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  1. h -

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Dunno if anyone is even using this bugged POS anymore but patched now to version 1.025.06 that should hopefully fix many of the problems it has been having since the couple of previous patches just broke the tool worse.. Changelog: Workshop DL
  2. h -

    playSound3D Help...

    Yes. Variables with the underscore (like _root) are private variables so they are not available outside the script they were defined in. So _root will not be accessible in any trigger. Just a slight correction in your code: playSound3D [getMissionPath "" + "soundz\radio.wav", radio, false, getPosASL radio, 1, 1, 15] getMissionPath "" means it gives you the path to the mission root, need those quotes after it. And the + means that what ever the getMissionPath "" returns gets "soundz\radio.wav" added to it. EDIT: Ah, obviously the getMissionPath "soundz\radio.wav" works, should probably read the wiki a bit more carefully.. 😛
  3. h -

    playSound3D Help...

    Maybe use the more modern method of getting the mission root: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getMissionPath EDIT: getMissionPath "" + "soundz\radio.wav"
  4. Quite, the thing is pretty broken. Such as: Does the call for insurgent attack stuff actually work? Decided to try that, tells me to click on a marker on the map so click on a CSAT base marker a dozen times and nothing happens. The map cursor does turn into the red target reticle when over the marker but doesn't react at all. Tried a few times but with no result. Then tried later again elsewhere, this time got to set the time when the attack would happen, the task is created, then like seconds later Samjo calls "OK, we go!" and the task is completed (green) and the attack doesn't happen. Tried several times with the same result.. - This appeared when I fast traveled to Lifou: - Some wave (water) sound effect attached to my left side at some point and doesn't go away 😄 - Seems that things get a bit iffy when playing for a long time as things that should be spawned when you reach their position are not, for example: The "murder crossroads" near the home you can see the bodies standing up for a while before falling to the ground, etc similar stuff. - Finally got to the end:
  5. You can't sync logic object into a marker, so you would have to use a trigger. Also not entirely sure does 'editor logic module' mean the game logic object or some custom module? Unless I'm completely misunderstanding: If game logic you can run something like this in it's init: private _trigger = (synchronizedObjects this) # 0; 0 = [ [ getPos _trigger, triggerArea _trigger ], 100 ] execVM "spawnUnits.sqf"; If custom module you can run the same in it's expression: expression = "\ private _trigger = (synchronizedObjects _this) # 0;\ [\ [\ getPos _trigger,\ triggerArea _trigger\ ],\ 100\ ] execVM 'spawnUnits.sqf';\ "; Of course this is just a simple example so that for example assumes you're always syncing a single trigger to it.
  6. Odd, I thought that shouldn't really happen. But you just make sure the array _x refers to is not empty (if it is _x # 0 does not exist), so checking that the element is an array and has something in it should help if (_x isEqualType [] && {count _x > 0}) then { _weaponHolder addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargoGlobal [_x # 0, 1]; };
  7. If _weaponsArray is populated it includes arrays, like [[["MMG_02_sand_RCO_LP_F","","acc_pointer_IR","optic_Hamr",["130Rnd_338_Mag",130],[],"bipod_01_F_snd"]]] so you're using addMagazineCargo with faulty data (passing array instead of string as weapon class) Use addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargoGlobal instead: _weaponHolder addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargoGlobal [_x # 0, 1];
  8. I have been running around with NVG since the first time I got my hands on them and never had any trouble because of them
  9. In addition to the correct uniform and helmet you need to wear something that covers at least your lower face, like the bandana. And you need to wear this regardless if the helmet you're wearing actually covers your face, like the Viper helmet. Weapon, vest or the backpack doesn't matter. You can find a press vest and blue basic helmet in the mission which you can wear without any exclamation marks, and both have some armor so it eases off dying a bit. Of course once you get a Viper costume you kinda don't wanna let it go. I like all the environmental sounds that seems to have been added, like the clothes on clotheslines making sounds in the wind, same for the chain link fences, etc. At least I don't recall hearing those in vanilla.
  10. @rübeHas been making good points. 👍 Current dev, some things/bugs: - The radio multiplication: has been going on since the first release of this beta in the workshop. Seems to be the radios that play music that multiply. Been using the normal saving instead of the sleeping bag nonsense, dunno if that makes difference (the oldman save function still just call saveGame, so dunno how that's different). I unrapped one broken savegame at one point previously and it had more than 3100 of the same kind of radios that are on the Old Man house table present in the mission.. Scrolling through the first like 20-30 and judging from their position they were pretty much in the same spot. So assuming the unrapping didn't bug out that's a huge amount of radios. And there are at least one other kind of radio used at markets and they also multiply. - The disguise thing seems a tad backwards because pretty sure if you wear a police uniform and cover your face the other police would be more suspicious, not less. This also weirdly extends to the Viper costume, even though the helmet covers your whole face you still need to cover your face with something else to get all green.. - On this topic, the skate helmet worn by some police doesn't appear to be a valid costume part because wearing such uniform composition stays at red exclamation marks - if the police see me lay a mine, while I'm in full CSAT uniform, all green, and like >100m away: they immediately open fire. Makes no sense whatsoever. - while I'm in full Viper uniform the police somehow can determine that I'm not real CSAT.. - from the rpt, a lot of these for several different sound files: - this happened when I entered a Syndicat area in Yanukka:
  11. I can't even go into the old mans house anymore because the radios are so loud. Haven't even bothered to count them anymore. The mission is fun, although having to restart and repeat the same stuff over and over again because either something breaks or a patch has been released is getting a bit tiresome. Some more bugs/things: - Sometimes for no apparent reason the tree behind the old man house weapon shack has fallen on the shack and the tree top is preventing access to the weapon rack. - The patrolling l'ensembles in their bases tend to block your way so more than once you accidentally drive over someone when trying to navigate past them with an ATV or something. Nicely highlights the idiocy of the AI as it has no instinct to avoid vehicles, not even when sounding the horn. - and now suddenly the support attack tasks are working again (this is still the same "session" as in my previous post). But, we attacked site A successfully, then site B successfully and then the next task was attacking site A again.. Didn't check whether the next one would have been site B again (had to stop playing before the next attack was selected). Doesn't really make sense to attack the same place twice within like 2 hours
  12. Some Bugs/things: - the geodetector icon looks like it's disabled after loading a save, device appears to be on though - the radios (and occasionally other objects) inside the Old Man house keep multiplying when you fast travel back there (maybe even just driving back to home yard does this). They also multiply the volume of the radio, and sometimes they are slightly out of sync so it's crazy loud with reverb (currently like 10 radios playing there).. - the handgrenade is stealthier than the silenced pistol. As long as nobody sees you actually throw a nade you can take a whole base down with just nades and never raise an alarm. In fact the AI doesn't seem to care at all that there are explosions around. Kill someone in a base with a silenced pistol = instant alarm and map turns red, seasoned with QRF. It's also peculiar that when there's no-one alive anymore (or you kill enemies without anyone seeing) someone still shoots a flare to call for help - Market merchants voices are almost inaudible. And don't even seem to emanate from the actual merchant but somewhere else? - when fast traveling to some location the from-black-to-blur sometimes happens twice in a row, first with "Fast travel not available" notification and the second time for "fast travel available" notification - car radios seem to be a tad too low volume, can't really hear much over the vehicle noise (all my audio settings are at max) - would be nice if you could tweak the spotting when you steal a enemy vehicle because currently if some enemy sees a glimpse of you driving in the vehicle in the distant horizon it immediately recognizes it as the stolen vehicle - when you run over more than 1 enemy, even if you drive over them from behind killing them within 1-2 seconds they are somehow able to during that time, and while dying, call for QRF and put out a BOLO for Old Man and the vehicle he is driving. Not even Oli Peters is that fast.
  13. Yes, had the same error pop up. Maybe triggers if Miller's camp is already there when you come to the meeting point, I arrived there like an hour late? Also had the earlier reported menu thingy in map view broken for seemingly no reason: at least the intel button stops working sometimes. And sometimes reloading a save may fix this.
  14. h -

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Aand updated again because broke some stuff with the previous: Changelog: Workshop DL