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  1. Oh yeah! Dude very cool. If I could suggest something asa landmark it'd be a nice sized pistachio or olive orchard assuming that's not like crazy difficult to pull off.
  2. knightlight

    An-28 Light Transport

    Dude nice job!
  3. knightlight

    Military Aviation

    Hey love these planes but had to ask if there's a way I can implement Radar on any of the planes?
  4. knightlight

    [WIP] Proyecto EA

    I got to ask, what program are you using to create these textures?
  5. I saw on armaholic this was updated what was the update?
  6. knightlight

    [WIP] Multiple Variant Patrol Boat

    Appreciate the help working on redoing the textures on the model right now!
  7. Hey there guys I've been working on a Patrol Boat mod I have a good grasp on everything except how to setup my config and model.cfg any help would be appreciated many thanks!
  8. knightlight

    Community Factions Project

    Any chance of more screenshots just so I can show my genius group members this isn't just a reskins of CUP assets?
  9. knightlight

    Halo 3 Marine and Bravo-Kilos

    I wanna see them knock a marine 3 feet in the air.
  10. knightlight

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    I imagine the US is doing that thing when we decide to say F it afterall depending on the Royalty in power they don't want the US around.
  11. knightlight

    Nogovan Armed Forces - [NAF]

    I meant custom b/c I didn't model it after existing upgrades to my knowledge and I also have a version with a new turret
  12. knightlight

    Nogovan Armed Forces - [NAF]

    Yeah I added some thick side skirts and an Optics Upgrade for the commander and gunner
  13. knightlight

    Nogovan Armed Forces - [NAF]

    I made a custom upgrade for the T-55 idk if you're interested but yea your welcome to it
  14. knightlight

    Naval Expansion Mod

    I'd love to help if possible