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  1. Weltmeister

    Pacific war Mod

  2. good work! p.s. alternative link
  3. Weltmeister

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    Thank you! Island has charisma.
  4. Weltmeister

    arma-cwa.ru - russian ofp-site

    Thank you! Nice to hear kind words from like-minded people! :) Website has a separate file server. Some of the files stored on the server arma-cwa.ru (~ 5Gb). However, most of the materials are available on the private cloud server. This file archive has no relation to the old flashpoint.ru. However, we use some of the old materials flashpoint.ru and will continue to publish them.
  5. 26.09.2013 our project celebrates its birthday. :bounce3: A year ago he was born. Over the past year's arma-cwa.ru has grown, has got its own warehouse and a library of knowledge. Of course, we are still only at the beginning, but today arma-cwa.ru has its visitors. We thank all those who help make our site better. Thank OFP-Developers and fans.
  6. Weltmeister

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi,try to download it from here - http://arma-cwa.ru/mod-jungle-fever-jf-redux-ot-hawkins.html
  7. Weltmeister

    OFP: Nogovan Armed Forces

    Very good job! Thank you!