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  1. krycek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The MQ-12 Falcon AI is a bit buggy, with DAGR+Scalpel loadout vs 2 armored vehicles(moving or not moving) around it will prefer to use DAGR on the first target.That's the first problem, the second problem is that on secondary target it will start to move away but it flies erratically going in a short circle(not to be confused with loiter wp) and not engaging. Adding a Darter to lase targets doesn't prevent this. I noticed it's behaviour always breaks down on secondary target after it destroyed the first. With full Scalpel loadout it's better meaning it will engage the secondary target but I noticed it still does the small circle somewhere after destroying the first target. I assume the invisible gunner doesn't get a good los with the pilot doing those short circles. Ordering it to loiter somewhere breaks the short circle bug but it will have the same buggy engaging behaviour with secondary target. I would say 70% of the time not even a destroy wp on the enemy vehicle will manage to stop the short circles or the buggy engaging with secondary targets ( or they aren't payed enough for multiple targets and decide "meh screw it"😝 )
  2. krycek


    After the last update BI messed things a bit again, I get this with Titus:
  3. krycek

    Arma 3 could have been BIS at its peak

    BI turned into "early access forever" with a slight chance that the game that reaches end of life is still a broken mess. Besides Dayz their other projects aren't what I would call successful and speaking of Dayz from what I read 1.0 turned out to be a joke after years of alpha. Hell, I've bought Take on Mars and it was a mess on performance side, at one point I couldn't even launch it. Now it's playable-ish. Take on Helicopters was ok, doubt it had a stellar performance financial wise. Back then they were still interested in experimenting stuff, they even managed to combine the game with A2. Carrier Command was a total shit show, funnily enough it had the same AI pathfinding problems when driving just like Arma series. Was abandoned pretty quickly, I assume it didn't make enough money. Besides Arma they have quite good ideas but their execution is frankly crappy. Since 2013 like I said earlier they turned into "early access forever". A3 has also a terrible record of breaking mods with every big update(Tanks dlc for example) so kudos to the mod teams that are still around to update their stuff. I'll see if they change things when A4 launches, if they continue 2013 style I don't have much hope for their products.
  4. krycek

    Contact Starters

    Dark City (very good), Dreamcatcher, Edge of Tomorrow, The Expanse, Alien/s 1-4, Prometheus, District 9, Battlestar Galactica series(2004), 10 Cloverfield Lane (mostly the final part), The Chronicles of Riddick&Pitch Black, Species (1995), The Thing
  5. OFP had those in the main campaign and they worked very good but with the combination of A3 complexity and AI's age it means AI driving/flying will crap itself more often than a psychotic pigeon. Probably one of the reasons that A3 campaign was so focused on infantry. Eagle Wing in A2 was amazing though because you were basically a lone wolf.
  6. krycek

    Contact Starters

    There are about 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe , words are too simple to describe the scale of that number and I don't believe in Fermi paradox. Like Tonci wrote the distance is beyond comprehension and we only created "local waves" to let ourselves known. We're the equivalent of letting the neighbours in the same building or maybe a few streets at best to know that we just moved in.
  7. krycek

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    Except it's not that disproportionate when you take into account diversity quotas in corporations that somehow hiring based on race instead of skill isn't racist, universities from US like Princeton banning words that contain "man" or that lovely Gillette ad at the beginning of the year that sooooooo indirectly suggested that men are a bunch of rapists&bullies and I could continue. Or the hypocrisy of oppressed women or persecuted gays in Europe yet no one gives a shit about women&gays "rights" in Middle East, perhaps those feminists in Sweden or some other european country should see some vids with how women were beheaded, tortured or set on fire by some of those animals in those countries. Yeah good luck with media showing even 0,0005% of that stuff, but suddenly a guy looks at a woman weirdly in an elevator omg bring the execution squad and headline for a week on every major news channel. Or the recent bans of conservatives(true, with also some far right weirdos) from Twitter and other social media but somehow far left is free to spew their crap. All of these examples isn't something isolated here or there or strictly in Europe (or in US). So no, I don't agree with persecuting minorities but this ain't a "free for all" card for them to shit on others or their believes. Live and let live but I have a big problem when others be it corporation B or media conglomerate A is condescending and have the shit attitude of "we know better so you behave or else" or is bringing this crap into an workplace. I do agree with you though that right now it seems both the extreme outrage sides need one another,it's like they fuel each other but with the exception that one side has about 80-90% of media(including entertainment) airing their ideas no matter how stupid are some of them while the other side opinions are all considered something moronic at best and need to be censored at worst. Indirectly this has a connection with ACTA2 because with the same people at the buttons that are also at the top of those media conglomerates or corporations they'll be free to do even more harm. It's so easily to brand a group as extremists or terrorists these days when they ain't parroting how they want. Look at the power of social media, these ultra turbo huge shit throwers. When it was used for Obama to win or the Arab Spring (look at how those territories look now) to be in full motion everyone was ecstatic,when the same methods were used by other buffoons like Putin, Orban, Trump or for Brexit now it's suddenly the work of Satan's spawn together with Cthulhu and Belzebuth.
  8. krycek

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    If he was fired for refusing to go at an lgbt event then that's really fucked up, but he also gave them ammo with the bible verses in that context.
  9. Fully agree with those who recommends the Chernobyl mini series, it's very well done.
  10. krycek

    Contact Starters

    I'm not optimistic that such an encounter will go well for mankind but not because of us, so an ambassador might be useless. Too often we attribute humanity traits to aliens when an "alien" could be such a weird concept that we can't even imagine it. Or perhaps they wouldn't even be aware of us in their state of existence/or how they see the universe, or having the same morals like us. We could be squashed like bugs just because they can or we're into their way just as our morals would be a totally alien concept to them. We should stop trying to make us known to the universe because something (not someone) might be actually listening.
  11. Size of those affected buildings looks straight out of Jack and the Beanstalk. Would be nice if this had a higher priority because it's pretty damn obvious and I kinda doubt Hercules/Conan are the landlords there or it's Barszcz's fault.
  12. Praying Mantis PMC (MGS4)-inspired spotted on Southern Sahrani Mods: CUP, Theseus Services
  13. Imo A3 main campaign was so focused on the infantry bit (unlike OFP) because they didn't trust their AI for combined ops anymore. Your product wouldn't look too good when you have so many examples of A3 shit AI driving&flying. I mean you only have to look into dev branch in AI threads to see the total crapshow. In OFP it worked because it was much simpler but also brand new/unique so people forgive quirks like that besides back then they were focusing for real to improve AI. True, it could also be that they just don't care\understand their product at all especially the new guys in their team, Apex "campaign" showed this perfectly.
  14. krycek

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    As I'm not a tractor connoisseur seems I've missed the hidden benefits of this specific tactical asset. Regarding Montignac I've been to that place too a few times. I used something more archaic like my auto-legs to escape so I can't comment how would I have fared with the tractor vs Hind.
  15. krycek

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Like I said in another post the idea is quite awesome but the content is very weak from what they showed. The worst part is they call this an expansion. It has some retextures, some more deco sims objects, a few guns, a goddamn tractor from all the list of assets they could do, an useless drone, a terrain that reminds me of acr dlc instead of BIS older maps and probably some static alien ship. All this on top of the still junk as hell AI. The spetsnaz are a good addition, and hopefully they have new gear instead of more retextures. The campaign might also be interesting considering LoW was pretty good.