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  1. Rismarck

    Rismarck's Static Animations

    Rismarck's Static Animations - Version 2.0.0 "Change of direction" Hello, after a long silence, a sign of life for this mod. I finally finished this update, although I must admit it took much longer than planned. In my defence, this have turned out to be the biggest update yet greater than inital release + all updates before. This update adds a total of 281 new poses to the mod in all categories, even one new categorie. Along with some revisions to old animations that have yet to be continued in future updates. Also as this update got bigger and bigger, I started to feel exhausted with the WW2 scenario (after adding hundreds of poses with that scenario in mind). So more and more modern themed animations were added to the mod. I then decided to increase the version number for this release to 2.0.0 and change the mod title to a more neutral one to have more freedom. This does not mean the end of WW2 (these are for most time poses with rifle hands in mind), but a reduction in numbers for the future and an overhall more mixed mod. The completion of this update will now put this mod into a long sleep again, as I have started another Arma 3 project and am concentrating on this mod for now. Maybe there will be smaller updates when I finish some poses if I feel like it. You can find a few teasers of the content below. On that note, I hope you enjoy the new poses and look forward to seeing what the community can do with them. Kind regards, Rismarck P.S. Special thanks to BI who did feature one of the teaser, in their post. This have been awesome. All links and first post have been update.
  2. Rismarck

    Rismarck's Static Animations

    WIP #3 Hi folks, Just a quick update for update 1.1.5. 40 new animations have been done so far and increasing. Due to the new forum rules for posting pictures of WIP (in the Main picture thread), I mainly switch to twitter for posting updates and A3 WW2 Discord. If you interested feel free to follow me: https://twitter.com/RismarckMods A3 WW2 Discord (IFA3): https://discordapp.com/invite/0vQjglomrhMXqTF1 Following some teasers for some of the new animations (partly mixed with old ones). Kind regards, Rismarck
  3. Rismarck

    Rismarck's Static Animations

    WIP Work on update 1.1.5 started. First impression
  4. I downloaded the latest version, which is listed in the forum. But Blender Addon tab shows version 3.0.0. I completely deleted the addon before. Blender 2.8 is a fresh installed/updated by Steam. Before that I used 2.79 also Steam version.
  5. Please find below message log (latest Toolbox build)
  6. Hi Alwarren, Steam recently updated my Blender to 2.80, so I though I will give it a try. Downloaded latest Toolkit for 2.8, but couldn´t find an option to export .rtm files anymore. Is this option still available? Kind regards,
  7. Mods: GM, Recolor, POLPOX´s Artwork Supporter, Rismarck´s WW2 Pose Pack
  8. Mods: Faces of War, IFA3 Lite, CUP, Rismarck´s Pose Pack, POLPOX Artwork Supporter, ReColor "tortuosit ARMA 2 Preset"
  9. Rismarck

    Rismarck's Static Animations

    Hello folks, A quick addition to yesterday's post. POLPOX found a function which made it even easier to show pistols. Above post have been change accordingly. Furthermore POLPOX also provided a function to display items, e.g. binoculars, with static animations. Kind regards, Rismarck Config - Items
  10. Rismarck

    Rismarck's Static Animations

    Rismarck´s WW2 Pose Pack - Version 1.1.4 "Maintenance" Changelog: 1.1.4 -remove preview picture as they are obsolete since POLPOX's Artwork Supporter -added IK (Inverse Kinematics) to poses accross the mod. -added fire-able ability to combat poses -pistols are now visible, if poses use them -removed obsolete poses / pose list updated accordingly Greetings folks, I´m back with a new minor update. With this update I do the long needed maintenance on the mod. Steam and Links in first post have been updated. This update comes packed with three main features and minor tweacks. 1. Mod now supports POLPOX´s fire-ability which have been added to combat poses. 2. I have added IK (Inverse Kinematics) accross the mod to the appropriate poses. Ik causes hands to automatically adapt to the weapons of the game. Thanks to POLPOX again, who discovered this feature. This will make combat poses so much easier for future updates, what is a relief. Also, Pose Packs will be better compatible with other mods, using this feature. 3. I finally managed to add pistol support to poses. Pistols can now be displayed, if you adjust this in the config accordingly. Edit: POLPOX found an another function, for configs, to show handguns, which is easier to use! Both ways can be found below within the spoiler. IK made some poses obsolete and the pose list change accordingly. This change effect Editor saves/ missions etc, which may use the pose pack. Delete poses won´t shown any further and you may come accross a T-pose. This will be the last update for this year. However IK give me some new motivation, so expect more activity in the new year. Kind regards and happy new year, Rismarck Config - Pistols
  11. https://i.imgur.com/g6FOG18m.jpg RELEASE THREAD Fictonal Terrain setting place in Normandy of World War 2 Data: Object count: 99.749 Map size: 4.100m x 4.100m Grid size: 4096 cells Cell size: 1 m Cities and Villages: 7 ***This Terrain is totally fictonal and don´t represent any real world location*** I´m pleased to announce that I´m now finally brought this map into public release state. I would like to thank everyone who help me out to get so far. This Terrain have been built with X-Cam, special thank to this awesome tool. ***required mods*** CUP Terrains - core IFA3 AIO Lite https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1419177473 Special Thanks to all mods used for screenshots IFA3 AIO Lite CUP ReColor POLPOX´s Artwork Supporter Faces of War ZSL Static Poses [WW2] CSA38 mod Credits Special thank to El Tyranos for helping me out with config and general modding related matters and Jeg0r_PC for Modding tools misc. End User License Agreement Changelog
  12. Rismarck

    POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    Thank you, this mod is awesome. A real huge time-saver.
  13. Rismarck

    Rismarck's Static Animations

    Rismarck´s WW2 Pose Pack - Version 1.1.3 "Battle for Normandy: D-Day" Changelog: 1.1.3 - "Battle for Normandy: D-Day" - release (62 poses) - minor tweaks Hello folks, next update is out and containing 62 brand new poses for you! The pack has more than 300 poses in total now and the numbers still increasing, ufff. This update contains mostly D-Day animations made for IFA3 Lite Second Wave update. Among the D-Day animations you will find some new combat and idle animations and also a complete stretcher set made out of 5 animations. Hope you will have fun with the new update. Best Regards, Rismarck All links have been updated to the latest state.
  14. Mods: Faces of War, IFA3 Lite, CUP, Rismarck´s Pose Pack (WIP), ReColor "tortuosit ARMA 2 Preset"