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  1. Fully agree with those who recommends the Chernobyl mini series, it's very well done.
  2. krycek

    Contact Starters

    I'm not optimistic that such an encounter will go well for mankind but not because of us, so an ambassador might be useless. Too often we attribute humanity traits to aliens when an "alien" could be such a weird concept that we can't even imagine it. Or perhaps they wouldn't even be aware of us in their state of existence/or how they see the universe, or having the same morals like us. We could be squashed like bugs just because they can or we're into their way just as our morals would be a totally alien concept to them. We should stop trying to make us known to the universe because something (not someone) might be actually listening.
  3. Size of those affected buildings looks straight out of Jack and the Beanstalk. Would be nice if this had a higher priority because it's pretty damn obvious and I kinda doubt Hercules/Conan are the landlords there or it's Barszcz's fault.
  4. Praying Mantis PMC (MGS4)-inspired spotted on Southern Sahrani Mods: CUP, Theseus Services
  5. Imo A3 main campaign was so focused on the infantry bit (unlike OFP) because they didn't trust their AI for combined ops anymore. Your product wouldn't look too good when you have so many examples of A3 shit AI driving&flying. I mean you only have to look into dev branch in AI threads to see the total crapshow. In OFP it worked because it was much simpler but also brand new/unique so people forgive quirks like that besides back then they were focusing for real to improve AI. True, it could also be that they just don't care\understand their product at all especially the new guys in their team, Apex "campaign" showed this perfectly.
  6. krycek

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    As I'm not a tractor connoisseur seems I've missed the hidden benefits of this specific tactical asset. Regarding Montignac I've been to that place too a few times. I used something more archaic like my auto-legs to escape so I can't comment how would I have fared with the tractor vs Hind.
  7. krycek

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Like I said in another post the idea is quite awesome but the content is very weak from what they showed. The worst part is they call this an expansion. It has some retextures, some more deco sims objects, a few guns, a goddamn tractor from all the list of assets they could do, an useless drone, a terrain that reminds me of acr dlc instead of BIS older maps and probably some static alien ship. All this on top of the still junk as hell AI. The spetsnaz are a good addition, and hopefully they have new gear instead of more retextures. The campaign might also be interesting considering LoW was pretty good.
  8. krycek

    Maximum number of AI and/or players

    I call them "the bong\chase the dragon guys"
  9. krycek

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    With this I can agree, ain't falling for the populist crap that spews their agenda by using people's common fears, but this politically correctness to the extreme bullshit has become a big issue lately in the last 3-4 years, and when people don't agree they either censor\ban\denigrate\fire them with some pathetic excuses when it doesn't fit their own agenda. And it's not only in politics or on matters like unchecked migration, it's very prevalent in entertainment too be it movies or games but also in general like in media. I mean many of us probably laughed with what kind of bullshit propaganda RT was getting away but now it's enough to visit CNN and other "media" for comedy/cringe moments. When they're caught using the same methods of course it gets a pass. Although not related to european affairs the Sarah Leong from NY Times shitshow comes to mind. It's also not hard to spot since most of the time it's something forced/artificially introduced be it some history event that gets rewritten or playing the victim card so well when they're lil' extremists themselves (the example with the 8456 genders/nouns/diversity quotas comes to mind).
  10. I think people are missing the great combo of well crafted campaigns+editor from OFP because now we're left with only the editor. True you have incredible liberty in sandbox but sometimes a good story equals the editor. Although LoW story was a pleasant surprise.
  11. krycek

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    The idea is good but it's frankly laughable you call this an expansion. I look at this not from the point of what BI charges for it since some of the stuff will be free but strictly from the content it will have. Let's see, a few weapons(wasn't the Ak in Apex?) , an useless drone (remember the ultra advertised underwater in A3? or the great feature of throwing leaflets?), more useless deco objects&clothes for Sims 4....err A3. Oh yeah, and a tractor. Is this some sick joke? From all the list of assets you could do/missing in A3, all you could do was "hey let's make a tractor, we're sure this is the hottest item that was missing from the past games also fits great with the alien stuff"? I thought this is Apex level but it's nothing more than "horse armor" (from Oblivion in case some are too young to remember) with a campaign. The assets from the map look great (I'll always love Chernarus) except the friggin' scale, seriously no one noticed that in your internal builds? I also don't like the layout of the map. It looks like some frankensteined made in a hurry terrain that came with ACR dlc in A2. There's no feeling to it, and it looks like someone just scattered a few villages in a forest. Regarding aliens, considering how AI drives& flies🤣 I can't wait to see the aliens piloting their ships unless they're also(the ships).....even more statics. Cool idea, weak as hell/rubbish content. Nice touch with the weird trees and spheres but Stalker\Roadside Picnic vibe this ain't. Also I get it, I like having deco objects for more immersion in missions but if you keep advertising them that they need their own "omg look static objects" line in your presentation this is starting to look like a commercial for Sims object packs "decorate your mansion/smurf dungeon" or whatever EA scam those fools these days. ( oh crap, I hope I didn't triggered Sims fans) Looking forward to the campaign though. There was some good storytelling in LoW, and Tanks that made me remember good ol' OFP&Resistance.
  12. krycek

    Maximum number of AI and/or players

    Made a few missions with about 200 AI (give or take) per side( 2 sides) without any spawn/despawn, and including lots of vehicles, buildings with interior furniture etc. Total shitshow on my 4790K & I7 7700HQ about 20-15fps with 3000m view distance, I wouldn't even want to know what fps you get if even 100 vs 100 would start to fight at the same time.
  13. krycek

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Sadly even with fewer waypoints if I have a convoy with a cycle wp I have to brace myself for a shitstorm once/if they reach their last wp and return. Usually the first vehicle tries the usual behavior of trying to avoid "but screw it", and smashes into the second one once they turn around for the return trip. If it manages to avoid it then there are high chances it will crash into the next one or secondary crashing into the third that also tries to turn around, and so on. I even gave them enough empty space to manoeuvre where the last wp is before returning. I think they gave us Zeus just to use the vehicles as statics with AI gunners for the amount of babysitting I do.
  14. Could be very possible. I've read they're afraid to touch it because it's a house of cards at this stage aka they're using 2001 OFP-era AI in 2013-2019 while they added tweaks systems, and other tech/complexity on top of it. That's why 18 years later we're still talking about convoys, fighter jets that still dives or tracked&wheeled driving in general plus the new A3 issues because of said systems/complexity on the top of a relic AI. That's why A3 is more borked than A2 at the end of it's life.
  15. Let the tractor games begin!!