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  1. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    Oh, forgot: No, me. 😄 I was either a moderator or the forum admin when you were involved with the site back in the ancient days.
  2. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    I'm not interested in turning the site into some fileholder thingy, I own the domain and the TAG registration thing is still in use and so forth so rather have it running as is. The cms code is broken in some places but I as far as I know there were some updates done last year to up it to the most current php version, the author of the system might be reachable (depends on his work and interest situ) so things can be fixed I suppose. The size of the contents is weird, cpanel says odd things but the backup tar is about 20Gb or so, mysql databse is ca. 3gb (this is the sore point with any reasonably priced shared hosting thingy, db too "big"). Traffic is about 60Gb/month.
  3. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    Absolutely no idea if this is even remotely suitable place to post this, but anyway: OFPEC has been hosted on Armaholic servers for the past few years and obviously now as AH is closed OFPEC will be losing hosting as well, very soon. Even though the site itself is not even remotely relevant anymore, apart from the TAG registration, was wondering whether there would be any possibility to find someone within this community that could help with this situation? Obviously preferrably free because I'm perpetually broke 😁😥 In case this is in a completely inappropriate place etc probably best to contact me via PM.
  4. Ah, Cold War Crisis campaign, so clunky and a bit silly, and yet so absolutely f****g *********** ** ***** ** **** awesome Huge thanks for this
  5. h -

    Move in slow motion

    If using ACE you need to use some per frame event handler, either CBA perFrameHandler or missionEventhandler eachFrame, like: addMissionEventHandler ["eachFrame", {player setAnimSpeedCoef 0.1}] No idea how that might affect things in MP though. Or how ACE fatigue stuff might affect this in the long run, etc..
  6. Use lineIntersectsSurfaces with cursorObject as one of the objects to ignore
  7. Nice. Support for include and define immediately sold me this. 👍 Couple of suggestions (very fast test, so if I missed these, disregard): - setting to define font size would be neat (in the code windows etc, not menus), the code window font is a bit big-ish to my personal liking (1920x1200, uiscale small) - setting to widen the code window? Changing the size of the window from the buttons in the top row is nice but doing that blocks the watch field stuff, so made me wish for a setting for just widening the whole console window - without knowing the plans with the export config, any possibility to have have a 'export selected class' feature, as in export the currently selected config class? - One thing that could be useful would be copying the config path of selected config value into clipboard for using within a script (as in result would be (configFile >> "blah" >> "bleh" >> "bluh")) "bugs": - Opening the GUI editor (this would sorely need updating, winkwink 😛) opens it behind the console (as in console stays open over it). Not a biggie of course but would kinda make more sense if the console closed automatically
  8. h -

    custom slider issue

    It would work as it's relevant only to the moment of "packing", at least should be, I can only speak from the experience with using pboproject though. But since you have not set up P-drive this is a bit moot. You could try the include without the first \ to see if that makes any difference. That is a bit peculiar. There seems to be some pageSize value there in at least some of the time related sliders, maybe that has something to with it
  9. h -

    custom slider issue

    Be glad you don't have the awesome STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0x00000000000005 ctd without any clue to what might be causing it.. Sounds to me that the code in the time sliders fiddle with your output, the code in the onSliderPosChanged event in the slider class value control 🤔 Assuming you have the a3 folder on your P-drive you need to "cd" as many steps backwards as it is required to reach P root from your addon folder, like #include "..\..\..\a3\3DEN\UI\macros.inc". So if your mod stuff is set up on P like x\mytag\mymod\addons\addon.pbo you need like 5 "steps" back to find the a3 folder, first ..\ is addons, second ..\ is mymod, third ..\ is mytag, fourth ..\ is x and lastly the fifth ..\ is then P root. At least if I calc'd this correctly 😄 Although if you're using BI Tools I have no idea does that even understand this
  10. h -

    custom slider issue

    Trying to find and affect the controls when opening an attribute is also doable, completely forgot about this because I've mostly needed much more complicated customization so have elected the custom attribute route.. You have to have some sort of per frame handler to detect opening attributes (display 315), then search allControls for that display and find the class name of the slider and it's control with idc 100. Something like: onEachFrame { if (!isNull (findDisplay 315) && {typeOf (get3DENSelected "Logic" # 0) == "<mymoduleclass>"}) then { (((allControls (findDisplay 315) select {ctrlClassName _x == "Slider"}) # 0) controlsGroupCtrl 100) sliderSetRange [0, 1000]; onEachFrame {}; }; } For the custom slider config, you don't need to worry about the sub classes etc, just copy paste everything from the default slider control (remove all the access = 0 lines though) and change the sliderRange[] = {}; in the topmost Value control which should come right after (not inside) Title class. The value class inside the topmost value class is for the output shown at the end of the slider, like 500m, 50% etc.
  11. h -

    custom slider issue

    I have never been able to get rid off those kinds of errors myself by any other method than just copy/pasting the whole class I'm inheriting from so that you basically redefine everything in it. I'm assuming there is some better method, just never got any of that inheriting stuff working properly myself..
  12. h -

    custom slider issue

    I'd say you need to define your own attribute slider control with custom slider range and use that (defined under Cfg3DEN > Attributes). 🤔 AFAIK attributeload/save only work inside those control classes themselves, not in the module attribute classes. And if you modify the attributeload/save you most likley need to include BI original code in them or you might get non-working attributes in the module.
  13. h -

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Small update (steam workshop was updated a while ago already, again) Workshop DL
  14. The problem probably is that you turn the object reference into string, or smth.. Maybe try giving the trigger a name (setVehicleVarName) and using that instead