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  1. cruoriss

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    Small update released on mediafire+steam workshop (armaholic pending approval), first post update with changelog . ( haven't had the time to add a smaller base, you can take a look inside the mission files MissionCreator/BaseCreator/ if you want to try to add it yourself as i won't be releasing another update anytime soon ) That's the whole point of the mission, creating your own scenario by populating the map with enemy patrols/armies trough the red zones .
  2. cruoriss

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    Without disabling it ? What i do is that i change the arma hud settings to have the radio icons on the bottom right of my screen so i can't actually see them . ( not possible to do mission side )
  3. cruoriss

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    The best would be a mission .pbo but if it's an Ares composition i'll just use it, already have this mod .
  4. cruoriss

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    If you can send me a mission with this composition i'll be able to add it to aow . I still have on my to do list : add multiple base templates so you can change it during the mission .
  5. cruoriss

    Adding music to Zeus

    This mod add every arma soundtrack to zeus, take a look inside to see how it's done .
  6. If you're testing on dedicated server it's normal : it has no display therefore no map . Call the map script on a player when the game start and pubVar the values (so server don't need the map script and already have the map size values) instead .
  7. cruoriss

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    Mission updated with new MHQ system, download from mediafire/workshop or wait for armaholic .
  8. Nice ! Is it attached to the model or can the gun be smoothly taken out of its holder ?
  9. The part you need to look at when debugging a mission is everything after "Starting mission:" . But afaik i can't tell why you're mission is not working looking at your .rpt (most of the error spam seems "normal") . How are you using the Virtual Arsenal loadout ? Must be linked as you said in your first post .
  10. Do you play with -showscripterror ? Have you checked the .rpt ? This happend to me once, i can't remember why but reverting some changes i made fixed it (i don't think it's linked to the number of units) .
  11. cruoriss

    NoMineMarker Script

    Again ? Reallly ? That's like the 4th release this kid made that is an exact rip off of someone else work :clap: .
  12. cruoriss

    Double condition?

    if (_caller == t1 && tm1 < 1999) then {//stuff}; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/a_%26%26_b
  13. cruoriss

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Thanks for the pastebin with the classnames, but you forgot the SLA helicopter ones as long as the Afghan Army crewman . EDIT : Iraqi Army crewman are missing too, from pastebin and ingame Zeus
  14. Damn, BIS_fnc_objectVar is my new best friend . It perfectly fix my dedicated environement issues and also works for jip . Thanks a lot (Btw i looked at what it was in the function viewer and i saw that it pubVar'd a local variable ... that was the part i was stuck at and thought it was impossible to do so, BIS black magic i guess)
  15. My bad i should have said while playing on dedicated . No, they are created later using a vehicle spawner called by client .