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  1. this Thread is for release the My Standalone Series, like Pilot&Crew Pack, AWS(AirWeaponSystem) and other future Standalone project. every addon have spoiler button to hide(because tooooo long this post!), so please click the spoiler button want to see. released files on google drive : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q4E64BjPSEdetvxXs-Xt-BrDMz1PY-er?usp=sharing issue tracker on github for manage issue&feedback. https://github.com/firewill0/FIR_AWS_SystemDevelopment/issues if have any bug/issue or suggestion(AWS, aircrafts) , please submit in there. other my aircraft threads F-22 and F-23 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/209338-the-rival-f-22-raptor-vs-f-23a-grey-ghost-standalone/ AV-8B https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212899-av-8b-harrier-2-series-standalone/ F-2 Viper Zero https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/185120-f-2-viper-zero-standalone/ A-10 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/196753-a-10-warthog-series-standalone/ F-16 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/176880-f-16-fighting-falcon-series-standalone/ F-14 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/185480-f-14-tomcat-series-standalone/ F-15 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/186820-f-15-eagle-series-standalone/ Hornet Series https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212284-hornet-series-hornetrhino-and-growler/ FIR AWS F/A-181E Black Wasp II Su-25SM3 Grach/Frogfoot Ace combat 7 reskin pack MQ-81 Harpy Project Lightning - F-35B Armaverse Ver. Tanoa Big Hangar Veterans request skin pack Huey decal set - main and unsung compatible patch
  2. I don't have much to say, but you already got the hint. (new year greetings photo)
  3. both of work would be take some time.
  4. it worked with laser in my test, but I've found not make secondary explosion due to some execute script order. also only GPS supported weapons will appear in pylons list. it's also CG only weapon supported however, there is no CG only weapon in AWS currently.
  5. 1. just tested in real life, but now days the British harriers no longer service, and this is game so probably can do with "What-If". 2. currently F-16 mod has it(show TGP point on HUD), A-10 or other aircraft will do in future.
  6. well I slept only 2 hours so my brain been fuzzy so misunderstood I guess.
  7. probably can make some limitation of dropping bombs(altitude,range and speed etc), but I've decided don't do it because this is just game. uzabit explained well, need to change weapon mode with weapon switch key. or refer this point in video(2m 16s)
  8. I-TGT 2.0 Video Tutorial English description & subtitles provided. can be add other languages.
  9. Bombs away literally.
  10. not in the AWS at least, but probably somewhere else. sadly no.
  11. got a bunch of updates today include new I-TGT 2.0. unfortunately new I-TGT 2.0 tutorial is slow in progress due to having some health problems in this month. so new I-TGT tutorial is will be update in next month. FIR AWS v3.55 Air Weapon System - I-TGT 2.0 version 1 updated - Leaflet bomb function fixed. now generate leaflets player can read, also disappear leaflet particle as well. - Leaflet bomb now can make civilians gotta run from leaflet spreading area. if don't want to make run, put AWS_EVAC_Disable = true; in any field or init.sqf. - cmimmunity for AIM-7E/F/M, AIM-9P/H adjusted. - Combined dual mode for GBU-53 SDB II. in dual mode, If laser target and vehicle on target location at the same time, SDB II will heading to laser target first. if laser doesn't exist, will heading to vehicle. A-10 1.84 A-10C - Pave Penny pod can be hide via attribute. EA-18G 0.42 - new standard skin : VAQ-142. - new skin : USAF 390th Electronic Combat Squadron - new fueltank & jettison system applied. fueltank is now actual magazine just like other aircrafts. F-14 1.991 - wing sweep speed adjusted F-15 1.62 F-15E - new skin : 87-198 "Bumblebee", 389th Fighter Squadron(MO) F-15 Legacy - F-15B Civlian version added(no weapons) F-16 1.987 - loadouts redefined : weapons in CAS,CAS 2 loadout changed - Holloman skins added - Korean war special skin added F-23A 0.26 - EOTS integrated, targeting pod no longer required for using I-TGT (bottom of nose) - EWP integrated F/A-18 Legacy hornet 0.21 - new skins : MALS-11, MALS-31 special F/A-18E/F Super hornet(from Project Rhino) 0.1 - renamed to F/A-18E/F Super Hornet - F/A-18E Added - new fueltank & jettison system applied. fueltank is now actual magazine just like other aircrafts. AC7 skin pack 0.8 - fueltank skin removed for F/A-18F
  12. I-TGT 2.0 dual-mode test in the new system, you can designate bombing mode to each pylon. So some bombs will use GPS mode and some bombs will use Dual-mode etc. in this video, EGBU-12 using GPS-only mode, but GBU-54 using dual-mode so following laser target when entering terminal guidance.
  13. Terminal or Thermal? Terminal : will turn on Command guidance mode when missile closing in specific range from target. Thermal : press N key when using Command guidance mode.
  14. new I-TGT 2.0 live-fire test What is I-TGT 2.0? a new I-TGT system so-called I-TGT 2.0, based on current I-TGT but many things changed and improved. 1. Changed, but familiar interface For 5 years, the current I-TGT interface has been used by many people, including myself. New I-TGT Interface will use a familiar configuration, but it includes all new and improved features. 2. Multiple weapons for multiple targets You can forget that I-TGT was turned off and on to designate the target to the bomb! With the new I-TGT, targets are now assigned to each pylon equipped with GPS-guided weapons, enabling them to strike different targets simultaneously. (I tried to assign it to each bomb, but it got so complicated that I skipped it.) 3. More target locations new system can save many, many numbers of the target location, the previous system got only 5! 4. Multi-language support with stringtable.xml, can support multiple languages. and new leaflet bomb function : civilian evac
  15. currently designing some system for "pylon edit" feature. adjusting pylon priority and mode select(like GPS, Dual) is will inside there.
  16. well, i guess I did misunderstand. in that case, still I'm thinking how to make HTS pod in current AWS inventory become usable since sensor update. probably take more years i think.
  17. HARM can be use since block 30, and some Spangdahelm Falcons(Block 30 in that time) equipped AGM-88 HARM and pair with F-4G wild weasel in late of 1980s. USAF F-16CJ Block 50/52 was only variant of can equip HTS(Harm Targeting System) pod, but now days it's also available for F-16CG Block 40/42, and renamed to F-16CM for 4x/5x. conclusion is, there's no kind of limitation about "this falcon can use HARM?", but can be "this falcon can equip HTS?".
  18. CG(command guidance) mode video CG-Terminal mode video also CG/CG-T mode only available for AGM-84E SLAM, AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER with AN/AWW-13 ADLP pod
  19. using similar, or same values from vanilla missile more precisely.
  20. AWS updated v3.54 Air Weapon System - Air-to-air missiles rebalancing: make ATA missiles be more like vanilla missiles. probably you get feeling nerfed than before. (ex: AIM- 9X/R-73 are now similar with vanilla BIM-9X.) Note : this update contains re-balance of air to air missile.(probably nerf i guess.) If you have feeling "what the hell AIM-9X from FIR AWS is no longer acting like QAAM in Ace Combat 04!", that's NORMAL.
  21. hard to judge you're doing something wrong or other thing due to lack of detail.
  22. f-15 updated 1.61 F-15SE - sensor range for WSO now increased(8-16-30-2-4 km)