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  1. Hi YorT:) My M60 Tank doesn't correspond to A2. Problem: config Anim setting Materials(as map and more) etc.:omg: The time of work is necessary though I might be able to help you. Two weeks or time any more. The thing that I can do is a thing to make the M60 tank correspond to A2. Do you hope for it?
  2. It is release of public version 1.0.:now: http://b-design.blog.ocn.ne.jp/log/files/BDS_T55V1.0.7z It is thought that all commander's problems were able to be fixed. The engine sound was changed a little. :biggrin: Next step----------------- Other version model.
  3. Hi guys:) Thank you for a lot of advice. The thing that concerns the commander has been understood. Weapon is necessary for the commander turret. I confirmed it. It is thought that commander's problem can be solved. FakeWeapon are tested making it. It makes an effort because the corrected model can be release on the weekend. :D Thanks guys;):dancered:
  4. The beta version of T-55 is released though very long time hung. ;) http://b-design.blog.ocn.ne.jp/log/files/BDS-T55beta.7z Knows bugs ------------------------------ The commander's command is not made good. I have no idea:confused: http://b-design.blog.ocn.ne.jp/log/files/BDS_t55_Config.zip Does not it have the idea that someone is good? If someone knows the solution, I will prepare MLOD. The report of other bugs is welcomed. Future plan ------------------------------- T-55 Variation T-55M T55AM2 T-55MV I will make one or some. ;)
  5. Hi Guys T-55 WIP The completion of this work is a quite long long way. Â
  6. Hi guys The high resolution model and Textures finished almost. However, time hangs to complete it still. Â
  7. Hi guys T-55 WIP PIC The way to completion is very very far. Â
  8. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Hi V1.2 Release US_M60A3V1.2.zip - It was corrected that the track sank on ground. - RCAS ver added. - The part where the model was detailed was corrected. And.....For ADDON maker BDS_M60_Solid_tex.zip This is a texture of solid color. It is include as for the vector data of the UV map. My M60 plan is completed by this. It will keep maintaining the bug in the future. However, a new model will not be added. I want to leave the variation of M60 to other ADDON Maker. A new target is necessary for me, and the next plan of me is decided. If excellent ADDON Maker needs the MLOD model, I will give it. However, I hope to use MLOD to make the thing that being possible to do is good. Regards, Ryogugu(@@)
  9. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Oh!! South Sahrani flag! It forgot.!!! HaHaHa The texture is still incomplete. I will surely add the blue and white cheverons and South Sahrani flag.
  10. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    RACS Ver WIP I want to release it on the next weekend. Miles- It is considered to include the solid color texture. However, if they need it for Mod team and an ADDON maker with an excellent technology, I will offer it pleasing my MLOD and the material such as PSD.
  11. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Hi The problem that tracks sunk into ground was solved.
  12. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Oh!!! It is an unexpected bug. It seems not to lift any further up though it managed to correct. Do you know the method of someone correcting this better? The mistake that I violated is a thing to include the arm in the selection of the suspension. A correct selection might become only a tracks. It includes it in the following update. I think that it can bundle this. I want you to wait for several weeks until completing it though it is thought that it takes.
  13. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Hi BDS M60A3 update US_M60A3V1.0.zip ---------------------------------------------- - The texture pass not found was corrected. - The value of ammunition was corrected. In a word, the power of the bullet has weakened. - The value of the armor was corrected. It made it from the version before to the weakness. - It was made to do for the TAG system the class name. - The suspension was made effective. - The position of the exhaust was changed. ---------------------------------------------- I wish to express my gratitude for the thing that everyone gave various opinions. Enjoy
  14. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Hi It was not possible to answer easily because it was very busy this week. First of all, the version that adds the correction of some bugs will be able to be released on the weekend. The thing that I make other versions of it and M60 is not thought for the present. The RACS version might possibly be made. However, another vehicle is planned at present. It has not decided it yet though it thinks about T-55, LAV-25, and BTR-60, etc.More another thing might be made. I want to leave M60 of the desert version and the ERA version to other ADDON maker.
  15. rygugu

    US M60A3 NATO camo Release

    Hi all Thank you for a lot of opinions. The correction concerning some bugs and ammunitions is made a thing done in a hurry. and Exhaust....... Apparently, I seem to be wrong though I thought that it is a pipe at the position of side. Back? Will you teach the position of the exhaust that someone is correct?