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  1. Von Rundstedt

    September 1939 Mod

    We're already cooperating quite extensively. We just need to speed up things a bit here and there. Neither of us are eager to hand half-finished (or in my case half-ass) work to each others when there is huge chance that there will be additional work made on models/textures. There has been quite a lot of interest on both sides in rather many models/textures. Most notable both side benefit project has been T-28. Hopefully we see something equally as good soon.
  2. Von Rundstedt

    September 1939 Mod

    Outstanding work. My eyes rest here and then they blaze open again when ever I take a close look on the pictures Any intentions to include cavalry in the mod?
  3. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Its clumsy and awkward, but don't tell anybody I said that :p Making animations ain't the easiest thing and for three persons mod we have to cut corners sometimes, we just hope nobody breaks in tears or dies from laughter when using it. We all have big visions how it should work, but fact is it isn't very high in priority list. Nope. We were making mod for OFP too, but FDF mod beat us to it. Yet modding for OFP was great step up for us and we actually learned a lot from it, so it wasn't wasted time.
  4. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    After a long silence we decided to show something. Sorry for those who have waited to hear something, we have been rather busy with our lives lately, which has been tossing pretty much every member of mod around a lot lately. However we are making progress constantly and we do plan to release as soon as possible (no ETA on that yet). Video features main infantry weapons (not static/portable), including certain features related to them. F1CLpuE8T6s
  5. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Not on current plans, however after release we make MLOD models (inc. configs and model.cfg) available at request. So nothing really stops you from doing it yourself, when we release them. But using them with, say Inv44, without modifying configs will cause conflicts and errors, due to nature of scripted features (on both mods). We're getting there slowly and surely, but my new job has slowed down the progress a bit. Still we do our best to release as soon as possible.
  6. Von Rundstedt

    A "Simple" Way to Retexture?

    If you can desaturate it on OK levels of grey and still keep details intact you could try to add additional white layer on top of the background layer and fool around with layers blending modes. Getting white coating shouldn't be too hard task when you play with layers, might take a moment before you find the right touch though (and perhaps few layers). Just remember to keep original background layer intact and don't mess around with it (besides the desaturation or greyscaling of course).
  7. All captured (well three of them were bought from Germany who captured them too) alright. Have to say that texture is topnotch, but I would like to see more closer details perhaps? ;)
  8. Goes bit off-topic, but in June 1944 Finland had 8 T-34/76 (at least m41 and m43) and 9 T-34/85 if I remember correctly. I was actually visiting the museum last October and I do have some fairly good pictures from there (Of T-34 and mostly other Russian tank model), if any of you want them please do PM. They're taken by thinking from modellers/texturers point of view.
  9. Stunning job, petr. Keep it up! I don't think its too shiny, its rather relative to position of sun anyway (time of the day and time of the year).
  10. Von Rundstedt


    Now the thing here is that you can fix up your texturing after merging points (either with merge near or just selecting two points merge, shortcut is Shift+D). Once you have textured the model by using any method available (direct texturing with drawing the texture area and apply it with B, Gizmo mapping which is good for cylinder shapes, but looses its spot to UV-mapping which is by far best addition to ArmAs Oxygen2 when we compare of OFPs Oxygen), all of it is transported to UV-map, where you can select the texture you want and edit its placement etc. Now when you're doing LODs and merging points to cut the amount of polygons (which again is the easiest way and you don't need to remodel things or retexture them). When you're done with merging points on model you head again to UV-mapper and there you see that those parts that you merged has caused gaps between wireframe in UV-mapper and again you need to do some merging, but this time in UV-mapper. When your model is whole again (it might look stretched in UV-mapper, but don't worry about it) in there you can head back to Oxygen. Now when you preview it in Buldozer you can see that it looks pretty flawless again. Oh and UV-mapper you can find in Oxygen, its small button on top right of your tool panel, its reading UV and when launched it opens new window for it. I dare to claim that its single most important tool in whole Oxygen. Few pictures: View in UV-mapper before merging points in Oxygen. After merging points in Oxygen it should look something like this. Then we merge gaps using again merge/Shift+D, results this (left two points unattended, you can do it all the way). Result will look like this in Buldozer, nasty line there, right? Select whole model in Oxygen and press W and again W, result is this. Texture is intact and looks good. Top of all you don't need to do extra work to get it working neat and clean. If you want to do whole UV-mapping to model, I suggest reading and trying according this tutorial
  11. Von Rundstedt

    Texture wont show up ingame

    Does the textures load up in buldozer when you preview them in Oxygen2? Even though if your model and config are in right place, but textures are not they're not going to show up ingame. You need to include those textures in same .pbo as rest of your stuff is and make sure their path is correct on model. Of course unless your textures are used on original ArmA files then you need to make sure that they have right path to their original location.
  12. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    M1910 Maxim machine gun is done (maybe we add snow to wheels), there will be M/09-21 Maxim for Finns. It can be transported to different firing position, but obviously AI can't use it alone. However it should have notable tactical value in MP and in SP for player. Maxim in transit
  13. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Pretty much all the cool and good looking stuff is script driven and mod wouldn't be half of what it is currently without h-' efforts.
  14. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Nice to see that somebody still remembers us :p I can't really give % of our progress because it doesn't quite mean anything. However we have managed to make quite a lot in relatively short time. It is still going to take some time though and we could really use UV-mapper to move things forward faster.
  15. Von Rundstedt

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Lately I have been neglecting official forums when it comes to updates. Therefore it needs to be fixed. First I-16 Polikarpov. It served as most common fighter for Soviet Union during Winter War. I-16 was more agile and faster than Fokker D.XXI due to its retracting gear. In mod they are on quite equal ground to make them more desirable in MP, however Polikarpov will be slightly faster. This ingame screenshot features Finnish military police and Soviet snow camouflage officer. And last, but not least. Visual looks of our snowing script, which will be previewed better at later point. Click here to view (original preview picture is over 100Kb) Oh and did I mention that Polikarpov is a dream to land?