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  1. Mourningstar

    Ghost Missions

    Nimitz and c130 not showing up with mods installed and turned on in parameters on dedicated server.
  2. Mourningstar

    BMR Insurgency

    cannot play this mission, aia_misc_e_config, aia_misc_config, aia_misc3_config missing or deleted. I'm assuming this is from all in arma map pack. Our group has A3MP which is what this has been on. so now AllinArma is required?
  3. Mourningstar

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    is it out for download yet? (v1.4)
  4. Mourningstar


    Sweet, makes sense now. Thank you!
  5. Mourningstar


    I can't figure out how to get the support console up. I grab a laser des from the virtual ammobox, with battery, and I've tried every class and can't seem to get it to come up. Is there some special thing I'm missing? Also, how are you supposed to synch the uav terminal to the UGV or the other one as Asst commander, I can call them in from the laptops but can't figure out where to synch the terminal. Please help!
  6. Mourningstar

    BMR Insurgency

    Can't seem to get a lock on to any targets (air or ground) while in a chopper or jet, no lock on buttons work. not next target, not next in vehicle, etc etc etc.