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  1. Maybe, you could ask Smookie for some help. He's an animation expert afaik.
  2. Yes it's not perfect but I can live with it. Can't you?
  3. Personally I didn't think the animation was that much of a deal. You could still use the point function without it and it'll still have so much to offer us. Also, as Khaki has said, I could live with the default animation if there aren't any better/alternative solution. Why not?
  4. ChrisB I'm really keen on trying out your ai enhancement mix, but could you tell us which pbos is it exactly that affect ai behavior, and which doesn't? Because, obviously ST bunnyhop would have nothing to do with ai behavior does it?
  5. There's no option to run it dedicated as Admin as it's on an XP machine. I am yet to try the phpmyadmin thing. Still trying to learn what the heck it is :p
  6. Nouber! Hi. I don't mean to violent any forum rules here by posting to a thread that's literally 3years old! But I just found your videos about this addon recently and I was shocked that this feature wasn't already in ACE2! Could you possibly release this addon or maybe at least an script version for us to use or to possibly finish coding it? I hope I work as a good stimulation for you to release what you have hiding in your back-pocket ;)
  7. OK, so there should be a command which can be used in a script or in the init field of a unit to make them keep standing or kneeling whatever happens which over-rides the suppression system? I just need to know that and forget about the new feature :)
  8. Hello, tpw. I'm loving this mod and since I've introduced this mod in my server, so far people are liking this mod as well. But I have one problem. In some of the missions, we are forcing the AIs in lookout towers and or houses to stand up, so it wouldn't go prone and stick its rifle through the wall and shoot. However since we've used this mod the AIs that are forced to stand up are going prone when suppressed. Is there any way for us to force the AI to stand up even while being suppressed? Or better it will be is - maybe you could introduce a new feature where the mod would check if the AI is in a building or not, while if the AI is in a building it would only force them to go kneel and not prone. I'll be looking forward for a solution. Thx in advance.
  9. Hello, I'm having a little problem with MySQL and importing MSO db as it says so on the wiki, MySQL Workbench just CTD while importing db. When I restart MySQL Workbench, I see the workbench has imported some dbs but I'm afraid it's only half way. Is there any alternative way to import these dbs?
  10. TOTAL22

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Yey! Thank you! That's just what I needed for my everyday games. Where should I get it?
  11. Yes! Thank you very much for releasing this Dslyecxi! Plz do me a favor and upload this to SixUpdater!
  12. Hi ACRE team, I just wondered is it at all possible to 'increase' the volume of a player from the TeamSpeak3 settings value? What I mean is, while I'm in combat and bullets flying all over, when I want to talk(yell) to someone beside me in those kind of conditions, I want my voice volume raised above more than it's normal value. if you know what i mean... Would this be possible to implement technical wise?
  13. Hi Dslyecxi. We've started to use this mod on our server and we are having a little problem. People are saying that, when they started to use this mod they've noticed that 3D voice volume has decreased somewhat from that of the default ACRE volume. That is of course without touching the volume bar at all. Also said by them was that shout was not effective as they were expecting it to be. It definitely does not travel 100m and beyond they say. Could you be able to look into some possibilities of this happening with your mod? Whisper works fine btw.
  14. TOTAL22

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    I want to use mcc_sandbox as a replacement of the good old Six Battle Center missions. How can I do that? Is there a way to properly create a mission to support mcc_sandbox? I tried but the problem of handling respawn in particular is hard to solve. I get people spawning 100m in air when they JIP or respawn... :/
  15. Hey Dslyecxi. We love your MOD. Any chance of your mod to be included in six updater network, along with ACRE volume control mod? thx in advance