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  1. gavinthecat

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    This is an excellent mod and I'm very grateful for your efforts. I was wondering whether HETMAN uses aircraft (planes) with bombs / clusters to attack enemy targets?
  2. Hi guys thanks for the replies and assistance regarding helicopters. My question though about jets/aircraft applies to the regular game, regardless of which mod one uses or not. It's simply this... is there a simple way to make AI aircraft (not helicopters in this case) to attack enemy units. From the BI jets with bombs... pylons features and all that, it seems peculiar that still, we can't place these units in the editor... waypoint them towards enemy units and have them drop bombs or use guided missiles etc.
  3. Hey guys, Why the heck do 'aircraft' not engage enemy units with their allocated pylon weapons? Bombs? rockets? Missiles alas.... too often they fly in circles around enemy units. Bohemia... please add this functionality and lol, in the meantime gents - after all these years... is there a mod or a script, that simply adds an engagement AI to aircraft, so that they will use bombs / and / or their full weapon capabilities against enemy units? Or are we still on a page full of script to make a jet bomb a tank etc. Thanks again :)
  4. gavinthecat

    HETMAN - Artificial Commander

    Thanks for the heads up!
  5. gavinthecat

    HETMAN - Artificial Commander

    Question - Chaps? If i want to make a group not receive orders from the Hetman commander (such as our player group) what is the script I should type in the init field? Thanks :)
  6. gavinthecat

    HETMAN - Artificial Commander

    Apologies for the noobish question to come Rydygier but, To activate the init.sqf, is there a line of script I should use in the mission editor to tell ARMA2 to 'read' the init.sqf file? For example if I took another init.sqf and just changed it's values to true would it work by copying and pasting or should it be done by scratch? I had a go copying the init.sqf file (with changed values) from a folder to a saved mission folder (in my user missions directory) but it never seemed to activate I think. With that method I tested RydHQ_Rus = true and RydHQ_CargoFind = 100 but had little luck with either too. (To clarify I assumed the RydHQ_Rus would be the simplest variable to test for whether the scripts were activating as these would make units basically 'run' rather than walk etc?
  7. gavinthecat

    HETMAN - Artificial Commander

    Whaaaaa First of this is an incredible mod - I love it and it's among my favourites to play! However I'm eager to apply the config variables (to experiment with features such as the RydHQ_Surr, RydHQ_CargoFind and so forth. Problem is I am not sure how to turn them on? I have tried for example adding RydHQ_Surr = true; in the init box of a trigger (and even my leaderHQ) unit to activate this function for the HQ side without success. Same with the other config variables. So my awesome Arma peers, I humbly ask if you can give me a dummies guide to switching on such config variables (from the Hetman manual) I'd also appreciate any clarification whether ACE mod might conflict with the use of such config variables etc (though I did try it with vanilla Arma 2. Thanks again guys and Ryd thank you in particular for creating an absolutely incredible mod.
  8. gavinthecat

    Best AI/Group Info Sharing Mod?

    Right well lot's to choose from! I like the simplicity of the GL4 for setting up quick engagements, but the depth in UPSMON and HAC i'm gonna definately take a look at. Those kinds of battlefield AI's I find to be among the most exciting developments. So you would actually use Zeus and ASR in conjunction (I thought Zeus was supposed to be outdated or not fully compatable etc?) Is that the case with using it with ACE or? Thanks for the replies gentlemen :)
  9. Hi there guys, I was wondering what mod you might recommend that adds the most enhancement to the AI in terms of combat / utilising cover/ smoke retreats/ and so forth / medics / injured guys getting dragged and so forth along with an AI that allows groups to share information. For example allowing groups to automatically respond to contacts etc? I was rather looking for a mod that might do this within the editor rather than mission scripts per say. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  10. Hey there guys I was wondering whether the tools fooor Arma 2 (that i guess use Arma 1) to provide functionality for bulldozer (yep?) are workable with ofp? I got a bad serial error when i attempted to load up bulldozer (for oxygen 1/bulldozer) with the recent rerelease of ofp (cold war assault etc.) So apolagies for the rather round about question, but just wanting to edit ofp preferably with the newer tool set (as i thought what the heck, i could finish off that civil war mod house divided as a practice for me ol' 3d modelling skills.) :) Help appreciate gents
  11. coooome on hehe *grovel grovel* anyone? XXX Pretty please? hehe
  12. Hey there GossamerS - perhaps you can check on your version? I mean on mine, if i set up 2 high commanders (making one a player and another one playable.) Then the player is able to command the groups on his side, but if i team switch the other commander (of the opposing side too) can't!
  13. Hi there guys, I was wondering if it is possible or how one might set up a mission, so that a single player could switch between 2 high commanders. I just thought it would be fun for sandbox play, to control 2 opposing armies. However ingame its only one side it seems can have this feature? Any thoughts chaps?
  14. gavinthecat

    Sharpe's Rifles Mod

    Hi there Stubblehopper - please use anything from the Hose Divided Mod that was produced for OFP if it might be useful. I don't know if any of the animations would be compatable, but we produced a range of them, and we had a decent horse texture/model thing. There might be some cannon model/textures useful too. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/news/pics3/housediv103.jpg You can still download the House Divided Alpha for OFP at the old flashpoint site
  15. gavinthecat

    Editing Bible.

    Argh i can't be deleted nooo delete me mods