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  1. We are building a mod/server based on a Stalker universe, and looking for people willing to participate in this project. We have a custom made map, which is WIP, and a global vision on what we want to have in our mod. If you are interested and want to know the details contact me via Sharp58225@gmail.com
  2. We are currently working on a server/mod with our own map based on ArmanIIl's "Chernobyl Zone", with several additions. They include expanding the playable zone up to authentic "Stalker" map, with locations created to fit both original game style and to be compatible with Arma mechanics. The server is also going to see a major change in roleplay system rules, relying on autonomous events chain, more advanced faction war, reworked gear, reworked anomalies, and the list will grow as we progress through development. Although we are developing the server/mod for russian community mainly, we are also interested in multinational community, in roleplay purposes particulary. Because of this we need to know if people are interested in our work, as we are planning to have a NATO faction on our server, and would like it to be populated with english-speaking players. The server itself will be hosted most probably on an European hosting, so you dont need to worry for ping. Also, if you have some ideas that you would like to implement, like custom factions, custom locations, you are free to share your thoughts. If you are willing to participate you can contact me via email - Sharp58225@gmail.com. If we reach a certain level of participants, i will announce the server lauch when the time comes, for all who submitted. Server E.T.A. is 2-3 months.