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  1. krycek

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Armaholic wasn't just a good resource and mods site for Arma games, it was Arma. I'm very sad to see it go.
  2. Rollin' old school with Gothic 1 and a modded Morrowind with a bit of X4 in some weekends.
  3. krycek

    Seinfeld Game

    My friend Bob Sacamano is working on a similar game.
  4. krycek

    Free Games

    I know it's not exactly free but Alien Isolation is 2$/1.85 eur on Steam right now. https://store.steampowered.com/app/214490/Alien_Isolation/
  5. Confirmed Nurgle cultists. Reinforcements request approved. Astra Militarum supported by Ultramarines en route. Mods: There is Only War
  6. Was on a trip on the memory lane with Half Life 1 and Opposing Force today, made some HECU-inspired (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) marines deploying on a secret facility...oh and "Die Freeman" Mods used: CUP units and weapons, TYRK Uniforms, Immersion Cigs
  7. krycek

    Theseus Services

    Hey Jonpas, I'm running into a bug with the latest version. I've customized some Theseus Services units in missions with some specific faceware (for ex. balaclava/bandanas) and when I play with the new version they won't have them or get random crap like tinted spectales,sunglasses etc. I've traced it to Theseus because I also have templates with CUP ION pmcs and those don't have this issue. EDIT: Seems I forgot it's the BI faceware randomization thingie, you probably enabled it for tacs units in this last release.
  8. krycek

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Hah loved the Mass Effect Andromerda comparison😂, I only enjoyed the exploration part from that crap game, the dialogues were atrocious and safe/woke borefest galore. Have to admit I liked Dragonborn main quest even though you didn't had much choice, I also thought they made Neloth pretty good with the whole Telvanni arrogant attitude (he was also funny af) and in fact the whole expansion brought sweet Morrowind/Solstheim memories. Probably some nostalgia glasses were involved too heh. Imo with expansions Beth teams have more leeway in quests from what I noticed, I thought Dragonborn/Dawnguard were good same as F4 Far Harbor and Oblivion Shivering Isles. I agree about the engine support and especially the CC crap that brakes existing mods, I kinda expected this coming from the company that basically brought the Horse Armor dlc memes/dlc flood. I'm still surprised that many still can't see the extreme greediness with Bethesda. With Skyrim I also learned to wait at least an year before buying for minimal bug fixes before starting a game. Even then I had broken quests and had to resort searching for solutions online spoiling quests (so much for sandbox) for their multiple outcome quests that were bugging left and right.
  9. krycek

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Same here, starting with F4 they really went downhill in quests and story. Not that they were top notch before but in all that greediness you could still expect some nice quests like the thief/assassin/mage/fighter guilds in Oblivion if you avoided the main one for example. Skyrim also had some decent quests especially in the expansion. For TES 6 though I'm expecting a MMO dressed up as a sp game with endless generating filler quests.
  10. Fitting these days. Mods used: CUP Terrains, CUP units and vehicles
  11. Not sure about you guys but I'm using those BTR-80s even for supermarket trips. The new toys are a blast!
  12. krycek

    European Politics Thread.

    People should remember that the retards/braindead morons in charge in most european countries told everyone at the end of January not to worry and they wouldn't even consider reducing flights or the "right to travel everywhere". Make no mistake, this isn't about spreading panic but sheer incompetence, downplaying everything together with most media even when China put Wuhan in quarantine. Hell, in my country two or three weeks ago I had to search for news regarding this virus because no one thought it deserves attention anymore on their first page. I'm not worried about Covid-19 although I regret that people lost their lives due to these incompetent fools not to mention the economic problems this will bring, what I do worry though is that it will come (not if) a time when we'll have to deal with something a lot more deadlier than this and it will be the same then. Also the irony that most corporations to save a penny they moved all their production in China decades ago, gee I wonder how those saved pennies work for them now. Can anyone guess how her tune was a month ago: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51835856
  13. krycek

    European Politics Thread.

    Currently (as in the last couple of years) the left wing propaganda machine is on full speed be it in media, some corporations or tech giants. You have to be a bit Ray Charles or left wing not to see this crap although Google being very lefty doesn't help either when most get their news from their search results. These mini Goebbels with their copy/paste parroting (surprisingly no diversity in their speeches or texts🤣) think they have the upper hand everywhere besides their echo chambers, we shall see if its true in the next 2-5 years. That article reminds me of this ad:
  14. Is there any chance anyone from CUP had some time to look at the russian missiles? If there's one thing I always wanted in vanilla A2 when BI announced the upgraded russian side it was a BTR-70(or 80). Thought it was weird to go with BTR-90 and even more weirder when they chose BTR-60 for the expansion. The ruskies basically flooded the planet with the 70/80 versions. RHS made it possible in A2 with their kickass BTR-70 and now seeing the 80 version in CUP (with the upgraded 30mm too) it's a dream come true.
  15. krycek

    Free Games

    Tower of Time free on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/tower_of_time
  16. krycek

    Merry X-Mas!

    Bah,your houses have holes in roofs. Here at Troska vineyards we proud ourselves with the best wine this part of the world.... and no invasions since 1982.
  17. krycek

    Merry X-Mas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Nogovian wine works best this time of year.
  18. krycek

    Free Games

    Postal 2 free on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/postal_2
  19. krycek

    Boxer M.I.V

    Pure badassery. It will be an awesome addition to BW and UK mods.
  20. krycek

    Project Livonia

    Hunter for MRAP and Marid as apc would be a nice option. Not sure it needs an airforce or mbts, plenty of armies around the world without jets or mbts including some NATO members. The costs involved to maintain them are huge and Livonia seems a very tiny country. Of course at the end of the day it's your choice what gear to give them, I'm glad either way they get new stuff.
  21. Queen Isabella Ximénez has been assassinated by unknown mercenaries and corrupt elements from RACS while en route to Northern Sahrani to celebrate the annual unification day. The attack took place on a bridge in Corazol, she was pulled out and executed when her convoy was stopped. 6 members from her Royal Guard were also killed. Mods used: CUP Terrains, CUP mods, Max Women, Contact assets
  22. For Contact assets I do it gangsta style if I want them, I simply replace 9-10 houses in each big city in Chernarus with it's equivalent from Contact and Hide Terrain Objects modules in editor and save that as template for future missions.
  23. Santa what? CUP it's the real deal! Thanks to all the CUP team for this, you guys are the reason why Col. Aziz,Guba and Lopotev are still killed on a weekly basis.
  24. krycek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The MQ-12 Falcon AI is a bit buggy, with DAGR+Scalpel loadout vs 2 armored vehicles(moving or not moving) around it will prefer to use DAGR on the first target.That's the first problem, the second problem is that on secondary target it will start to move away but it flies erratically going in a short circle(not to be confused with loiter wp) and not engaging. Adding a Darter to lase targets doesn't prevent this. I noticed it's behaviour always breaks down on secondary target after it destroyed the first. With full Scalpel loadout it's better meaning it will engage the secondary target but I noticed it still does the small circle somewhere after destroying the first target. I assume the invisible gunner doesn't get a good los with the pilot doing those short circles. Ordering it to loiter somewhere breaks the short circle bug but it will have the same buggy engaging behaviour with secondary target. I would say 70% of the time not even a destroy wp on the enemy vehicle will manage to stop the short circles or the buggy engaging with secondary targets ( or they aren't payed enough for multiple targets and decide "meh screw it"😝 )
  25. krycek


    After the last update BI messed things a bit again, I get this with Titus: