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  1. Would be seconds to live after creation, as in the object would be automatically deleted after the given amount of seconds.
  2. On the topic of scripting command improvement hopes, I wouldn't mind if we got a additional 'lifetime' parameters for the createVehicle/Agent etc commands : type createVehicle [position, timeToLive] createVehicle [type, position, markers, placement, special, timeToLive] playSound and playSound3D should have 'get' versions, even better if there was an event for this <playedSound> //returns the most recent soundsource and the name of the most recent sound played playSound "alarm"; playedSound; // returns [<source>, "alarm"] <playedSound3D> //returns the most recent soundsource and the name of the most recent sound played playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\blip1.wav", player]; playedSound3D; // returns [<soundsource>, "A3\Sounds_F\sfx\blip1.wav"] or addMissionEventHandler ["playedSound", { params["_soundSource", "_sound"]; }]; Also command for getting the length of the sound file wouldn't get frowned upon..
  3. Indeed, back in the day when that first pic was shown I thought my hopes would finally become true, but no :(
  4. Quite. IMO there should have been a large detailed wiki article with lot of pics and vids written years ago about how the AI "sees" the world, how it's "thinking" process works (how it interprets what it "sees" > how it reacts to > why it reacts that way), why on earth there even is the "auto-combat" mode (and why the AI acts like it acts when in it), and so on, which would of course include this driving "brain" as well..
  5. Flare Illumination

    Completely forgot about this one.. No idea what the values were before but the intensity of CfgLights class FlareLight is quite massive (outside the int range -> intensity = 1e+007 = 1^7 = 10 000 000) but because the attenuation values it doesn't actually illuminate anything no matter how insanely high you set the intensity the light simply dies off too close to the source.. As it's called 'intensity' I guess the value is in candelas (intensity of a light source, 10 000 000 candelas = (pretty much) 10 000 000 lumens) which basically means "the brightness of the light at source" so the FlareLight is actually pretty damn bright, it just doesn't illuminate anything, which means claiming that the flares aren't bright enough is false
  6. Flare Illumination

    Sounds like a plan. And if using Grumpy's methods of getting the color etc data those could be stored in the lightpoint array at mision init as well for faster referencing EDIT: Or a separate array, sorted by type or something.
  7. Flare Illumination

    "SetLighting" the flare model doesn't work, IIRC tried it at some point.. :P wouldn't call mine a fix, just something simple I used in a very specific situation.
  8. Flare Illumination

    I guess you've already tried just creating a new light for the flare? Dunno how "cost effective" and fiddly that would be in MP though Been using this sort of thing myself sometimes: player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{ private _scpt = (_this select 6) spawn { private _timmeh = time; waitUntil { time - _timmeh >= 3; }; private _foo = "#lightpoint" createVehicle (getPosASL _this); _foo attachTo [_this, [0, 0, 0]]; _foo setLightColor [1, 1, 1]; _foo setLightAmbient [1, 1, 1]; _foo setLightIntensity 100000; _foo setLightUseFlare true; _foo setLightFlareSize 10; _foo setLightFlareMaxDistance 600; _foo setLightDayLight true; _foo setLightAttenuation [4, 0, 0, 0.2, 1000, 2000]; waitUntil { sleep 0.1; !alive _this; }; deletevehicle _foo; }; }];
  9. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Odd, for me the diamond formation is the only one in which the AI won't stay behind OCDing about enemies, even on combat. On any other formation it's the bounding overwatch "Go I'll cover" stuff.. This.................................... The AI has a serious scope fetish so best to remove anything that can magnify from their inventory. And never ever give an AT with other than iron sights to an AI... Or a sidearm..
  10. I didn't even realize this was an issue as hadn't played the game in a while, was wondering when playing Tacops that was this really this slow always.. But yup, loading times are basically like lightning now compared to a few days ago.
  11. inAreaArray is nice for this, use the first syntax with nearObjects: - Search around the trigger position - Use "All" as types, otherwise honeybees and terrain objects may interfere. Search radius is trigger area - nearObjects also finds the trigger itself so remove it from the search result - use that final nearObjects result with inAreaArray boxTrigger_01 and count the resulting array - if count == 0 --> free to create wheel
  12. Keyframe animation system in DEV.

    Nope. Appears that I was doing it the correct way when testing last weekend but with same results -> not even the red line to indicate anim path.. :(
  13. Forums Upgrade

    Indeed, something has happened because now this has been running smooth as... ..smooth. First time since forever. All possible body appendages crossed it stays this way.
  14. Forums Upgrade

    Clearly the servers have to be killed with fire. 502/504 gateways of annihilation for moths now..
  15. Fixed in the latest dev (143722): "Fixed: Warning messages connected to the set3DENMissionAttribute script command were not correct " Obviously stable is stil screwed :(