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  1. shockero

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    North Korea Special Forces (Year 2035) updated to version 1.2 Change-log DOWNLOAD First post updated aswell. There are asian faces already in A3, just that they are unused, BIS will probably activate them in future updates.
  2. shockero

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    Try to activate them via "Expansion" menu from ArmA 3,just throw the @NorthKorea folder in your game directory, enter Arma 3 go to Options/Expansion find and select the "North Korea Special Forces (YEAR 2035)" and click "ENABLE". also, try this: -mod=@CIA_SADv0.2; -mod=@NorthKorea;@C1987mp7A3 If neither of those work, I have no idea which the problem could be, I personally activate the mods via Expansion menu.
  3. shockero

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    I didn't want them to use Katiba because the rifle is already used by the Iranians, I want them to be different, at first I wanted to use Sudden's AK's, i'm still thinking about that, however some of those units are a bit sleepy with the helmet change....perhaps in the next update i'll add an optional config.
  4. shockero

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    North Korea Special Forces (Year 2035) updated to version 1.1 Change-log DOWNLOAD First post updated aswell.
  5. shockero

    .psd templates [NATO]

    Try this... Edit: PM sent regarding helmet problem.
  6. shockero

    .psd templates [NATO]

    You need Kegetys' paa plugin, download it from here
  7. shockero

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    I figured out that those guys need an transport vehicle, so here it is, work in progress.. I've just throw some textures on it for the pictures, they will be changed later. However this is a long journey until I finish it, perhaps others will do it first, the good thing is that the A2 SUV is apparently affected by the psyhics, it still has some issues and thats why I'm not releasing it now, need to fix them first. I guess because it looks sort of "futuristic style"...? About adding vehicles,air etc, when the game will be full released, i'll do the present day N. Korea army. perhaps with some South in it :P, until then, just some fictive units.
  8. North Korea Special Forces (Year 2035) by ShOcKeRoS Description: This is a simple retexture(another one..) of the BIS A3 soldiers, those units are not meant to represent any real unit from the present day. This is how I think that North Korea Special Forces would look in the year 2035. They can be found under "Red" faction. Plot(for mission makers??): After North Korea canceled non-agression pact with the South in 2013, they started using nuclear power plants and weapons to boost their military force and economy, in the year 2030 an alliance was formed by Iran named Axis of Resistance(AOR), North Korea and other eastern nations quickly joined the alliance three years later. In 2035 NK created an special camouflage for the Stratis environment and operations. Features: - Asian Faces - Mixed equipment - Two camouflage variants - Their own uniform, can be changed. - Korean names Change-log. Current Version: 1.3 Requirements. Arma3 Download from (Dropbox) Download from (Armaholic mirror) View pictures with the new version HERE
  9. I have played this mission with my squad for a while,it worked well with 8 - 10 players, I have decided to release it, however my scripting knowledge is limited and some features may not work as they should. Plot: IRAN is attacking Agia Marina in order to advance towards the Stratis Air Base,but they need to capture the bridges first. NATO soldiers have been dispatched and they are currently moving towards Agia Marina to capture and defend the bridges Information: The mission is based on Sector Control, here you need to control three bridges in order to gain points and win the game. Features: - Player & Vehicle Respawn - Random Ammo boxes location - Fortified Base for both sides - Combat zone marked on the map - Music at the end of the battle - One mortar and vehicle for each side - Mission parameters - Map marker color change when capturing a bridge - Game scoreboard Things you need to know: 1. The mission folder contains an version for an dedicated server however it has not been tested on it, If someone tests it, please report back If it works. 2. I have tested the mission on the internet with up to 15 players(my PC can't handle more), I will wait for some feedback on how it goes with 40 players. 3. As I said, I am not scripting expert, so expect things to not work as they were intended. 4. If someone wants to edit the mission, you should contact me via PM first, perhaps we could work together in making it... 5. Any help is greatly appreciated. 6. READ THE BRIEFING, it explains how to capture bridges and other things. Download And here are my wishes for future updates: Fix things obiviously Dynamic weather & time Team Players marked on the map and in-game Team kill punishment Base kill punishment The last three remains to be seen, If I learn how to do them.....
  10. In order to make the Takistan Army more competitive and somehow balanced against other major factions, I have decided to add some extra vehicles to its side. In those pictures you can see upgraded T-72s, and some technicals in takistani camo. The mod is only about adding more vehicles(maybe helicopters,planes) to the Takistan army or upgrading the current ones. Credits: Dractyum Full resolution photos here P.S: Couldn't find a better name :P
  11. We have recently re-organized and we are looking for other smaller squads to play ArmA CO TvT/COOP,send me an PM for further details or questions. -Ghost Soldier.
  12. I'm trying to make an mission with one "Main mission task"(activated by trigger,other players CAN see the tasks here) and side missions(activated via "addaction" thingy)for example: go to an civilian and select the mission you want. Now here's my problem,only the caller get the task,other players don't(YES, I know that there's something to do with "publicVariable" but I can't seem to get what or where to use that). Another problem is that tasks dosen't get updated for other players, only for the TeamLeader of the group. Here is one of the scripts i'm using.. (Task 3 called via addaction) Task 3 done I've also searched on different forums about this, found some solutions, but unfortunately they don't seem to work for me,and I've got no idea how to use "Taskmaster" if someone says something about it. PS: I'm pretty new at scripting tasks.
  13. So far, looks great ! I have some suggestions for you: Replace MI-24 with this (not because i dont like MI-24, but 90% of all mods have MI-24 as primary attack helicopter) Maybe you could use this as 2nd attack helicopter or in reserve. This instead of T-90 ? Nemrod MK1 as scout plane ? (no joke) Add AN-2 as transport airplane @saw you on 15th MEU ;)) EDIT: Then what about this as scout plane ?
  14. When I get a full team(texturer,modeler etc.), i will begin to work on it again.