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  1. I had actually gone back four pages worth of posts to see if anyone had pointed this out and saw nothing, so apologies for doubling up on this error/bug; I must've glossed over yours during the scroll through, heh. And yeah, the buckshot is absolutely devestating at close range, but I can see myself alternating between the 00 buck and the slugs for CQ use, using the 00 for general threats and slugs for harder targets/engine blocks of cars and light trucks. Just gotta get the sights fixed up so I can hit what I'm aiming at, heh...
  2. I've noticed that sight/scope zeroing on the Promet SG affects the trajectory of the shotgun when firing slugs (can't track if pellets are affected as well). Below is using irons at 50m and the MRCO at 300m (fixed zero): Not sure if this was intentional or not, as it could affect players that switch from rifle mode to the shotgun as a secondary weapon in close quarters, as the rounds could be flying over the top of the target.
  3. shadeops21

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Are there going to be standard combat fatigues for the CTRG Tropic? From what I've seen, we have Arid and Tropic stealth uniforms, but only Arid conventional (non stealth) uniforms. And with the introduction of a "Woodland" NATO faction that appears to use a darker green/brown Multicam/MTP plate, have you given much consideration as to make a full "desert" uniform to compliment them? Not a request, but food for thought, y'know?
  4. shadeops21

    Inducing a texture load error

    Tried that. Doesn’t have the desired effect. I got this working btw; I’ll post my solution here when I’m back on my desktop with the file on it.
  5. shadeops21

    Inducing a texture load error

    I've actually tried doing that on purpose: keying in both a unit and uniform asset with "TEST" class names and filepath it to a .paa texture that does not even exist. It's funny, when you think about it. When you want everything to work, errors occur. But the moment you try to deliberately create the error, you can't.
  6. So, Somewhat unconventional question here. I want to induce an error with my mod in order for me to have no visible body/uniform. It's not actually going to be part of a mod; I'm just making a shortcut that'll allow me to make arsenal icons for things like vests and backpacks a lot faster (no body + blue/green render world = easy cut/deletion of background behind the item I'm making an icon of). Unless a faster method for making item icons (as seen in the left side of the arsenal listing and in the player inventory) for things like helmets, vests, etc exists where I don't spend hours in GIMP and Photoshop manually cutting out vests and such by hand... Anyway, just want to know a quick and easy way to replicate this: Cheers!
  7. shadeops21

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Hey mate, Just a small bug report for ya: Hand placement for the new L85s is a bit off, especially the hand on the trigger group. Looks really good otherwise, and cool idea making them compatible with the MX magwell and magazines!
  8. Die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain, lol. 😂
  9. Okay... asking a potentially stupid question here, but why have tape on the helmet if it isn't actively used to hold it down? Just a detail to help break up object shape? There for easy access if they need tape? Rule of cool? Legit curious here as I haven't seen pictures of it done. Velcro and double-sided tape I can understand, but regular single side adhesive not actively attaching/holding something to the shell?
  10. Is that double sided tape, or IR reflective tape over those helmets? Not sure what to make of that.
  11. That actually makes me a feel a whole lot better now that you’ve clarified all of that. Thank you very much! I’m looking very forward to working with you all in the future. And I avoid the private mod community like the plague, so no concern there, heh! Appreciate the answer Wardy!
  12. I get your point, and I’ve been retexturing for a while now myself, but I’m just airing a concern I have with the process and the “requirement/expectation” (for want of better words) to match exisiting texture quality with the initial content if we want to publicly release a retex pack. Like I said earlier, I’m going to wait until the pack is released and the textures are viewable before I air any further questions or concerns. For all we know, the texture plates might be really easy to work with, or might be extremely complex. We don’t know yet.
  13. It's not ideal, but it's workable. I'm just worried about the potential loss of detail with respect to special features and mechanical parts (zippers, fasteners and clips, bungee adjustment cords, eyelet rings for drainage on pouches, hemming and seam threading, etc etc), as well as the fabric texture itself. Granted, all of that can be potentially salvaged by painstakingly cutting those pieces out and having them on a different layer, but it's not a perfect science and has its downfalls. I'll wait and see how complex the finished texture image plates look before I make any further concerns known. Hopefully, they'll be somewhat easy to work with. Appreciate the response though!
  14. So, can I clarify the process for this? Would we request the required templates for the pieces we’d be retexturing, then make the textures and send them (or pictures of them in-game), and wait for approval? Or would we need to “reverse engineer” a completed texture, and send that through?