing to each of the applicable texture files within the RVMAT with respect to the normal map, specular map, etc, and make sure there aren’t any typos in any of them.
  10. shadeops21

    Reskinned Uniforms: Thermals and injuries

    My mistake (which I finally rectified years after my thread here, and shamefully admit I only finally learned about a year ago) was not having my Addon Builder configured correctly. I didn't have the "List of files to copy directly" set to include the .rvmat files. So when my pbo was being made, the material files were being omitted from the build, and with no rvmats, no lighting/shading and no thermals.
  11. shadeops21

    Tier 1 Weapons

    I mean, if it has the standard picc rails then it should work fine. It's just the MLOK rails that have their proprietary attachments. At least that's my understanding of how Fin's configured the mod.
  12. shadeops21

    3CB Factions

    Is there any thought/consideration into making a flag-less version of the Armoured SUV (or an option to hide the flag via garage) for use by 'private entities' rather than government security forces? I'm looking to employ the armoured SUVs for a 'covert high risk transport' but having the flags make them stick out like a sore thumb, especially when using the less conspicuous colours like blue and red instead of the classic black.
  13. Really digging the tiger skin there. Very nice.
  14. shadeops21

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    I kinda figured, I’m just getting sources for tail insignia and other markings for the various squadrons.
  15. shadeops21

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Starts preparing resources for RAAF F-35As, C-130s and C-17s...