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  1. I'm getting this error when including a file from a pbo. Used to work just fine before the latest update: Error in expression < continue; }; private _add = _pcnt#((_para find _word) + 1); _cntO> Error position: <_pcnt#((_para find _word) + 1); _cntO> Error Undefined variable in expression: _pcnt File //DEV_TOOLS/functions/console/intellisys/fn_intelliSys.sqf..., line 1122 EDIT: All the macros from that file work though, it just spams that error
  2. You may have understood wrong, ' is often referred as double quote because it "translates" to the game as "", so single ' is the same as "". As in "['foo']" is the same as "[""foo""]". To confuse more, it also works the other way around, if your string starts and ends with ' you can use " in it: '["foo"]' Also in case of addaction you could wrap your code as code instead of a string, then the string stuff is not a problem at all: {{deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [player, ["Car"], 20]}
  3. 3- using string within a string wrong, should be: "{deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [player, ['Car'], 20]"
  4. There's always the possibility to request a new scripting command at the FT to retrieve the cursor pos with, if stars happen to align perfectly it might be added.
  5. You might be able to get that by creating a fullscreen control when tac view is opened and using one of the mouse events with that control. Tac view has no display so getMousePosition and the mouse events seem to return the mouse coords in front of the player in 1st person view even though the camera is high above..
  6. To account for space or any other keyboard key you could use keyDown event in addition to the mouse event. This of course requires some checks to be performed so that things won't trigger several times, overlap etc. but sounds it might be doable, maybe.
  7. How about mouseButtonDown event? Something like (pseudo code) (call BIS_fnc_displayMission) displayAddEventHandler ["mouseButtonDown", { [] spawn { private _timeout = time; waitUntil {count (currentCommand (gunner (vehicle player))) > 0 || _timeout - time > 1}; if (_timeout - time > 1) exitWith {hint "TOOK TOO LONG"}; if (currentCommand (gunner (vehicle player)) == "FIRE AT POSITION") then { hint format ["POS %1", screenToWorld getMousePosition]; THE_TARGET_POS = screenToWorld getMousePosition; }; }; }]
  8. There this ancient one but I suppose it still works: https://www.ofpec.com/editors-depot/index.php?action=details&amp;id=439&amp;game=ArmA
  9. currentCommand returns the fire command when you issue one to the AI gunner (like "FIRE AT POSITION"), so I suppose that could help. Unfortunately there's no event for that so you need to pol it via some loop.
  10. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    This is odd, I sent you an email about this like a month ago, or more 😕 (it's not relevant anymore though if you happen to find it in some spam folder). And I thought had this thread followed.. ☹️ Anyways, happened upon a local host (not to be confused with localhost) which allowed for more flexible billing etc, and had an opportunity to work overtime at work so took that and got this thing paid for. I suppose this was a bit dumb when there were free offers about but I like to not to depend on others on anything, when I was asking for community help I thought I had no other choice so I bit my tongue (and actually it was Foxhound who pushed me to do that, I was reluctant to..). So obviously huge thanks to everybody who offered support! 👍 Huge thumbs up even though I decided to go my own way.. The site is up and running, and has been a while, faced some troubles on the way but runs now.. Probably has some issues as ancient code and new tech might not mix fully so let me know. There are empty 'advertisement' boxes about on the site, currently not sure if I'm gonna remove those or get my own adsense 🤔 The adverts were AH related orginally.
  11. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    Oh, forgot: No, me. 😄 I was either a moderator or the forum admin when you were involved with the site back in the ancient days.
  12. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    I'm not interested in turning the site into some fileholder thingy, I own the domain and the TAG registration thing is still in use and so forth so rather have it running as is. The cms code is broken in some places but I as far as I know there were some updates done last year to up it to the most current php version, the author of the system might be reachable (depends on his work and interest situ) so things can be fixed I suppose. The size of the contents is weird, cpanel says odd things but the backup tar is about 20Gb or so, mysql databse is ca. 3gb (this is the sore point with any reasonably priced shared hosting thingy, db too "big"). Traffic is about 60Gb/month.
  13. h -

    Hosting for OFPEC

    Absolutely no idea if this is even remotely suitable place to post this, but anyway: OFPEC has been hosted on Armaholic servers for the past few years and obviously now as AH is closed OFPEC will be losing hosting as well, very soon. Even though the site itself is not even remotely relevant anymore, apart from the TAG registration, was wondering whether there would be any possibility to find someone within this community that could help with this situation? Obviously preferrably free because I'm perpetually broke 😁😥 In case this is in a completely inappropriate place etc probably best to contact me via PM.
  14. Ah, Cold War Crisis campaign, so clunky and a bit silly, and yet so absolutely f****g *********** ** ***** ** **** awesome Huge thanks for this
  15. h -

    Move in slow motion

    If using ACE you need to use some per frame event handler, either CBA perFrameHandler or missionEventhandler eachFrame, like: addMissionEventHandler ["eachFrame", {player setAnimSpeedCoef 0.1}] No idea how that might affect things in MP though. Or how ACE fatigue stuff might affect this in the long run, etc..