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  1. British Soldiers in France, pushing deeper into Nazi Occupied Europe. Mods used: Rismarcks Pose Pack, IFA3, GIEST
  2. Malden Civil War - A carbomb explodes at a Malden Army checkpoint in a village just outside La Trinite. A group called the Malden Freedom Alliance has claimed responsibility. They have called on the removal of the President and return to Democracy. This is the first instance of open conflict between the regime and Protesters whom now have appeared to have formed a insurgency group against the regime.
  3. Malden Civil War - Following the Presidents promise of troops deployed on Malden''s streets, the first checkpoint set up by the Malden Armed Forces is complete and serves as a ID point in and out of La Trinite. Now that Malden is slipping into martial law the situation can only get worse. Rumour on the street has it that a leading General in the Malden Armed Forces has defected to the protesters and are preparing them for open conflict as popular support for the President dwindles. Mods used: Direones Animations, TRYKs Uniforms, CUP Weapons, CSAT Overhauled
  4. Malden Civil War - Following protests against Wheat Quotas that turned violent, the President of Malden flanked by security officials announced in front of the worlds press; a crackdown on government opposition and the deployment of troops onto the streets of La Trinite and posted around government buildings to deter further protests. mods used: Direones Animations, TRYKs Uniforms, CUP Weapons
  5. My first screenshot: Malden Civil War - A peaceful protest against government imposed Wheat Quotas turned violent as Maldenian Secret Police opened fire on protesters, killing several and wounding many other's. This will be a screenshot story of the Civil War unfolding. Watch for more mods used: Direones Animations, TRYKs Uniforms, CUP Weapons